Zhao Yaning is tiny astounded

September 13 [Fri], 2013, 16:00
; () the ball also makes the Liverpool players surrounded the referee, but the referee was always shook his head, refused to change views. This also let Liverpool players more angry, managed to fight to win, but do not have the. This error makes life much more difficult for the liverpool. They managed to have a point of attack on se, but encountered such a thing. Chelsea has some trouble...... They also made changes, Tiago replaced Duff, Chelsea strengthened the defensive midfielder, also enhanced the offensive force, let us have a look what will change. Mourinho immediately understand his players' problem, hand shout to retreat, on the other hand also began to change. He is still affordable to put next, Xing lattice decision is, since the game is hard to win, then simply retreat is good. This makes in the final stage of Liverpool got the chance. Ninety-second minutes, a biography of John Arne Riise, to the foot of Zhao Yaning, this let Zhao Yaning have the opportunity in the middle of one she door, however, the 25 yards of she door, but wide of the post. With partial out the ball, the referee blew the whistle to end the game. The last chance! Zhao Yaning she wide! Liverpool a 1-1 draw away at. It seems Mourinho coach does not seem to be very happy, his team missed a lot of chances today will. While Liverpool for this result certainly not very satisfactory, a goal they be mistaken for offside...... But this is a focus of the war, this game will certainly is controversial, this is normal. But this time on the pitch, Zhao Yaning also got rid of her disappointment. The game didn't win, do some regrettable. But he is really strong, in the face of such a strong opponent, win is normal. Regrettable, but not disappointed, and he is now the mood. Took off his team. He is looking for a game off the bench, but play se Joe Cole. But who knows, Joe Cole is se Jiang for a while, refused to exchange shirts. This let Zhao Yaning se some stiff, but this time, Joe North Face Gloves Clearance Cole spoke, our club has provisions, unless we win the game, otherwise no shirt. There was this rule? Zhao Yaning is tiny astounded remaining, Canada Goose Elijah Bomber Toronto also thought of a reason: Chelsea's new team, they need more than the team's technique and ability, more, is morale and confidence. Well, don't change don't change. Zhao Yaning wry smile. In this field he really want to feel Canada Goose Men's Langford Parka Joe Cole played well, he just want to admire the shirt, but was so rejected. Who said the premier, will be able to get a lot of star's jersey? Two focus of the war are played, Jersey, is a no - although the game journalists all blocked both coaches, ask their evaluation to the game, hope from their mouth to get some good, but obviously, today they news story can't dig into how much. Mourinho did not like the previous match accused Liverpool, he just said.
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