the childe Lee and van

August 21 [Wed], 2013, 16:59
(;) on the street onlookers suddenly are shocked, the fan, is really brave, childe Lee miserable, that place is estimated to play egg. The Jing ground observation has also spent, van chief today is how, flat RI to childe Lee respect very, today so frantically beating childe lee. Jiang Fan laughed: Van chief, you really brave ah, you this is for the people! Well, this childe Lee later do not man! Van chief suddenly wake up, just what you do, do not know, he gazed at coma on childe Lee, Lee's childe crotch and a large pool of blood, surprised way: childe Lee how? Who put the wounded him? He looked at Jiang Fan. Van chief, can you really be installed ah, it Snow Mantra Parka Women UK is you the childe Lee crippled, you pretended not to know! Jiang Fan shook his head. Van chief panic: you talk nonsense, how could I beat childe Lee! Jiang Fan smiled and said: you do not believe you can ask those people you go, there are a lot of people with photographs, the newspapers tomorrow you will see. The Jing nodded: fan bureau, Lee's childe is you fainted. Van chief suddenly feel dizzy, Freestyle Vest Women UK faint on the spot, he is frightened, this terrible, the Mayor Lee only baby son crippled, and that is unprecedented and unrepeatable, Mayor Lee can let go of their own! Ruan Ling jade side looked, she doesn't know what is going on, only to see the childe Lee with crazy kiss fan, fan, then director frantically beating childe Lee, all this incredible, happened too fantastic! Only Huang Fu knew what was happening, he know Jiang Fan is the operation control of the childe Lee and van director, all this is director Jiang Fan. Outlet North Face Let's go. Jiang Fan to yellow, rich soil P, Na Jia Ruan Lingyu waving, four immediately on the dragon car, sail brother, you can put the childe Lee and van director whole! Huang Fu laughed. Oh, no way ah, do not do this, the childe Lee must have to find students younger sister trouble, only in this way can be rejected after things happen. Jiang Fan laughed. A brother, are you sure that the childe Lee spent? Huang Fu also worry that the childe Lee went to the hospital can cure. Absolute waste, even if van chief not crippled him, he also useless, I had done three days, this guy will become an idiot! Jiang Fan sneers. A brother, you're too smart, it is kill two birds with one stone! Childe Lee was van chief lay waste, playing silly. The corrupt officials will stand fan, lawsuit, he must go to jail! Huang Fu laughed. Ruan Lingyu's side a fog water: what you said, I don't understand? Oh, you want to know? His head leaned over, I analysis for you! Jiang Fan laughed. Ruan Lingyu for gospel truth, leaned over, Fan Wen Zheruan Ling Yu smell, at her ear: smells good! I love! Then, with the tongue lick look at her ear. Ruan Lingyu felt a cool, a sensation throughout the whole body, you asshole, shameless! She knew when the last of the Jiang Fan, angrily road. Jiang Fan immediately laughed, dragon car out Lin Ju county, the next step is to enter your world province area. Lin Ju county after!
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