heard the door was sounded.

August 27 [Tue], 2013, 13:01
Hunted down by four punks from their own, the Guo Cheng Zhuo Some people may think of playing against yourself a ghost, but he suspected that the man behind it is nothing to do with the matter Huang Jianping. In memory of past lives, he only remember Huang Jianping this past rì father's men beyond the power of his father after a forced himself to suppress, has been pressing his father's promotion of the road. In fact, Huang Jianping suppress the father thing is to hear from the mother's mouth. According to past history, his father two months later due to "217 Daughter of the case" fails to detect and demoted when a deputy mayor, Guo Cheng Zhuo living here for some time it was sent to the provincial capital of depressed parents, so that he and Back Camp Hoody UK in there sister live together with grandpa nǎinǎi, where reading until admitted to the University. After graduation he worked Minjiang eliminating, where development and rise until the rebirth over the water when they did not return to Austin County. That his impression of the water Austin County officials remain in the memory of childhood, can not know Hong Jie, Zhang Huaiwei actions in past lives, not knowing that they are framed father. More impossible to know what they are unwittingly ruined their first attack after dinner soon, whether in his father hesitated to discuss things today with his son when he heard the door was sounded. Guo Cheng Zhuo ran to open the door, I saw the police Acting Director Luo Hu smiles came. Guo Cheng Zhuo quickly let the door, greeted politely and said: "Mrs LAW good." Luo Hu greeted first look Guo Shanghai Museum, and Zhuo Guo Cheng said: "humble sincerity, how did not go out to play with the children?, Uncles here today is specifically Thank you. Without you, uncle may passive. "Now students do not work, came home from school is to play. If there is no rebirth, Guo Cheng Zhuo ironclad point out wildly. Guo Cheng Zhuo shut the door, smiled and said: "Mrs LAW polite, without my help, you had two months will be the Secretary." Luo Hu shocked, heart and said: Is not it? Detection period of one to three months, police chief Wang chūn Hee will resign, he is very likely to fill vacancies up. But this replacement is not a good thing, that is to own aircraft to fire roasted, do not know when the king chūn Hee also followed the steps had to step down, how now so beautiful? L the Secretary has done a great, you can sleep in bed with a smile? After listening to their conversation, my heart is feeling Guo Shanghai Museum takes a lot. He quickly came forward and said: "Welcome Mrs LAW." Tian Xiaoyan soak a cup of tea from the kitchen, shouted after Mrs LAW, smiled and asked: "Mrs LAW, you can not praise him, praise the child without , a boast on the uppity up, Mrs LAW he doing up? "How happy mother's son of promise, his mouth said her son without a boast, and my heart just want to know what his son did great things, but she Dignified Public Security Bureau said thanks. Luo Hu took the tea sitting on bamboo chair, watching Tian Xiaoyan asked: "Tianzhu Ren, you do not know ah? Seems that I should have come thanks. Was holding Guo Shuji humble sincerity and a letter of instructions to my office, small adult, I was really scare him, especially later he personally participated in the trial Jianyong, but Putongputong of my heart, I thought Guo Shuji always do things very stable, so that a child how to do this This thing, this fly it? But think of him than my two men also competent, scored a few words to put yong, asked out of the Daughter of the case leads. Guo Shuji, really Humen like son ah. "Guo Zhiyan face look on the extremely complex. He did not know until clearance north face this audacious son not only faked his instructions, but also forged his letters: No wonder the police dare to arrest because of a trivial deputy governor's son, and I also suspect that the Public Security Bureau of the comrades how about child become so ruthless, and think "culprit" this is my whelp. Feel the sharp eyes of his father, Guo Cheng Zhuo quickly lowered his head. Tian Xiaoyan then gave his son a joy, Canada Goose Montebello Parka CG55 Women asked: "Mrs LAW, you coax my husband happy, right? Him a ten-year-olds know what ad litem?" Lo Tiger laughed: "Can you go again. Otherwise competent , Guo Shuji let him messengers, will arrange for him to participate? I admire him. "Guo Zhiyan smiled ambiguously said:" I was kept, when time is tight, anxious to regional reporting, but to take the worst up, or do you credit for doing jǐng police, he would just simply coincides with its. "embarrassed smile, Crying and daggers Guo Cheng Zhuo one. Had no face in front of provincial secretary say "three cooked", "attitude roots" of the state, he was a bit tangled, but also felt sorry for his son, but now he has become angry and frightened: This kid is too recklessly bold, right? Unfortunately, he apparently wasted emotion, Guo Zhuo Cheng kept his head down it, did not see his knives to injure the eyes. Think of what, Guo Shanghai Museum hesitated and asked: "Mrs LAW, where that letter?" Luo Hu Cheng Zhuo Guo was surprised to read a seriously replied: "Did not you say you want to go Zhuo Cheng spot to recover it tore it ? Zhuo Cheng front of my face to the letter to shreds. "Guo Zhiyan heart secretly breathed and said:" Oh, I almost forget this little bastard told me. "In order to reduce their own embarrassment, He proposed road, "Mrs LAW, anyway, all right, we were a few drinks?" Tian Xiaoyan said quickly: "For ah, Mrs LAW rare over again, talk to a few drinks I went to fry two snacks." She was about to went to the kitchen, the door has been sounded. If approved amnesty Guo Zhuo Cheng said quickly: "I went to open the door." Father from time to time to a road sweep of knives to injure the eyes, so that his body was cold, then do not run now, when? Open the door, standing outside the county organization Minister Zhang Huaiwei. Guo Cheng Zhuo noticed his face full of schadenfreude, ridiculed God sè, but he himself appear after the face sè mutations look on his face filled with disbelief and loss. Zhang Huaiwei blurted asked: "Are you at home?" Guo Zhuo Cheng surprised a moment, replied: "Yes ah, I was at home, Zhang minister, invited" him yù back with the family's parents said Minister Zhang came and stood the door was panicked daze Zhanghuai Wei said: "No, do not bother, I look at my wife and children that I was not clear in your home, have dinner time how not to go home." Then, we should turn around. Guo Zhuo Cheng heart of a dynamic, suddenly a hand laid hold Zhanghuai Wei, filled with very warm when he said: "Zhang Minister, my dad just want to drink it, came a few drinks before you go., Dad Minister Zhang Minister Zhang came looking for you to drink a few glasses of wine, "he spoke loudly, almost shouting out, and he is facing the outside shouting. Near the corridor can be heard not only that the yard can hear clearly. Zhang Huaiwei face out of a bowl of shabu large drops of perspiration, pale face sè go out into the back. jiān meter succeed Zhanghuai Wei Guo, Shanghai Museum seize the hand inside a trailer, towed the other side came quickly after the door closed, and my heart laments: "bitter too, bitter, too" (seeking collection, find recommended)
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