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> "Finally come out yet ......" Zhu Hao pupil shrink up. Www! QuanBEn! COM last came to Green Town, he is the Father conjured sword will halberd will repel the powerful strength of the two will be particularly wary, and has been specially prepared tools. Zhu Hao side sword will destroy the fixed Guicu onslaught, while quietly looked toward the circle Quartet go. I saw coming out with the sword will the remaining three columns are also showing a figure guarding God will come. Father did not expect to escape the same time evocative four God, so the repair so that was Zhu Hao cringe, eyes could not help but glance toward the inner circle to go. It is connected with the iron posts tripod seems mysterious central circle, Father Ding Xuan stood beside his hands shape into curse tactics, his face also showing dignified God sè. Apparently should Fuhao Shi tragedy, we must also deal with Guicu sāo interference, for the Father is also very difficult thing. But by this scene did not make Zhu Hao feel at ease, but increased his panic. If not taking advantage of this opportunity in front of the Green River Laoer will destroy, he would not think of the future, what means could overpower him. Zhu Hao Press heart horror, and to spell out another road, this spell and summon the ghost of the dead in front of different characters, as part of his deal with God and specially prepared props. "Green River Laoer, and then see if you can stopped this trick does not!" Zhu Hao put the spell stretched out, extended spell out of thin air scattered into large group of black gas. Black air cleared, the place emerged a pawn soldiers to another team. These soldier soldiers dressed in black suit, black hooded towel, holding a similar black awl-like instruments. That dirty black cone exudes evil, is probably the right way true law specifically crack instruments evil ways. At this point in Guicu their subsequent onslaught Qianpu, Father disposed in the periphery of the circle with Fenyan ban gradually lapsed, leaving alone the sword will also stopped at the front pillar on. Will vigorously waved her sword cut iron epee, as will impinge upon the gale-like Guicu eleven cut off. That brave defended Zhu Hao Xinchan see endless potential, do not hesitate to order a black soldier soldiers waved offensive. Black soldier soldier holding a black cone toward the sword will go attack, compared to the previous Guicu defended not afraid of dying, they have a lot of action seems slow. Sword will easily grasp the striking distance, waving iron sword slash cut away. Seeing the TV drama Jian Shi will be cut into two parts black soldier soldiers when academics circle suddenly sounded Father thundered. At the same time, the sword will be deflected is struggling Jian Shi, chopped black soldier soldiers iron swords touching the body cut into the ground, the ground cut out deep rift. Black soldiers luckily escaped death, but he was cut iron sword of Jianfeng mask to chopped. With the cloth falling debris, under the mask showing a face goes to ordinary people. That face exceptionally pale, his eyes turned upward, forehead painted Xieyi ghost character, apparently has lost mind. The original black cone these handheld black soldier soldiers, are all controlled by the ghosts of ordinary people, the Father is aware of this point, that makes the sword of the emergency recovery Jian Shi. On the other hand, renowned yīn seek brought to light, Zhu Hao is proud yīn laugh. "How? Laoer Green River, these are all captured from a nearby mortal, but I used the ghosts temporarily Devil only. Even if your protective deities Jiangzai powerful, able to start these innocent people do?" "Withered old soul strange! deficit you are also hidden world where famous people, actually makes Chuzhe Deng dirty tricks! there is no face! "Father apparently humbled by this and other means to provoke evil, rage against the Zhu Hao. But for the moment it is not shot to Teng, Zhu Hao has long been believed to slag bombers kill. "Hey, if you die, who would know?" Zhu Hao yīn smile, continue to shake the Father of his will. "I told you, Green River Laoer, the wife brought offerings ghost town green army now is to attack your guardian under the cloth and then the circle can only hold a one forty-five. Wait Destroys the moment, hey, the old lady assured Green River A film will not leave town! "Zhu Hao grinning destroy the fixed black soldier soldiers stormed toward the sword will. That black soldier soldiers Mami are ghosts Devil innocent people, the sword will not start, had turned defensive, cross-cut from the iron sword to blindly parry. Only black soldier soldiers in the hands of black cone is breaking the law Li device, although efforts to parry sword, but can not stop to make. Occasionally the limbs are black prick to the foot, where they leave a little red marks. As more and more little Honghen sword will gradually become slow up the action seems to have been unable to resist the invasion of evil macrophages. Zhu Hao seeing this, it is proud laugh. "Green River Laoer, you will be about to die defending God! Means if there is anything else, though resorted Come on!" Zhu Hao provocative edge toward the Father,Coach Bags Outlet, while the remaining three columns towards the corner of my eye looked. Circle Four Jieyou a god guarding, although he concentrated onslaught a column, but the other three columns towering God is not moving. At the moment the sword will be at risk, if the will of God the Father to deploy another column to give support, that he would drive Guicu onslaught that column, and thus the collapse of this normalization Yuan Luo matrix. It turned out that Father Jingsi see through his attempts, despite struggling to support the sword will instead focus fully into the mysterious Nazhen on tripod. I saw the Father's full destroy the fixed under suspension tripod soul black stone ground, issue several times than the previous strong glare Emmanuel. At the same time, that throughout the world the inverse Huang column, suddenly expand outward lap, pulled out with a more violent situation in the sky sea of ​​ink nine days mysterious brake. Clearly, the Father is going to diminish the tragedy in the shortest possible time, and then a free hand to pick up the congregation Guiwu. Face Hao Shi tragedy, this is an extremely risky bet, but if successful, it would be comparable to changing the face of tragedy Zhu Hao fatal crisis. "Green River Laoer, you do not give up!" This case, Zhu Hao had to desperately. I saw him struggling to wield Bone Wand, the number of head natal demon conjured spirits. Emit shrill screaming demon spirits, ghosts conjured countless Guicu Since deep inside come out dirty. Zhu Hao Guicu compiled the demon spirits and mixed teams, and the previously sent a black soldier soldiers stormed the sword will force together. The sword is a spent force at this time, her body was evil invading macrophages, hand cut iron epee has only less than half left. Sword will strive to cut back a few head sword rushed to Guicu,Sunglasses Coach UK, but suffered a black cone a thorn, and finally fell to his knees. Moments like these machines, a few head demon spirits wailing in unison, moving yīn destroy evil cemented dark disaster avoidance, swept toward the iron posts. The sword will be inevitable, decided Qi Jian toward disaster avoidance, spare exhaustion last point, the evil plague that road yīn barrier to block down. Disaster barrier Beng scattered, while the figure sword same applies bubbles dissipate, air exhibit an old piece. That piece tumbling fall to the ground, and bounced, then suddenly crushed ...... pawn crush of the moment, the circle of the Father is also the shivers, looking back over, full of regret and angry eyes, and looking into powder pawn. Meanwhile, Zhu Hao is mad laughing commanding Guicu who headed towards that no masking of the iron posts. Demon spirits wailing in unison, Guicu are crazy hit iron posts. Although hit go Guicu, immediately implied Lei Huang pillar Lie crushed by evil to boom, but it has also successfully shaken the stability of the circle. Huang saw that the inverse column shaking, suddenly showing instability to chaos. Huang column shake, a few Lei Huang finally break free of the shackles of the circle, crooked boom fell nearby. That can only be a few Lei Huang Yu Jin tragedy, but it also contains great energy, the ground trembles bombers were not ourselves, but several bamboo is a sudden fire. This as an opportunity previously always suppress the circle of nine days mysterious brake, also launched ferocious counterattack. I saw the sky countless Lei Huang ink nautical crest, but it is getting from that brilliant column binding, but touch on Huang column violent trembles, seeing we must disintegration. "Ha ha! Green River Laoer,Classic Coach Sale, your death to!" Zhu Hao shouted excitedly, Guiwu continue to destroy the fixed iron posts onslaught, but also make Jiaodimayou preparation. After all, that inverse Huang column collapse, hundreds of miles will be razed to the ground, and made the door division will disappear together with the town green. But for Yan yīn house is that it is no better ending. Zhu Hao smug in the moment, he's demon spirits suddenly sāo moving. Feel as if approaching a potential threat, demon spirits who have migraine looked toward the direction of bamboo. Zhu Hao will gaze moved over, I saw a shadow in the bamboo forest between juvenile vertical jump forward, toward the place quickly approaching. ........................ "Ooh, is that toddlers do ......" recognize rushing teenager made it grips the door division last descendant, Zhu Hao frowned. Although the young repair low light, but there are a lot of weird skills, then think of Green River Dion That shake heaven and earth the supernatural, Zhu Hao moment also chances. He Qing Hui Bone Wand, pushed demon spirits greeted. I saw that demon spirits rate with dozens of heads Guicu, forming a dense mass of battle toward the boy around in the past. Seeing the congregation Guiwu come around from the front, the young man actually anti-refundable, resolutely sword rounded Guiwu the group, but the blink of an eye it was all over lunged Guiwu to drown down. "Haha, Green River Laoer, see no? Your good grandson has been reported to go to the palace of hell, you can also catch up to how soon?" Zhu Hao proud provocation towards the circle in an attempt to interfere with Father's magic. Enterprise material inside the circle line curse Father eyes, something was actually Liyebuli the outside. "Has been their fate it, then ...... Well ah!?" Zhu Hao lifted Bone Wand, just waiting for the onslaught destroy the fixed Guicu circle, who knows when she Juzhen soul life, a time that does not actually contribute to. "How, how else ......" With the incredible look, Zhu Hao Hai look behind the battlefield. I saw an evil blood exudes a strong sacrifices sword, I do not know how to penetrate the barrier in front of Guiwu heavy matrix, shè to the back of the demon spirits who hold the line. Ji carnage shining sword blade hilt at the cable with a black cord, black cord that extends out towards the back, fell Guiwu group on the Bagua Zhen Fu. "Little wanderers did not die!?" "Dead your mother!" Lin Shou growled, forced hoist cable tied cents. The sacrifices by the sword suddenly destroy the fixed leaps instantly twisted off demon spirits, and then into the blood sè Pilian, swept Quartet Guicu! In the swirling bones in his way toward the straight cut comes! <
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