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> Beijing chaos, the palace is also in turmoil,Oakley M FRAME Sale, since 150 years ago, Chen Yuan, since the overthrow of former emperor. wwW, QUanbEN, coM capital has never been such a mess. One edicts passed down, groups of army, continue to the city a place together. People do not know what happened, all the officials who do not know what happened. They only know all the capital are beginning to martial law, and all of the city's armies are gathered near the floor, incense bird, including the usual special embarrassed Baiguan Guard also dispatched five thousand batches Guard officer to hold the city's major sites. Defense forces led Pingxiong president personally led the incense bird surrounded by a packed floor, if there are birds like finches from Hong flew near the floor, then we have to ask the soldiers in the hands of those five thousand arrows answers do not agree. However, Feng Xiong is now struggling with his hands in front of the nine have gone back and forth dozens of times. "They narrowly held eldest son in the end what you want?!" "Header! Or I take people back then washed one?" One battalion commanders approached said. "Fart! You think we are not soldiers also injured more than you?" Feng Xiong think of these things, he headache. Seiko in hand with each other, the soldiers do not use bow and arrow shooting. North Korea, but there are edicts down, do not let the eldest son injured. Prince House also sent over, says Prince of mine, all to the eldest son's life takes precedence. "Pop!" Feng Xiong's a bear photographed stone table, curse and said: "They are simply playing us, knowing that we can not use the arrows, put incense Seiko bird catches the sun on top floor, I really do not know Seiko go provoke two magician, thousands of soldiers can not even hurt them nothing. more appalling is that they only do not kill people hurt and injured there were bad, but it happens like poke someone's ass, since we do not have to work, and lying on the bed to eat it every day! "Ma Wan Feng Xiong did not seem to vent his face with his anger beard quivering. "Boss! Whatever the outcome,Christian Louboutin Platforms Cheap, you say something nice thing! Men brothers are afraid that the two sorcerer." Three battalion commanders complained. "Alas! Really does not know what time dragged, the city and the DPRK are all tangled up." Feng Xiong sighed. Decree as not much like, a channel, the city is responsible for safety on them, that's a road straw ah! "Boss!" Five weeks old stormed this camp generals temporary tent, said: "They put demanded." "Make demands, and good!" Feng Xiong finally saw hope. "Says what they want?" Generals weeks old, play laugh and said: "They want one hundred 'bird Huihun'." "Ah ....! One hundred 'bird Huihun'?!" Everyone scared widened mouth. It is engraved ****** afternoon three sunny. Incense bird building, the roof above the three figures are enjoying the warm sunshine. "Oh! Young, fun bar!" White fox looked ridiculous crowds downstairs soldiers laughed. Flame reluctantly said: "Brother! You do not play too far, and had enough, we have to go, do not go downstairs more and more people." "Cut! Did not you say it is not to do? take anything away, I just ordered a dish. "It seems today, white fox eat to that dish, he will not give up the. Fox clinging white beams have been looking at the smirking shiver Chen Ching, said: "You said it is not ah! My eldest son adults." Chen Ching scared the crap out of this long, can be a white fox asked him, he did not dare did not answer. "Yes ... yes! Two ... two ... heroes ... you will ... let me get down! That ... here ... go ... go so high, I assure accompany two ... good to eat ... eat ... eat." " Oh! I feel good here, to go down, you go down, or I put you thrown down, look at the following soldiers who can catch you. "white fox smirking road. "Ha ha! Not a! Not a! I suddenly felt good to eat here .. Haha! Do not, ha ha ..." "This is the fox teasing liberal, but is also a set of. Anyway, this Seiko is not a good man, on the the fox mess Come! "Flame looked downstairs, one guard of soldiers guarding the following, began to also keep people rushed to the white fox, after hundreds of people injured, no one would have dared to come , they just keep then the following propaganda. "Dragon originally above the crowd feeling this is not bad either! At first I was just a poor child hiding in the mountains. Huh!" Flame laughed, identity different mood naturally different. "Hey!" Intention to kill, flames suddenly felt a strong intention to kill. "Alas! Dead fox! Still play! We will soon have 'guests' to." Yan said the fire looked at Yongsan direction. And the flames would like, they are in the capital so nonsense, Longshan above people are not just ignore. "Humph! Do not know that the rest would be two Erjun what kind of people!" "Guest!?" Fox white eyes looked down the flames. Longshan mysterious and quiet, then suddenly shine, colorful Ying days. Then heard the sound resounded round the entire capital. "I do not know where to find this also worried, and now the capital of Haier dare to run wild, are not you tired of living?" Two colorful light from the Longshan rapidly down, a bearing between two points of light came to Hong Sparrow Upstairs empty. All the people all the capital witnessed the amazing sight. And around the downstairs officers and generals were also staying in the air saw the light of these two points. "Yes Longshan down fairy ah!" "There are gods above Longshan thing is true!?" "Fairy down to the system of the two sorcerer!" Downstairs soldiers began to cheer up. Longshan above the legend, but there are well-known fairy thing, but no one has ever seen before. What people can volley fly? Nature is immortal talent. Fire in the air and inflammation in the eye of the two. Appearance looked in three-ish, you can know that their flames actual age has more than one hundred years old. Both are equally a white Qingshan. On the left there is a man seemingly Pan gentle and elegant of the state. Lianrong emaciated man right in his left eye over there a scar, he is seriously looking at the cold shoulder inflammation fire two. "Supernatural!? Hum!" Flame sneer, the right side of the white fox said: "Brother! Other is two people, we are two people, one of them late Dan, one of the late Dan is approaching, your own choose a bar! "" Young, you do not embarrass me? Dan I of the interim it, I did not say Hope for help, you do not want me to die? "Fox White anxious road. Flame an anxious look white fox, nor good in this critical time again, and he joked, then said seriously: "Oh! Brother I kidding, I just do not want to deal with distractions while two only, brothers though you fight but they, but your speed is not that they can easily catch up with, say, we do not know now that two Longshan master retreat with no comprehension, I think we should put their two disciples lead to distant to solve, you see riots in the city, but because of your greedy cause, they are all attracted to you. wait a minute a war, you're hard to run outside the south, they think your repair is taller than me , of the late Dan that will definitely catch you, I solve another one soon catch up with you. solve these two, we immediately hide. "" You really will catch up to? "white fox asked. "I would lie to their own brothers do not?" Flames look sinister. "This kid, more slippery, and I really do not know which day he would sell peeling. Alas! Pity me how such a Young met it?" Fox white hearts sigh. "Brats, this time heard you." Flames with soul force view each other's repair, while the other also viewed flames two repair. "Humph! One is only just arrived said solid phase brats, one only just arrived mid demon beast." The right man cold voice said. "Second child, but do not underestimate them, and second youngest can be killed by them, indicating that they are still a little skill. Maybe they have varying spiritual." Oldest wooden ruler reminds us. "Varying spiritual!?" Soil monarch surprised Road. "How could! How they may have varying spiritual!?" Soil monarch surprised it is not unreasonable, even their chefs have only a varying spiritual, how can he believe what two kid have varying spiritual. "Do not forget that they can be considered a child that old monster Chongyang disciples, Chongyang child how would not give his descendants remain twelve baby self-defense." Wooden ruler explained. "Ha ha! How I did not think this, varying spiritual, ha ha!" Land king laughed excitedly. Hope for a better comprehension of the people, but the stuff of dreams. "Second and third child, is really useless, even though they have varying spiritual, but they also put the two chefs in the spiritual goods is secretly taken off the mountain." Soil monarch indignantly said. Wooden ruler staring Flame duo, said: "you can not blame them, after their repair weaker than we, together with the other party has varying spiritual help. More unexpected, there could be a period of arrival demon fox It seems that two Young is dead in its hands, wait a minute fox to me, the guy let you play it! instructors are also waiting for us to go back to their law enforcement, finishing things to quickly go back! "They slowly fell from the sky and flames on their relative's another high-rise, put away feijian after seemingly Pan wooden king spoke. "We are the gold and silver two disciples under the Holy See, he is the king of Wei soil flow marks, I was the Secretary Tong wooden ruler, a few days before you kill our two Young. Thought, after all,Oakley Glasses Online, you are the Chongyang seniors to stay in this sub-continent the disciples, since it is the comprehension fellow, I do not want to embarrass you as long as you surrender 'escape day five element array' of matrix Cheats and all her spiritual device, I can guarantee to you to stay a whole corpse. "" Strange ! They know how to kill us water and fire two king? "asked flames looked white fox, white fox flames hope to answer questions in his mind. "How do I know how they know. Come ah! Young! Not us, is that you kill." White fox corrected. Life brand such things, white flames and Fox have not seen each comprehension martial art after the closing of the disciples will make a life for their brand, life license glimmer of comprehension for those who are left in the power of the soul, when comprehension was killed when the life left in the martial art cards will be broken. Sects human nature to know which disciples died. "Say it, leave dead bodies, it is not like we were dead." Flame heart scolded. "Oh! Oh! So you also want to battle formation and spiritual device? Can, of course I can give you." Flame Xiexiao Zhao also said: "But to see what you have that ability to come and collect." Soil Jun Wei stream marks laughed: "Well arrogant brat! Do you not know that the gap between us do? Beware wait a minute do not know how to die!" "I'm curious! how did you kill our Young duo. "Wood-jun Secretary Tong asked. "How to kill!? Haha! People to give them a sword is not solved." Flames scoffed. "A man sword!?" Wood Secretary Tong Jun microstrip looking angry. Such nonsense, how could he believe is true. "Then I'll take a look at you is how a person sword." Powerful infuriating filled the entire body, wooden ruler Secretary Tong Genelec fully floating on the surface, his body suddenly sharp momentum up, as if the waves that constantly rise, continue to impact the earth summit. At the same time he also flew overhead feijian, suspended ready to attack. Wood Division Tong Jun opened his eyes in vain, shine, wind suddenly sudden, a Feishazoushi, incense bird near the floor, all officers and men off their feet, surrounded by rubble flying eaves more. Feijian heart moving with him, as if a real feijian to light coming directly toward the flames. <
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