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June 01 [Sat], 2013, 9:47
South east Nadekawa nike huarache free uk Fengcheng, Jiangxi narrow north-south-east plains, open terrain, both for the troop build-up, and easy to implement cluster operations, so the KMT Central Soviet attack this as an important stronghold. Red Army leader Zhu De, Zhou Enlai reluctant storm Fung, but Soviet Central Bureau of combat command was, they had to perform.

Nan Fung served as the main task of the Red Army Third Division; guard Nan Fung is the KMT Mao Bingwen eighth division six groups. Although the offensive and defensive sides are relative to the division of the establishment, but the real situation is not fully prepared for the third division, but two thousand troops, while the KMT army close to 10,000 people. Red Army Army chief Peng greatly dissatisfied after receiving the order, he was on the phone, rushing Zhu De, Zhou Enlai complained: "This is what Guizhu Yi, stupid thing! Nan Fung easily defensible, enemy forces and the poor, but also occupy a favorable terrain, so hard to capture is detrimental to us, really playin! "reporting Jew as sensitive, it inevitably mentioned still debating" Hundred Regiments "problem. Report only confirms results, but also bluntly pointed out shortcomings. Liu Hundred Regiments after that.

because of the "anti-Japanese guerrilla warfare from the Civil War to the rudder control is not tight, too much emphasis on the regular army, and committed a series of errors with local armed laissez-faire", was influenced base of the building. He also pointed out that, generally speaking was a Hundred Regiments won the battle of the Great War, but there are also a lot of strategy and tactics of the error, such as under outnumbered, the enemy did not show a weak, nike roshe run woven women premature exposed the true strength of our army; does not fully develop formal combination of guerrilla warfare and traditional strengths, some rush into battle means, in order to obtain one-sided political influence even overkill.Liu raised these issues, not against Peng, he was just one of their nine division in charge and made a self-criticism Shanxi base work.
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