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July 10 [Tue], 2012, 10:12

GHD Glamour Limited Edition

Upon completion of this issue, GHD Scarlet Collection shares will amount to 602969500 shares, accounting for the non-public offering is completed 44. 46% of the total share capital became the controlling shareholder of GHD. It is reported, as a result of this non-public offering of shares to buy assets belonging to offer immunity category, is required to obtain the approval of China Securities Regulatory commission. It is reported; the injected $2540000000 white electric assets include GHD manufacturing business and assets, as well as a group of white power marketing business and channels.

Proceeds from the sales point of view, the first half of 2007 the cheap ghd hair straighteners sales revenue reached 3274000000 yuan, which originated from the GHD marketing data shows, 2007 1 to June accumulative total of 2375000000 yuan to achieve operating income, in which air conditioning refrigerator income 1390000000 yuan, income 879000000 yuan. At the same time GHD sales income is 4854000000 yuan, the assets will drive GHD sales revenue grew 65%, more important is to give GHD brought enough profit growth.

The expert expresses, the current ghd straighteners cheap market was formed a few large forces of separatism situation. Guoxin Securities analyst analysis, along with recombinant in place, GHD industry capacity has been rapidly concentrated industry before several giant hands, integration of gathering the productivity height over the next few years will also appear. Some in the industry think, in recombinant gradually in place, resource reallocation, GHD also will be a new round of market share distribution.