the reason for hundreds of years the mountain bandits rustlers prohibitive

October 29 [Mon], 2012, 12:10

(Literature) Chen Zaining see two big tables full of dishes, delicacies, and aquatic, very hearty and wanted to make every effort to repairing the banquet inn. Chen Zaining shook his head, smiled and said: We had an interesting conversation, given ye this trip was worthwhile. sectarian, in addition to the five major family of this superfamily, the rest of the family will not be on it in the eyes of a lot of family in order to the Everbright lintels, so that the family of the most distinguished descendants into Munekado, for the family to find a big backer , only one can enter the secret disciple Munekado places, will be able to let them exhausted doing everything possible, and even compete or be killed. Against this background, there are very few civilian children can come to the fore the cases doors the mountains Shoutu of worship, asking for the moon, even like the Chenjia this small village, the reason for hundreds of years the mountain bandits rustlers prohibitive, afraid to come to blackmail intrusion, precisely because of the heritage With mysterious jade fruit, so that the younger generation who grew up and lay the foundation, compared to the other villages, always one step ahead, always ranks the cloud boundary Ridge of the first strength. Chen Zaining five sitting a table with four, Yang Shangping Eight persons sat another table. During the evening UGG Bailey Button Outlet, everyone winds the College Nayun standings, when it comes to Sihai floor this year announced a Relatively quiet few words of White poem rhyme Road: like Taihua were, true disciple of forty-two, aged 25 or below five, only included in the rookie standings Lin, Pan two brothers, the other three brothers, senior sister apprentice strength enough to list just kept retreat, acting and low-key, outsiders do not know nothing. can spy, is one hundred and eight islands in the East China Sea League, the South China Sea, Western dozens of countries south witch North quite two families, and so, one of the young masters like stars, it is difficult to count Sihai tenth floor can be included on pretty good. the one hundred Takemune level high-level fighter. The Wenhui laughed and said: Takemune above the master that a weight and Position VIP Sihai floor, although the potential is large, did not dare offend too much, in case someone ranked dissatisfied with how to do Northface Gore Tex Jackets Sale? say Takeru master over life of long-term repair is difficult often decades have failed to Advanced level, so, in addition to the list of personal death, annually published list changes not big, unlike the rookie standings, like, every year is a big change, can attract a lot of attention to sell them to the the Sihai floor large fortunes. Talking about a while, Shulei suddenly Chenzi Ning said: status still above us, the welfare of each month, regardless of immortality, spiritual food UGG Women's Rosabella, weapons, power law, no less than Changfeng College can be said there is a big difference. the domestication they reveal trainer is extremely rare, are important regardless to that figure, Chen Zaining in college when received such an invitation is not less, but more family, Chamber of Commerce, the mercenary group such Taihua cases such Munekado the first time. But of Chen Zaining it UGG Men's Coats, these are the same, except the four holy sites Timberland Euro Dub, seven large door like to let him think about it. Moment, Chen Zining Road: Although outside the Disciples, but in the cases above the door can say a few words, say Chen Gongzi such people to go there will be popular. save the current page to your favorites, then watch for later!

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