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August 01 [Thu], 2013, 18:08
Construction and Maintenance Fei along steep narrow steep penalty n snake dishes ニ ィ Q call イ cicada hit paralyzed B?

Is a group of giant capital to God in the direction of advance, the number of visually not come out, but a seeing no end in sight, and certainly not unusual, but the image of these behemoths were almost identical, while Zhu Geda people just recognize their image, and he had shout When the sun caught the country's image is very similar fighting spirits, presumably these behemoths are spirits are bound to a class!

Three hundred and eightieth chapter super fighting force

Three hundred and eightieth chapter super fighting force

The destructive power of トゥミ トート the spirits of various Geda people have experienced, and just an トゥ ミジャパン already amazing enough, but now all of a sudden there are so many, is simply invincible, no wonder you can deep hinterland of Hokkaido, tapping into the capital to God! They simply have nothing to fear!

Ha!? Boss, boss! Really you! Are you okay ah?! Concept is the city's head of the array of nine enemy house of hell to see Zhu Geda people overjoyed road.

Zhu Ge Da man listening to nine house of hell, then wonder, What I'm okay ah? Hell, you understand the point that, in the end what does this mean?!

Haha, is such a thing! Nine Temple hell will be the whole story with all Geda people speak again.

Turned out to be not so long ago, little devils suddenly mustered a wave number of about twenty thousand troops spirits, frenzied counterattack launched in Hokkaido, and threatened the real world bastard is dead! Zhu ニューバランス 通販 Geda people can say that China, it is the spiritual pillar of the Devil all the players, said Zhu Geda heard people out of trouble, the Devil and the whole China area players suddenly serious blow to morale, low morale.
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