Those good quality gems left

January 24 [Thu], 2013, 11:44
In the end lane and Alando after the trial, Flannery without polite carefully searched the Green them, but also find out some good stuff, the magic wand hand of Green has been holding is also only general magic items, but his body storage pocket, filled with Green for so many years to grab something, like a magic scroll, magic items and some valuable gems, and a little magic material.But Armand them. Worse, basically all gold and precious jewels, let Flannery said with a smile "it seems ordinary mercenary and magician grade or a gap." Women's Chilliwack Bomber;Flannery look cheerful will these things counted over and over again, secretly estimation of the number Men's Air Max Triax 91 Sale, if those gems do not get anxious, but slowly sell Men's Air Max 24-7 Sale, or at least to sell nearly one hundred thousand gold coins, with so much wealth in all of a sudden, the two thousand gold coins found together with these gems, Flannery had disdain.Flanner frankly not polite to put Green's storage pocket take forcible possession of, anyway, Ryan and Alando have their own storage pocket, and the good quality biglin, nature also won't and Flanner debate.Pick up all the gold and Flannery, poor quality, can sell the stones are put into the pocket, put in Flannery's arms.Those good quality gems left, and magic items, spells, magical materials and so on, all on the line storage pocket.So much stuff into the lane storage pocket, but still not full, this pour let Flanner and Alando envy.The capacity of storage pocket Alando is also very limited, mainly store personal items, clothing etc..Ryan that, in a large number of items, storage pocket weight almost no change, Flannery even ready to buy a lot of commodities in, so transport to other places, but also save a lot of freight.According to Yalman guidance place, Ryan and Alando with members of the mercenary soldier regiment tool on the wagon body and Green on their first time to take weapons, wealth and other items.Those tools and wooden case is ready for this time to kill Ryan them, put these to take things out of the.Of course they don't know Ryan, this is mainly because of their owner Green asked Green to the fastest speed to return free heaven, presided over the snipe Flannery, had to temporarily buried, after all the items covered in blood, if not tidy, in any case can not just in a flagrant way back to free to go to heaven.See the bloody weapon, and the mercenary soldier regiment members of the body, Ryan they couldn't help and severely beat Green and Armand meal, if not also remembered the whole thing released to the public, Ryan they might spot killed the two guy.The space is limited, Ryan they buried the bodies, do on the tag, just pick up some of the mercenary soldier regiment blood-stained weapon, clothes etc. as evidence, and then Green and Armand with a rope tied the knot solid, packed together into a large wooden box.In order not to hold them to death, Ryan took out the shadow of war, the large wooden thorn out dozens of holes.As for the two man lying in it will be very uncomfortable, Lane three of them naturally or half unconsciously overlooked. Mobile phone two horses to pull the wagon wheels rolling forward, through the road, issued a "squeak" sound, carrying the lane they began the return trip.Because last night bonfire, Green their two carriages in a car by Alando and broken as material, after all it is spring now, those growing branches can't burn.So Flannery sitting in the carriage, skilled driving this only carriage.Many years of business Flanner certainly knew all this, he even another carriage horses together, with the two horse driving a heavy wagon.The bumps along the way, had awakened Green, brimming with nose to upload Pang Green squinted through the holes, the light, soon understand their situation.Green and Yalman's mouth is inserted piece of cloth group, showing only the nose breathing, province road cause unnecessary trouble, if they send something out, they will have to go all the way to explain Lane road.
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