effort to think about how to help us

October 24 [Wed], 2012, 10:46

The WWw! QUANBen! COM A ghost watching Lu Tao his face volatile, he believes Lu Tao recognizes Road, Columbia, or else can not be so quickly to in Fengcheng underworld rise, but also get the the force brother's favor. But he does not believe Lu Tao really help them, although he thinks Lu Tao certainly have the ability to help them, in his view, Lu Tao, now committed to help them, but in order to protect the four-woman expedient, therefore the heart quite some tangled. If fractious, Lu Tao can definitely give them a lot of help, and even afterwards to help them get out, and if to grasp the bad, not to when the lives of their brothers and two very likely into the ride, and hatred are reported . A ghost listening to Lu Tao, bite the bullet and nodded toward the point of Zhou Qing, Chu Laihun the so many years, after all, has changed, at least become afraid of death than ever before, so they still passbook that a trace of chances, LV Tao able help them to get out. Zhou Qing, this pistol closing up, patted the shoulder of the Lu Tao: up. He took a look, Blue Lan fight over before she hit over Lu Tao was found directly hung up. Blue Lan Lu Tao calmly connected to the phone. People find it? Ah? Gan BoA, Lin Lei, topaz?, You made a mistake, right? resistant, busy, said: The name wrong, also stressed twice, is likely to further her What message, but it is inconvenient to speech, and can only say so! Gan Boa, Lin Lei, Topaz, should be the leopard lei and topaz, three people should know something! Blue Lan did not hesitate, and decisively called king leopard telephone number. Zhou Qing smile even more , but with a trace of eerie. Obviously he meant, he recognized it 3 Girls has a Li Linger phone Lvtao Gang before and did not mention the name of Li Linger The ,Canada Goose Chilliwack Bomber...... leopard, Topaz, lei three, then gathered together, his face solemn. want king leopard,North Face Women's Windstopper Jackets. Wang leopard nodded: not come back to the present, is certainly encounter trouble, they can not say so inform us in this way. head. The trio looked to see each other, are frowned, three women missing Scarface appear Topaz and lei, there is no way these three seemingly unrelated things linked together. He wanted to for a long time and feel between themselves and topaz, only the same I this common ground, almost no other, the initiation went to Columbia Road this idea. Topaz furrowed his brow, then they stretch: open their eyes to adapt to some of the glare of the sun, from the ground up, stretched, and asked to wake him up to the side that brother: ,Northface Down Vest? Here? , listen to no emotion in it. Lu Tao listen Road, Columbia promised so decisively, the hearts of a hi know Columbia Road should be received the news last night by Blue Lan sent out directly replied: Well, I am twelve o'clock in the past years. Lu Tao put the phone down, revealing a trace of a smile: failed, I'm sorry, they have to follow with funerary So ...... you still spend some effort to think about how to help us get the Lindau. take out. Zhou Qing, tugged at the corners of the mouth: . Lu Tao, hugged Li Linger, the same whispered in her ear: Next Yumo Lu Tao clasped his hands owner in behind her, her body close to his own chest two groups Soft * meat squeezed changed shape, big hands still in her backs gently stroking. This time, she suddenly felt their own hands stuffed thing, and then felt the hot breath of the Lu Tao ear: be will depend on you. Lu Tao has let go of her stare a. The last willow containing, Lu Tao hold her trembling body, like and Yumo, tightened. Liu contain clear and did not like Yumo scolded Lu Tao, seems a bit desperate, anticipate their possible fate, enjoying his arms at the last moment. At this time,UGG Wedding Boots, her ears suddenly came the small voice of Lu Tao: Tao nodded. And after the expiry of four women hugged, Lu Tao, that two strong men to take them away. ------------------------------ Habits of collection and the red ticket, if we all used to, then it collects one wave, vote vote! The small wine Bese! <

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