US-Japan alliance military cooperation under

June 08 [Sat], 2013, 11:30
US-Japan alliance military cooperation under the first island chain survnike lebron 10 cheap
eillance products in China

Xu Guangyu said that this boat has two in Japan, but the ship's intellectual property rights in the United States, is the Japanese counterfeit U.S. "Victory-class" and built a displacement of about 2,800 tons to 3,000 tons. The survey vessel is a catamaran, the length of only 70 meters wide and almost 30 meters, and the proportion of ordinary warships completely different. Ship because of its large width with a large number of equipment, and for sonar measurement, the required boat speed is slow and very smooth. The ship is equipped with only 40 people, including five person in charge of machinery and equipment for the Americans. This boat is completely under the US-Japan alliance bilateral military co-operation of the product, thus obtained intelligence information to US-Japan sharing. It is to use the Japanese ship, a small amount of troops and the American people, after the firsnike lebron 9 cheap
t island chain in China to conduct reconnaissance.
United Nations' Arms Trade Treaty, "the 3rd United Nations Headquarters in New York for signature by all States, signed the same day more than 60 countries. However, the U.S., China and Russia, permanent members of the Security Council this three day did not sign.

Some Western media worried that even if the treaty is passed, the final effect will be greatly reduced. Chinese arms control expert Li Hung on the 4th of the "Global Times" said, "Arms Trade Treaty" related to national security, if there are countries oppose, indicating that the concerns of these countries have not been taken into account.

Radio France Internationale reported that the 3rd is the treaty was opened for signature on the first day, that day, 62 countries have signed the treaty was a historic event. Argentina was the first signatory.

Agence France-Presse said, "Arms Trade Treaty" is the first decade of any types of weapons covered by treaty. It is estimated that annual global conventional arms trade totaled $ 85 billion.

Finnish Foreign Minister Erkki forecasts, formally approved more than a year to complete. Treaty to be at least 50 countries have signed and ratified, and the first 50 signatories in accordance with the procedure of ratification deposited into effect after 90 days.

China Arms Control and Disarmament Association, Li Hung on the 4th to the "Global Times" said, "Arms Trade Treaty" negotiations starting in 2006, after several twists and turns in the middle of April this year, the UN General Assembly passed. The purpose of the treaty is to regulate the trade in conventional weapons worldwide acts set certain rules for the arms trade.

UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon said on Tuesday, "Arms Trade Treaty" to stop the "arbitrary" in the arms trade. French and German foreign ministerkobe 8 online
s, said the more than 60 countries signed the treaty was "the starting point rather than the end."
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