seems to think all attacks against them

November 08 [Thu], 2012, 10:16
Traincollector HTML simple template model , relationresultTags: title , relationresultTags: , relationresultTags: , relationresultTags: time , relationresult The master ,do you have any way ? Bamboo ask Jun asked curiously _ read & ;& ; you can way when ,just try, maybe try any way Sui Ge smiled ,he think there are ways ,because Sui Ge can also feel the Mongolian tree and the tree of Life Association ,this illustrates a point ,the ancient battlefield law prohibition does not obstruct all contact, so it may have flaws ,or there are some weak points that the master is not to try to bamboo ask Jun Sui Ge said , however ,the flame has burned .
never mind Sui said ., keep the law continues to operate ,but also the support for a long time . but this time ,in the ancient battlefield outside of the Kunlun and Tao Zong emperor Sanxian ,that is the winner ,because they believe in the ancient battlefield in Zheng Chao force, is be at ones end ,unable to stand up ,only to be refining .
A but ,soon they will be disappointed Paca beneath the ancient battlefield ,suddenly heard a strange sound sound ,Kunlun cases immediately aware of good ,a lot of Sanxian eyes immediately focused on the sound came .
, looked ,it was a huge tree ,directly into the sky ,extending to the ancient battlefield space . What is this tree is so horrible one word in the Mikado Sanxian thundered , but never mind ,is the spirit of wood plant, just broke take our emperor tract were guarding the entrance to my house the Sanxian roar ,hand to be kept tree to take a quack .
.. Swell Tall UGG Boots... At this time, the giant trees lush foliage ,suddenly gave a croak and amazing birds ,it sounds very terrible ,just like the sound of death is the three foot care Kunlun case a Sanxian little exclamation this three foot Wu ,it is the ferocious beast ,as Kunlun in Sanxian ,that also is heard the three three foot was the prestige ,the emperor road in Sanxian is also ready to receive Che-hung tree ,results immediately encountered on the head of the three foot a blow and a shout ,strong Joyoung really fire almost to the Sanxian directly burned at the same time ,Che-hung tree branches out numerous small roots, toward the ancient battlefield surrounded ,intend to be spying on this ancient battlefield the presence of any flaws and gaps _ read & ;& ;however ,the ancient battlefield around the Sanxian Victoria Parka,but continued to use mana off these roots after a short while, Sui Ge gave up looking for flaws and gaps, to ask Yun said bamboo : you Ultimate Short UGGs,it is certainly no flaws Sui Ge indeed errors of judgment ,the ancient battlefield do not have flaws ,but he kept the tree ,the tree of life contact so Are not affected, it is because of his spiritual practice has strong force to the law limit point ,also because Che-hung tree and the tree of life personal quality improvement the master what the intended ? Bamboo ask Jun asked Sui Ge smiled and said: now the situation is very interesting ,although I cannot leave here ,but through Che-hung tree ,I on the ancient battlefield outside the condition has been very clear at present, the ancient battlefield outside, Kunlun and Tao Zong emperor has sent twenty-four scattered immortal drives the ancient battlefield refining our ,but as to that ancient battlefield ,so they have no way to deal with the Mongolian tree otherwise ,cannot drives the ancient battlefield so ,now the situation is very interesting ,and I still have an interesting idea .
she don on to say , Jun said Kunlun bamboo asked emperor road cases and cases if people wish to refine our ?Well, I have to refine their I use Che-hung trees and nine three gold Wulai refining them simultaneously, this Branch Zheng Chao army with a Che-hung tree ,collaborate from within with forces from outside Sui Ge out his idea good fun listen to the Sui Ge ideas Canada Goose Trillium Sale,bamboo ask Jun could not help but praise a sui Ge this idea, it is some Brazil ,but also feasible because of the three foot ,which can be used to make pills of immortality, and the three foot or fairy to alchemy on the choice is important ,it is nine foot three Wu ,and they can continue to draw strength from the Mongolian tree Sui Ge guessed right ,Kunlun and Mikado road in Sanxian are now distributed in ancient battlefield outside force ,is suppressed and refining Sui Ge et al ,therefore cannot escape, also cannot tell too much power to defeat the Che-hung tree and three foot Wu ,therefore this nine three foot the completely without scruples ,direct spit Joyoung really fire burn Kunlun and Mikado road in the Sanxian ,began to change their course at the same time ,in the bamboo ask Yun arrangement, Sui Ge began a transformation type, for to the Kunlun and the emperor Road Cases of people bring much trouble ,let them have to strengthen the power drives the ancient battlefield law prohibition to Kunlun and Mikado road in people is unexpected ,and Sui Ge will he will give hundreds of thousands of soldiers was released and ,Sui Ge let these Heavenly God put grass wood battle array, with the outside the Mongolian tree ,the tree of life echo each other at a distance ,all blend into one harmonious whole.
Sui Ge act ,suddenly let Kunlun Zong emperor Dao Zong and people feel very tricky originally, Kunlun and Mikado road in their ancient battlefield rush Sanxian is not easy ,it will catch all in one draft of these people ,who know it out of a tree and several head three gold the trouble, also thanks to the head of the three foot without how many supreme immortal gas accumulation ,unable to play a real power ,otherwise the Kunlun and Mikado road in these Sanxian can only watch out.
But even so ,also let the Sanxian feel very headaches that they did not think the ancient battlefield ,suddenly ,without much of a Military ,although the army only hundreds of thousands of people ,but all are Mahayana above work and the army also is All blend into one harmonious whole.
,to refining to repression of Kunlun and Mikado road in Sanxian are in be in a nice hobble situation originally, Kunlun and Mikado road in Sanxian are in refinery Sui Ge et al ,but the twinkling of an eye, became they are refining this nine three foot Wu ,clearly have started their refining ,if one of them could not support it Classic Boots UGG, will soon be refining out however ,Sanxian is Sanxian ,especially the level in the door of the Sanxian ,rarely have a hands-on opportunity ,so all accumulated rich the ethereal, because this moment also can sustain them ,only the key to support long ?The three foot but not for a moment ,and constantly spewing pure Joyoung really fire ,roast, Kunlun and Mikado road in Sanxian who suffer unspeakably ,although the emperor Dao Zong and Kunlun hill ,who still guarding the case ,but even to call these people ,also be of no avail ,Kunlun and Mikado road cases can the use of strong almost turn out in full force and move ,basically there will not be any reinforcements and the ancient battlefield the suppression army also extremely restless, the other a figment of extra troops ,but also in unceasingly, want in a short period of time within the refinery off ,doesn to collect all the army ,those who join this a syndrome suppression army monk or some confusion ,because the ancient battlefield recovery of world great furnace true colours ,everywhere is really fire ,Dan fire ,seems to be the septons safe refined into pills ,if not for Zheng Chao army method always all blend into one harmonious whole.
So, I there are many monks have become red Sui Ge feel the heart changes ,if continue to go on ,many monks would caved ,body and spirit may not support Lived and ,Sui Ge also knew that he could not successfully out of that group of Sanxian are into pills ,nine heads and three gold black there ,just scare that a gang of Sanxian ,to make pressure so ,now is the best time break out of an encirclement battle without a body hung grass flowers ,state of extreme nervousness.
Sui Ge shout out, will all perfusion in Mongolian tree ,then the power to take over 300 flower flowers ,followed by the state of extreme nervousness. Boxing Italy mase out ,straight from three cases of the Kunlun Sanxian at the same time ,the remaining Sui Ge supreme immortal gas to a three foot Wu also ,let them to deal with cases of Kunlun three Sanxian ancient battlefield law prohibition ,after all, can not stop the Sui Ge and kept the tree induction ,let him in the ancient battlefield ,but also can easily on the outside of the Sanxian were attacked Kunlun in person, always cunning and selfish, so Suigona told them to attack in this case ,three Kunlun Sanxian once shunned, ancient battlefield method had flaws ,the next thing is logical .
If the attacking thirty Sanxian ,Ge to Sui forces ,nor Be able to constitute a real threat ,so attack three Sanxian is enough as long as these three guys avoid ,Sui Ge will be achieved
unless the three Kunlun case of Sanxian will be as solid as rocks ,but also not afraid of dead, Sui Ge this attack might be in vain but Sui Ge guesses well ,three Kunlun case of
Sanxian ,seems to think all attacks against them ,so that they three people know their own retreat may bring trouble to the ancient battlefield ,but the precious lives of their own ,they
really choose to avoid the Sui Ge to received power ,while the bamboo ask Yun has successfully found the ancient battlefield flaw location ,suddenly the whole syndrome suppression
army like the locust from the ancient battlefield drill out ,and then toward the Kunlun and the emperor in Sanxian were Tao Ran without Sui Ge to fanning ignition ,this time five
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