must be sincere happiness and forbear pain hybrid

December 30 [Mon], 2013, 14:54
Past and Present of the distance This is a gentle woman? Or an evil angel? This is a historic moment freeze-frame? Gone is suddenly once? blue sky, clouds have read the best marshes; strong rock, the signs of aging are always devastated. exists, it is real? Or illusory? wings, is light? Or heavy? if, if this incomparable nhl jerseys for sale collection of signs made of jade, and I knew in static and dynamic charming fantasy, and whether it is owned, or is lost. walked the streets do not necessarily have the signs, but certainly has left footprints. at a certain intersection, when I stopped to look back, I seem to find an answer: we ever collection of jade, jade was originally shelter us! surprised it? unfolded years, starting perhaps Past conventions: from discovery to interest; from interest to hobby; from hobby to obsession; from obsession to enlightenment; from consciousness to awareness; kind of emotion from cognition to continue to be difficult to let go of ,

must be sincere happiness and forbear pain hybrid. jade with a different look and the same nature which we found instead was that we have. Cherish, caress, show off, tasting, a lengthy process, in fact, was originally a flash in the pan. most simple principle: people live, but in the hands of the piece of jade! I believe that jade is really lifeless entity; I also believe that jade is certainly exhibited the influence of soul. Our obsession is her pity, only appeared in our gaze and into our lives. However, she cheap nfl jerseys china will eventually leave, or who disappeared in the greed of possession; or who disappeared in the good life. as collectors, the end result jade owned: First inheritance; second is for sale. The former is necessarily jade choose their own destiny; latter is bound to be silent jade respectively. Different ways, but the outcome is the same: Jade away from us! Dance the Han people graceful, lithe Wu Qi Long, a beautiful arc, that is, the distance Past and Present!
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