Chen Feng at the foot fly out

October 19 [Fri], 2012, 16:47

> Colorado also some panic up. wwW, QUaNBEN, cOm Colorado, timid, said: to the adults. otherwise,Timberland Classic 3 Eye Shoes Sale, I will be so eager to die? ah! Colorado housekeeper, I do not want to die ah! who knows, this next Who is simply hard to detect these chains, who knows these bonds when below from the bottom toward our wound over ah! want to know now before us this strange river is more and more big, and if we continue like this, then, to that time even if we want to go also able to get away. Boulder steward ordered it! ordered it! Just yet and so quite Niku own words finished, the foot of the river suddenly moving quite Niku ejected a column of water, the impact he abruptly into the galaxy. Ah ah ah ah screams rang constantly. Yi Jili quite against the bottom of Niku loudly exclaimed: I sink fast down fast pull me one ah! hurts ah! pain I have caused on strength. But did not wait Aiji Li went to the river, there are a the Road column of water continuously from the underground galaxy toward the top of constantly flying,UGG Liberty Boots. Ai Jili facing quite Niku loudly shouted: force. was quick! The main divine power of a drop of water blue suddenly appeared in their own hands. At this time quite Niger library covered all full strength, rather Niku Ha ha ha laughed. Abruptly to get rid of the shackles of the galaxy, and rushed toward the galaxy far toward the past. Waves water waves appear in front quite Niku rushed toward Chen Feng past. Heaved a sigh and shook his head, looked toward the fly their own onslaught from quite Niger library, Chen Feng spoke and said: off from the Starship inside to escape, but you also worthwhile this? actually you think so dead, so good, I will fulfill Hello. foot kicked, the moment will be the other side again kicked the Starship inside. A section of the stars chains toward the body quite Niku wound past him tightly bundled inside. Collapse collapse of the sound began to ring, tied up in these chains quite Niku body once the other snapped. Chen Feng brow could not help but wrinkled up. Chen Feng, heart and said: he still can not give trapped, no, evidently not continue to hide the strength of the time,UGG Original Sundance. Chen Feng's hands began to appear a Fangtai Ding Ding on in their own hands, engraved with mountains, trees, birds. Yes, this is the mountains and rivers of the Chen Feng Ding. Chen Feng, the mountains and rivers of the tripod in my own hands toward the galaxy above a throw. The large tripod constantly larger and larger, gradually becomes the size of the hill. Chen Feng mouth read: abruptly the other party to put down. Also did not wait quite Niku issue any sound, which is quite Niku Chen Feng, the mountains and rivers suddenly Ding into the galaxy, Chen Feng direct suppression. Do here, the foot of the Chen Feng Zhou stars Figure also began to emit bright light,UGGs Kids Bailey Button Sale, saying, Chen Feng Road: the opportunity, Zhou stars Figure from Chen Feng at the foot fly out to own opposite Aiji Li wound up direct repression. Watch their remaining strong level of God are before, Chen Feng, closed his own hands, all of a sudden turn their hands to open an invisible space so diffuse out from around his side everyone all locked away in their own space inside. Chen Feng's hands once again closed, mouth read: Chen Feng facing the trick Zhou and stars, the entire Zhou and stars Figure on so toward Chen Feng fly over and landed on the hands, Chen Feng Yi Jili wave front inside, all of a sudden it will be the other into the big witch beads inside the prison layout inside, lock it in prison. Quite tripod under Nepal libraries also collapsed into the galaxy. Chen Feng their wave, but also the other side to shut the big witch beads inside the prison to go. Chen Feng, said he now can be each other directly kill, but to do so would be too cheap to them. Chen Feng want these people so that they act as a big witch beads energy converter To them, the divine power so that they can accelerate the big witch beads evolution taken being in prison. After all, the presence of two rules sixfold, such a good converter, how can waste it? Either Chen Feng's strength is that he also intends to focus on a few main god into prison, so to accelerate the upgrade of their own strength? <

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