Because they are delaying the

October 23 [Tue], 2012, 18:03

> the ancient Royal family, the princes chose this step then why dwell on the feelings of this children. wWW QUAnbeN COm princes you are a real man when there are idealists of the ambitions of the boat! could not do it, then by Zhang instantaneous bear this notoriety is to Dayu towards the old lady what are willing to do that! come to win the Emperor! or emperor you dare to be so arrogant! decline of what you said so confidently in our gang generations Dayu toward devoted their lives to the veteran before he won his! Zhang instantaneous pointing to the side of the nephew, The stubborn old guy his Qin Shushu it? If so why's death forced him to rebel, now have the Emperor arrest as a prisoner of war, this is not a nephew hit muzzle it, after how posterity judge? Zhang the instantaneous's angry watched the latter only with his own bodyguard Distressed approached, empty eyes staring at the hall above saw the moment they walked out. Zhang blink, you want to is how I Huangxiong! Looking back at the latter saw Lan Prince one, princes, things you do not intervene, the old lady I consciously worthy of a country boat. Princes about to board a big treasure now, only hope, as said before, can revitalize me Dayu country! Having left his face woodenly Lan Prince, they waved with people walked out. Sun Yu Hong sprang toward the old emperor, Sun Yu-Ai Lan slowly approached Prince to brush tears flowing. They followed behind the two teenagers, a shaking thin fan another allows instant face suddenly ashen, precisely daytime humiliated Liu wind! Before with both Zhang Miao Liu wind Chenhei slipped into the palace, after twists and turns to find Sun Yu Hong, and she wanted to negotiate some but Sun Yu Ai found last not only tell us the truth of the latter. In the Sun Yu Ai pain after a while, this weak woman shows a strong side, wiped his tears said a father to me how it does not matter, but Yu Ai daughter's filial piety meaning was not lost, and I went to perhaps allows father rotary trace of mind. came to this dry light temple of the old emperor walked out of the scene,Canada Goose Aosta Bomber, just encountered. Thought of this thoroughly discredited mucus to about to die in front of their own, Zhang instantaneous feeling the hearts of the gas suddenly shun a lot, than to eat pieces of medicine works. the Introduction you do not know it? old man you blindly blame the emperor,Canada Goose Parka Outlet, but you have to find your own reasons for that? you get older, you can go home hug grandson pension! a more glib, momentary shortness of breath, I do not know what to do, and suddenly the sky and laughed, instantaneous pale face full of ferocious, to the government, right? Do you think you can command here, how many people do? , wore a Ku Gualian,UGG Classic Short Boots, pointing to the steel knife resting on his chest, there are only some to do XiaoWei with Pianjiang Jun brothers, so that the oldest person you lost. Like confirms Liu wind, then several somewhat flustered general Dianwai came a little while, here, the the weekend Please princes with you adults to leave in advance! own side apparently round loser. The Dianwai fight sound getting closer, Lan Prince face God sluggish Tears of the Sun Yu Ai totter, and do not know thinking about what Zhang instantaneous directly collapsed to the ground, murmured said forward, Sun Yu Hong leaning old the emperor slowly walked back to the top of the height of the seat, about as big as a quarter of an hour later, holding a Sun cold blood sword hurriedly walked into the hall. Rate after looking around the circle Lord of the officers and men facing the old emperor Koubai Road slow The look of the latter is no doubt, can only sigh a sigh of relief, with the Ministry of descent out. These people looking at the house, the old emperor, slowly walked down, picked up the the Lan Prince beside the edict handed it to his hands, ten years can reproduce its former glory in your hands. do it, I believe you. it The old emperor figure slowly disappeared in the darkness, tears began to fall Lan Prince did not speak, suddenly, a blood spit out the cries of the crowd fainted. After the two hour, Liu wind sitting alone in the palace of pavilions, looked at the Oriental started white fish belly, Liu wind efforts to clarify thoughts, tonight, in the end what happened. The old emperor in the final choice as to what had happened, Liu wind may not recognize him although he never had achievements, but in the end this decision is very wise, no slaughter stabilize the Yu Genji. Lan Prince last halo over his came Xianhua Princess lived temporarily slow the disease, and then by night to please her master. View from the Xianhua Princess's face, the the Lan Prince of disease is very serious, perhaps feeling that their time is running out, which has been forbear to wait for the Prince of necessity revolted emperor to abdicate. Taoist Quartet days deacon again without success, that every dynasty palace hidden in several old monster, and they do not care, but if critical to the country boat when will the Thunder attack. Because they are delaying the Taoist people, the military commander in the Dayu toward the generals a chance to reverse the situation hopeless situation after another until finally see the escape from the Imperial City. Thin Dayu toward spawned national recession can not afford to toss in Lan Prince did not know whether to bring a new dawn, but they seem to have and own it does not matter. Liu wind sighed a. Suddenly a wicked idea flashed into his mind to marry Sun Yu Hong or Zhang Miao take a Sun Yu Ai, that this empire is his influence it. The chest heart jump in violent, Liu wind the more unwilling to let himself so to think about, but the brain chosen to go out into the place drill. Long time, finally could not beat up stone table in the booth, Yu Ai, it may be no wonder that he, not white do it. When their own become so wretched that,Air Max Command Outlet, Liu wind a little bit does not want to understand, this problem is very serious look carefully. Liu Wind chin brow wrinkled, seems to think is a very important thing. ? <

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