The Fusion Of Cinema And Game

October 29 [Sat], 2011, 11:59
As we all know, movies and games and learn from each other cross-border element of surprising, because they are very common as a carrier of the same arts: a birth to have a firm and popular entertainment, with the largest number in order to meet the entertainment needs of the general public.

Meanwhile, between movies and games much more than isomorphism, they are quite a number of narrative elements in common, the film will be re-nonlinear lens fragments to form a complete description of the plot expression, this "clip montage, "and the game pre-set programs and interactive media box out of the general atmosphere, the players decided ultimately to the formation of a unique destiny - was called" link montage "process, can be said that the film's" clip montage "is full of the same purpose.

From another perspective, the game as a mix of technology and humanities complex, is itself a basic entertainment needs fit the carrier, its interaction with the power to determine their power and control have more than the film possibilities. When the film doped with the game elements, like the audience did not consciously play the game as one of active participation, and participation in their desire to be the main draw and expanded, in the thinking and emotional investment more easily, which is working with the successful most of the film should have empathy into and coincide confirms the perfect combination of excellent chemical reaction produced.

Of course, from a business perspective, the film features a game popular in the world is not surprising, the number of public gaming, gaming industry, the ability of the strong convergence of gold is evident, the film is now attracting great attention to cross-border gamers, talk about the film adaptation of those endless games, the annual Comic-Con Comic Con, there are many elements into the game and animated television programs and movies debut, attracting fans and fans together carnival games, with both consumer groups more and more overlap between film and games to share more and more of the elements is not surprising.

Elements of game-based movies game movies, the plot of the game onto the big screen are not enough to match the marriage of movies and games. You know, video games from the eighties and nineties swept the world, the entertainment and software as the carrier of a dramatic evolution of the ever-changing, many grew up steeped in the game's new director, will constitute the game's way of thinking and the introduction of film production, non-stop from the game to explore more new tools: a subjective lens, constructed concept, mental conflicts, etc., which allow CG rampant, Shenmeipilao large full of new vigor, pushing the movie's audio-visual experience to a higher level, so that the aesthetic effect of the film showing the unique features of the game times.