Liu Hongjun such scum continue Enron

June 27 [Thu], 2013, 10:45
Bai Yun and Jin Ping little proud look, we are the most trusted leader Liu people do! Shen chūn rain pretty proud of the raised tip of the chin, sweet hearts, only girls themselves can appreciate. He said, he said I was his most trusted people! What makes a man who is most trusted? Unless --- girl's face instantly crimson, no longer afraid to look to Liu Feng, did not even dare look to any one person, as if afraid of being seen through his little mind. Gold rì Na suddenly cried, piercing cry, pain does not yù students, instantly infected with three compassion flooding little beauty. Three girls flew red eyes, blink of an eye crying with yù weep, Liu Feng feel a big head, his fear is a woman's tears! This time the bad food, and this is not a cry, evidently still open to infection, Liu Feng Chong Guan Wei Gantt wry smile: "It is not quick, they want to live here, right?" Because Shen chūn rain stick, three Girls do not live in Silver Pine County hotels, we all returned to the Silver Pine Dangxiao, the preparatory group quarters. Several girls there Zhengzhu Ren busy arrange accommodation, here Liu Feng and history of civilization with a gold rì Na, returned to his room. This is a small apartment, which is enough only one bed in the bedroom, the outside is a tiny parlor. This is a common dormitory spaced out, small but perfectly formed, gold rì Na Liu Feng pointing to the bathroom to wash. Na Kim rì face a red bathing bathroom to single men, but for the presence of history of civilization, a woman played really fear it. Na Kim rì simply wash my face, back to the room the first sentence, Liu Feng gave a big surprise: "I want to sue Liu Hongjun!" Liu Feng quickly exchanged glances and history of civilization, have seen each other in the eyes surprise. If we say that the most troublesome work to Liu Feng, Silver Pine County is undoubtedly the security situation, in fact, far more than this. Because Liu Hongjun omission, almost all of the work related to public security paralyzed. The most annoying is that Liu Hongjun Silver Pine County Public Security Bureau in the internal hoodwink, even the Deputy Secretary Jiao Zhi An, wants to mobilize jǐng force to be ineffective. Take this time to rectify the operational order for the surface, Jiao Zhi An very poor only summoned to seven cross jǐng, check the car with him on the road. Liu Feng whispered: "We can take notes what?" Golden rì Na has not only strained, contrary mood excited, and sure enough, this young man too, singing than professional but also a professional man, dared to touch Liu Hongjun : "You can, if you wish, you can record, but ---" Liu Feng gently asked: "What are the requirements you'll say, we'll take you to consider." rì Na Kim almost dripping face sè blood, like mosquitoes same voice said: "Some may involve some ---" Liu Feng instant suddenly: "Golden rì Na Miss, I assure you, we will give you confidential, especially with regard to your personal privacy. "Golden rì Na grateful nodded:" Thank you, thank you for your understanding! "In Zhengzhu Ren scene tape recorder and a pen and paper ready after payment rì Na Liu Feng schematically, we can say it. With gold rì Na recounts, several people angry, which is where the police or national jǐng, almost worse than beasts! Gold rì Na aged 28, six years ago, she was in the National Young Singers Grand Prix, won the second prize. This is the Silver Pine County has never had the results, everyone happy for her. Back to Silver Pine County, evening, gold rì ensembles Na was looking to go head and asked her to accompany an important guest. That night, accompanied by the head did not get the qualifications, Liu Hongjun also based Peiqia Bale. It is said, that the majesty of the middle-aged man is senior provincial officials, and later gold rì Na know, that person is when he was deputy governor Zhang Zhihui White Mountain Province. That night, Kim rì Na drunk by several people, after what happened, so sad Na Kim rì yù must. Who would have thought, but this is beginning of a nightmare! Since then, Kim rì Na became Zhang Zhihui Silver Pine County in underground lover. In the later one day, Liu Hongjun forced to occupy gold rì Na, Zhang Zhihui intimidate women to move out of him. Unexpectedly, Liu Hongjun actually come up with a dozen unsightly photos, thrown in front of a woman. Do not want to ruin a woman, only compromises, Zhang Zhihui absence rì yard, gold rì Na Liu Hongjun became the plaything. Three years ago, Li Hu was released from prison, Kim rì Na real nightmare begins! Numerous gold rì Na and Li Hu Hongjun forced to serve simultaneously,Oakley Sunglasses Online, and eventually developed into the Li Hu and Liu Hongjun brothers strippers. According to Kim rì Na told, a dozen girls were Hongjun and Li Hu control, as their plaything pleasure. Nude dance mob is already too juvenile, more times, they drove out, forcibly abducted roadside singles beauty, back yín caves, enjoy the spoil. The reason why the West crossing demolition difficult, because there is a Li Hu and Liu Hongjun dens. There is a lot of night woman the only way, which is where a lot of women to be dragged yín nest. Is not without denounced, but want to win the case Hongjun, Liu Feng, the difficulty even have a headache, not to mention one of the weak woman. Many women can only be secretly licking wounds, and they even had to detour half of the city, just to escape the terror of the devil crossing. Na Kim rì meanders a xìng for any woman speaking, are called cruel story, showing naked in front of the trio. Na is like gold rì re-cut to open old wounds have been the kind of heartbreaking pain, so that three big men visibly moved. Room only turn voice recorder, Zheng Zhuren even forget their responsibilities and forget the cruel scenes recorded. "Liu leader, I do not know who you are, but I overheard chatting Hongjun and Li Hu, saying that is that you have this --- get rid of the governor William Cheung. Liu Hongjun afraid of you, so I just - - "Liu Feng nails into the palms of almost buckle meat, immediately think of the issue:" You come to me, will not let Liu Hongjun jǐng feel? "golden rì Na whispered:" Today Hongjun and Li Hu and got a few fresh, for me has been somewhat bored, plus I lost your fight song, they sent a message to me, let me go back to the dorm, waiting for my time to pack again tomorrow. "Liu Feng stood up , go back and forth twice, Huo stopped: "Golden rì Na, you go and Shen chūn rain three live together, Zhengzhu Ren, you call Guan Wei nightwatchman." back on the history of civilization, said, "Four hours after you for Guan Wei, it is so. "watched a few people out of the room, Liu Feng quickly pick up the phone, dial one number, one who is about to enter sleep was awakened. Liu Feng arrived in Silver Pine County, after the first battle, broke! To Liu Feng Currently, it is not suitable for interventional Hongjun's case, which is before the Ganghwa reminded his cause. But it is not to see Liu Feng, Liu Hongjun such scum continue Enron Silver Pine County Public Security Bureau sitting on the seat, and sometimes does not work! Liu Feng is the first phone call Ganghwa, the future pine port city party secretary Liu Feng is also regarded as leading the way into the officialdom, the most important is his autobiography Liu Feng. Although Liu Feng studying at Harvard University for two years, but because childhood is suffering teachings of the master, Liu Feng bones is a traditional Chinese people. Pine port city now has entered the final preparation stage, in fact, already on Ganghwa Silver Pine County and other counties with the supervisory authority and jurisdiction, which is the first step Comrade Jiang Hua Liu Feng instead Shijian Qiu causes. "Liu Feng, how are you going to do? '" Jiang Brother, I hear you! "Liu Feng Jiang Shuji call Jiang brother instead, so that one end of the telephone Ganghwa very pleased:" This thing is not the desert Administrative jǐng party can handle, so I immediately contacted Dan Shuji, you contact Cheng Hall. give way hall with the fastest speed, sending reliable jǐng force rushed to Silver Pine County and remember to stay in touch, or sentence , little crazy, try not to fall too deep! "Liu Feng, a warm heart, Ganghwa still very concerned about their own, promised soon, Liu Feng, there hung up the phone and start calling Mr Steven. Jiang Hua Liu Feng did not polite, he knew, Mr Steven there, Liu Feng, the future of residential long talk this one even more than their high officials still valid. Phone just rings three times, there will pick up: "Hello, this is Mr Steven, who are you?" "Hello, Cheng Hall, I was Liu Feng!" Mr Steven is surprised a moment, to call so late, fear is something very unusual. The Professor Liu, Liu Hongjun must find the handle, Mr Steven is very sensitive: "Professor Liu, something to speak to you!" As time goes by, Mr Steven gradually lowered his gesture, from the beginning, Professor Liu , and now Professor Liu, even honorific title "you"! Liu Feng concise narrative of the Golden rì Na circumstances, and Ganghwa there, like intentionally hidden under Liu Feng Zhang Zhihui plot involved. Is absolutely necessary to do so, after all, for several years to control the White Mountain province chiefs, although now living in the hospital, but after zhōngyāng no conclusions. The so-called centipede die hard, such a monster, it is not Liu Feng can provoke. Zhang Zhihui Huang Zhiyuan father, after all, and different, one is level, the most important, Zhang Zhihui is one of the high-ranking officials to keep animal husbandry. If this was in ancient times, a province long, is one of the princes. Think that the Three Kingdoms era, such as Maarten, Zan and his ilk, it was a provincial officer. Genghis Riboud, but is now also under the jurisdiction of a prefecture-level city of Bale. Such high-ranking officials, zhōngyāng treatment may not be cautious how! Moreover, such high-ranking officials,Cheap Oakley Oil Rig, and how might not be strong background support? As the saying goes indeed affect the whole body, not to make the appropriate arrangements and planning,Outlet Coach Sunglasses Sale, it is impossible to make a final against Zhang Zhihui treatment. Mr Steven heard about Liu Feng, meditation ten seconds, whispered: "Professor Liu, so this case I have to Provincial Politics and Law Committee secretary, Comrade Zhuang Guofeng report, and perhaps to report immediately to the Secretary Wang consult you please temporarily Do not worry, waiting for my phone call, OK? "" Yes, you're right, if necessary, the procedure is still the way to go, you first busy, I'll be waiting. "
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