mysterious person then contact their estimates

June 11 [Tue], 2013, 9:56
> Lee heard the bell hidden in the moment, his hands were stretched up quickly, and even silver night did not see how he is flip open the phone, he would have turned the phone: "Hey, midnight, the current situation? "Is that so ah. WwW, QunabEN, coM "Lee implicit hear almost midnight wear that wedding dress, the heart is also very tight. Good insurance! Almost point,Air Jordan Store, midnight becomes evil!" Know. "Lee implicit rubbing temples,Air Jordan Spizike UK Sale, eyes closed thinking countermeasures, his heart would have to fly to Jiang Feng Garment Factory went." Way out instead of 'Do not wear the wedding dress.' Because contract fragments, we must be close to that wedding dress. And as you say, once close to the wedding dress that could be lost mind, and snatch the wedding dress to wear, a few can be judged from the apartment is not a way out of this, otherwise, is mortal bureau. "" I do not understand. "Midnight said:" But for sensitive terms is a 'mortal Bureau'. She ...... "" This problem does not understand ah. "Lee hidden thought for a moment and said:" In short, it is unclear whether this ghost you can sense the location of ah. "Indeed, as a, though Shenzi Ling said, ghosts temporarily did not find them, but this does not mean that their location can not be perceived. It may be, there is no way out for them to see the appropriate prompts, or have not made a breaking way out condition behavior. Indeed, it could be a ghost deliberately playing with them in the position may be perceived in the case, has a hell of contract debris midnight, is the most dangerous. this point, so Lee hidden very worried, so he must quickly to think there is no way of knowing this ghost's ability to perceive where they are, after all, go on like this, midnight is too dangerous! Lee hidden while listening to the phone, while using the thumb on the coffee table knocking three times, which is that he and midnight agreed a sign, if you hear this sound, it means that Lee implicit instructions given on the midnight ...... once encountered a ghost appeared, immediately abandon contract debris! midnight and hell contract ratio, Lee did not hesitate to choose the former hidden! "Overall'll do it. If there are things that I call again. "Hang up the phone after midnight, came the dark outside the moment, the factory is still caught in a dark silence, the four weeks, a nobody, while terror is such a moment. Around midnight and pay attention, or even above, did not relax the moment, even if there is one second of attention, the next moment his likely killed. Guaiguo several buildings, nearly a third plant, she has seen Shen Zailing and kindley came from a distance. The two men are still alive. duo went in front after midnight, have some breathless. kindley looked around with, said: "We, we then how do ah? Min, Min she really become a ghost, she will kill us! "" Do not panic. "Midnight said:" This plant is so big, if you can not perceive our location, then it is not so easy to find us. Now, we still have a lot of favorable place. "This time, Shenzi Ling looked at midnight, I thought: do not know who is who in the hell debris contract? If the sensitive body, it definitely did not get that life, if the midnight body, even more trouble, there are hidden in Lee, She just does not give us desperate deed debris, that we did not get her way. midnight looked around and said: "I suggest to temporarily hide in the staff canteen to go. Staff canteen at the first workshop on the ground floor, a total of four entrances. Once the ghost appears, we can escape. While indoors is not easy to be found, otherwise as long as condescending, it is possible to find us. "" But, if there is spare how to do? "Kindley still not assured:" If the four doors are blocked ...... "" This needs to act in humans possessed by evil spirits, there may be minimal spare. "Midnight shook his head and said:" And as you say, just conjure infinite avatar, this plant has long been all over the ghosts, where we have to stay alive. "Midnight right is justified. Duo, only listen to her up. Came canteen, the trio chose a door can not see the dead alone, but also from a door close. Three are back to back sitting on the ground, regardless of the direction from which the ghost can come pre-discovery. midnight also reminded them of course, we must always pay attention to the ceiling. Li hidden before is to overlook the ceiling, almost in Ning Feng cell death. waiting time Each person also looked at the watch, though know at this time coming to the end of the cafeteria simply unrealistic, but there is no other way. Next, is the way out of the discussion. "I have an idea," Shenzi Ling pointed out: " Will the wedding dress that piece off, sensitivity will be restitution? She probably just be possessed, but did not die. "" Easy for you to say. "Kindley sneered replied:" Do you dare take off that wedding dress? This is not just your mouse to the cat hanging bells that fable Mody. "" I think unlikely to survive. "Midnight also retorted:" So far,Oakleys Oil Rig Sunglasses, the way out is easy to implement most of the behavior, even when the apartment will be given some auxiliary class props, as a way out of itself, this behavior is equivalent to die, is the way out the possibility too, once failed then all bets are off, there is currently no validated methods. "" Sure enough so you ...... "Chen Zailing scratched his hair, asked kindley:" That ...... kindley, do you have any ideas? "" How do I know. "Kindley said:" Yes, win Miss phoned floor length bar. Floor length he must ...... "" No, I called him. "Midnight looked up at the ceiling and said:" He is currently being, and KE silver night, Ke Yinyu discussion. Collection of three men's wisdom, may soon come to survive. "Lee implicit, Ke silver night, Ke Yinyu are near the apartment much wisdom demon figure, Lee himself is hidden deep beyond the past summer, the implementation of six blood word instructions. These three individuals together to find ways, perhaps really be able to escape out ah! "I think the key is that piece wedding dress. "Kindley spoke again:" That piece antique wedding dress is definitely a key point way out of it. "" Ah. I feel that the contract on the debris is simply apartment trap ah. If it is near the wedding dress that will win Miss you like it, wear the wedding dress became insane, then ...... that blood word itself is simply desperate ah. Give us the opportunity to take the debris, but also let people close to the wedding dress become a ghost ...... This is too ...... "" I do not understand this point. "Midnight again:" The apartment is impossible to give a real sense of 'mortal Bureau'. Unless, there is a way out we have not yet perceived. "" Has not yet perceived way out ...... "Shenzi Ling and kindley, at the moment are teeth ......" That man ...... "kindley suddenly said:" That households, put the piece of A4 paper last tenants, he might really know way out yet. "" Not sure if he does not do it right? "Shenzi Ling said:" Besides, do not know the way out of the household, or write directly 'touch soon wear a helmet', Liu phase, Lu Ye they do not die yet? "" To be honest, "Kindley said with a sigh:" It is not know which households put the piece of paper ah. Who in the end, why do you do that? Which is probably a nervous breakdown in the apartment tenants, right? Several tenants want to drag along altogether dead to print out the piece of paper. "People cornered, and sometimes some of the acts done by the normal logic does not measure Time continually passes, passes ...... about an hour or so later, the silence in the cafeteria, did not have any strange place. Did ghost really can not perceive their location? If that is true, it means to much here is not that the Chinese barren rock, can hide some of the building, a secret room and find that it will not be easy. midnight touched his chest pocket ...... deed debris on the inside. "This does not ...... ghost really can not perceive the position of tenants? "At this point in the apartment, Lee Cain silver night that:" Midnight has been more than an hour did not call came. The other three did not call. If ghosts do not find her, then perhaps it means ...... "Lee did not dare call the past implicitly ask, texting did not dare, for fear midnight is hiding somewhere, that played in the past to find a ghost. Last time Ning Fung district, Young Pro once to do so, almost killed midnight and silver feather. "conclude now seems premature. "Silver night still can not agree:" Maybe the ghost can perceive them, but can not kill a condition limited to households. Once constituted that condition, what will happen, it is hard to say. "The atmosphere is about to become very depressed." Antique wedding dress on that piece, "Silver night also said:" You know 'ghost marriage' do? "Very understanding of ancient Chinese culture silver night, naturally very clear" ghost marriage "the practice. Ghost marriage, also known as Yin marriage, is an ancient, for the dead wedding weird customs. Ago appeared in the Han Dynasty, In the Song Dynasty, the most prevalent. "ghost marriage, usually in unmarried children after the death of their bones and buried, but there are already engaged to a woman, married already deceased husband's family, hold tablets married precedent. "" Ghost marriage? "Lee did this hidden some impressions, said:" You mean that old-style wedding dress, and ghost marriage relevant? "" I'm just guessing Bale. Jiang Feng Garment Factory antique wedding never took orders, meaning that the wedding dress is because it will appear in the apartment. Well, is not to say that the wedding dress is representative of ghost marriage in the 'bride' it? "Lee hidden shocked, asked:" What do you mean? "" In other words ...... if there is a living 'groom', close to that wedding dress, and the bride to complete ghost marriage, to complete its wish, perhaps it will leave the possessed Min, return to the grave ...... Of course, this just my assumption. "Ghost marriage? Bride and groom?" Is not it? "Lee Hidden feel too weird:" Can you identify it? "" That way maybe you can explain why nearly wedding dress, women will lose mind. It is not certain that the wedding dress close male would react, maybe not mind losing it? That is, if men approaching wedding dress, and its preparing for the wedding, the couple lines of the ceremony, perhaps a way out conditions constitute. "" Well disgusting feeling, "Silver Feather interjected:" And a wedding dress BaiTianDe ...... into the bridal chamber that it still fails? "" Silver night ...... even if your argument is right, but can not verify ah. Say where to find these things ...... groom clothing "Silver night pondered for a moment and said:" indeed difficult to verify, this I admit. But I can not think of anything else might it. At present too few clues. "At this time, all of a sudden the door bell rang. Silver Feather immediately stood up and said:" I went to open the door, you will continue to discuss. "Silver Feather three steps and two steps went to the door, opened the door, standing outside, who are Bianxing Chen." Bian? "Silver Feather quickly said:" Do you have anything? "" I wanted to ask, how sensitive their message a. After all, my family lived next door sensitization, we have considered some feelings, so to ask. "" Ah, that come on. "Room 404 into the living room, Bianxing Chen to see the hidden and Ke Li, silver night is still under discussion, he only heard the" ghost marriage "," wedding "or something." That ...... floor length. "Citizen immediately asked:" Min she still alive? "" This ...... "Li implicit shook his head and said:" Her situation is very bad. "" Very bad? What does this mean? "Citizen uneasy: No, no piece of MMS is sent to the people in the bar ...... say" sensitive put that piece wedding dress, made a change 'ghost'. "Citizen hear these words at the same time, the brain is a blank! Sent by MMS phone, still in his pocket ah!" What ...... what time thing ...... "" called to one hour before midnight. She and Min Jiang Feng Garment Factory soon to enter, "Silver added that night and said:" Then, you ...... "After hearing all this, the stars quickly said:" I, I feel uncomfortable, I go first. "Having escaped out of the room in general go fast rushed to the elevator, held out his hand, shaking several times before pressing the elevator button. Really!" "That man ...... really able to predict it!" Citizen excitement at the moment not their own! That person, that person can be the future if you really happens in letters of blood drawn in advance, then live off the blood will greatly increase the chance of the word ah! That is the way to live successfully tenth letters of blood, nor is impossible! That person, how to say the? Transactions, and their own trading! Who cares what price you want, reward! Money? If money how to do? Although Bian family is very wealthy, but parents have been regarded by the financial side of things my brother managed. House! To sell the villa, sell enough money, then there! So large a house ah, or in the city center ah! That person money, give him that. Then how to say, to a maximum of ten million, right? If you want too much how to do? Let the father of remittances in the United States? But if that person want too, that his own hateful ...... actually no money! Bian himself how to say the young master ah! Bian parents years living abroad, the business throughout several countries ah! If hundred years after his father, inherited a large estate, at least half can be divided, even if that mysterious person asking Wuliuqianwan dollars, they would be paid out at! May be the father still alive. While he knew his mother to the United States before, to his brother in the country to open a bank account, which should have a lot of money. Brother money ...... a terrible evil in his own mind sprouted ...... that person is likely to be the money! For ah, of course, is money, not the money would be what? But to buy their own life, no matter how much he was asking that he should pay ah! Star estimated that, with the mother of his brother's favor, even to give him tens of millions of dollars, is not impossible. Bian industry is too great, this money did not matter. Bank card ...... brother where to put the bank card? No, it should also have the password ...... elevator door opened, the stars across the inside. That mysterious person then contact their estimates soon, and then was reported to own a price. Before that the money must be ready as soon as possible! The man is definitely saw himself Bian Master's identity, will choose and their own trading! Elevator to the first floor. Star hurriedly apartment door, looked at his wrist watch time. Now go home immediately, and then ...... look for bank cards. However, the house is so big, if my brother hid bank cards to find one of these years only to find out at ah! Moreover, he also remembers his family stood a few safe! Safe passwords and keys, and only brother has. Maybe there are a lot of cash but also maybe ...... just ask my brother to bank cards, he would ask purposes. That mystery man to the absolute, no less. No purpose to say, my brother can not give money to yourself. Well, only ...... come hard up! The brother unconscious and took him prisoner, forcing him to hand over bank cards, say the password! As long as the money taken out, the mysterious people will put the future of what will happen in letters of blood draw to yourself. So, you can leave the apartment a! Star strode out of the apartment, he knew that he must quickly! Brother ...... which is ...... when you have my eyes only debt it ...... do not blame me! <
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