The heart of the fire continued

October 30 [Tue], 2012, 12:34

> Opposite Geang men headed bodyguards waved gun burst was feeding the front leaf South Jiliguala leaves South did not understand, but his meaning is nothing more than the leaves South hand over their money and gems, otherwise on this or that! But leaves the South in no mood to do too much and his entanglement, he now bottom of my heart the only taboo behind the other man, he do not know each other's ins and outs, do not touch do not know each other's spiritual power order bit in the day breaks. heritage, and no such situation in the records, but the situation should belong to the ghosts of a series. Www! QUaNBEN! COM If it is determined that only belongs to the ghosts of a series, leaves the South to not be too afraid, after all, but during the day, regardless of the other more powerful will be affected to some extent, but also be able to be content with Geang this leader of men, should not too much and my son. So bodyguards ordered Geang, leaves South gently nodded, then gently raised his head and took a deep breath and looked at each other pretended to reluctantly look like. The other Geang that bodyguards appear so with the leaves South, can not help but smile, gently waved to indicate that his men past the two under control, then to clean up some of the two financial. Over the big guy, such a thing can be said aircraft cooked light the road, watching the leaves South that somewhat emaciated body, smirked, pick up this kid is too simple. But leaves the South can not make him proud of the opportunity, just took a deep breath and exhaled not go poly air your breath, and shouted: packed behind to three or four people. Both the brain in an instant, all froze on the spot. After this earthquake soul roar only order from leaves South liter to the Yuye in products late, more powerful than before, but doubled, which several people leaves the South after this roar. The perverted shift, this time at least, also a ten minutes to wake up to God. We prove that the shock soul roar of ridiculous, leaves the South in the eyes of a cold, brisk rushed forward, one foot in front of the big guy played inverted out. Sure,UGG Roslynn Boots. Han inverted out, knocked down behind transfixed the two, but that standing last man was waving the big fellow fend off. It seems that people do some doorways. Leaves South earthquakes soul roar what role he played. Leaves the South well prepared, the half squint of the eyes revealed a first-line coldness, fingers a yellow symbol no wind to spontaneous combustion, turned into the breeze disappeared without a trace. The eyes of the opposite pair of triangular green flash, frowned, I suddenly felt right, and quickly Piaoshen retreating, just remove the two-step. They hear the glass behind the jeep. Leaves South sneer underground passage this did not bring any guy out, but the channel breaks, but with many of today luxury up Zan future is nothing more than painting a few. The moment, This triangle eyes will be some alarmed, feeling leaves the south side of spiritual power flash, we think the number of the Road sharp wind toward flying from. This is the number of road sharp wind circumference towards triangle eyes flashing in different angles, H away, triangular eyes face changed, and finally his head and threw himself to the ground, barely evaded three leaves South fengren just a shift flowered shirt of the body pierced. Associated chest to draw a bloodstain. Xuezhu from a string of bright red skin at Qin. Triangle eye quickly from the ground up, know that this next encounter the malicious role. Moment Lengheng soon, underground passage: the next blood quickly jabber kept repeating two, shouted toward the leaves South smashing. That an off-white bone slices, stained with blood, rushed to the front of the leaf Southern suddenly turned into a dark gray streamer The faint gold film streamer blocked,Timberland Mens Leather. Only channel streamer fast and too busy collided after twenty-two, leaves South powerful force of impact knocked head fell out of Leaves the South only think neifu burst of pain Menheng soon climb from the car and quickly flew up, standing on the hood of his pocket, Doushou we should throw took out two fengren breaks. Not self-defense after an energetically sudden attack, Poor handsome leaves South next fall can be miserable,UGG Ultimate Tall Braid Boots, typical face of the ground, the beautiful lips quite Alice fell bloody. Leaves Southern lying on the floor, half-rates not turned around, surprised a moment, underground passage: The light we are renowned for First Road dark gray streamer is also rapidly rushing toward you. The heart surprise has been eating a lot of hardship leaves South present refused to face a lazy Lvda Gun, avoid the impact of this streamer. Be too backflow light is not a strike, and inverted back when the leaves South hastened to climb up. Looked at again be flying in the air toward the the hit dark gray streamer leaves Southern cursed and said: to streamer, feeling seems on top with one chill of the air, leaves South brush to draw out a broken magic symbol throw out broken Sigil the violent out a strong group of gold toward the dark gray streamer lasing away . This thought can be effective, but there know that streamer Xianshibumiao unexpectedly rapid evaded until broken Sigil dissipated to dark gray streamer and changed again back toward the leaves South continued to impact. Leaves Southern Oh, great with a panic, this stuff is too flexible, not only super aggressive, super-fast, but also to stay out of trouble, they can be in trouble. Next to triangular eye this time to be complacent about it, watching the play to find any of Deception domino leaves South in the side I proud smile. Leaves Southern dodge a few, suddenly a less than dodge, more and more weak, seems up to the strike will be able to guard break leaves South. We prove that this scenario, this triangle eyes more and more proud, Ancun up to a few minutes, this kid will play out, and wait for the next U.S. $ gem of have to hand. And this time, the car ground Tang fall seen the leaves south in the car outside, a roar, they put the other five or six people down to the ground, but the last remaining one after the leaves South somehow things hit each other threw a to hit to long gawked. In this case, see the leaves South again knocked to the ground after finally recovered, is full of fear, but seeing their own Executive desperate struggle in the bottom of something, while they did not help busy, Tang off the heart of one humiliation owned on. Tang fall usually just a clerical officer, On fighting what can only be regarded as barely, and even shooting can only be regarded as ordinary, usually if there is a gun, perhaps he will be fearless one o'clock, but the trip to Myanmar simply do not carry any weapons, but now want to help are not help. First of the reinforcements also banking on leaves South that hidden in the shadows out to help, but he is taking a closer look, know leaves South now clearly do not hold any longer, but nobody appeared, this finally the idea for reinforcements despair. Watching leaves South Zhuangfei time, Oh, can not help but worry, he turned in the car to turn to, it is not to find out what weapons to looking at the opposite triangular eye proud look, he felt The heart of the fire continued to fly. Car hectic after a while, suddenly shines, think :: TV drama triangle eyes did not pay attention to his secretly ran off, drill into the side of the grass. Tang off the grass along the side of the road was an overwhelming traces crawled inside, finally saw the two vines two bundles of solid. But this time the two men vines tightly wrapped around his neck, already off the gas. Tang fall climbed two side managed to pulled a gun from that corpse hands, and was about to leave, only to find the roots of vines wrapped around two actually long in the soil next to inside, even the slightest No artificially traces. Leng Leng looked at two thick vines, this is what we stayed up, this ... this looks like two vines wrapped around two people climb out, and then again and again come. But this time, he also attend to study this thing is how they get coming in, he seen strange things today is too much. Or go and leaves South Colonel matter, The Tang fall With the gun in his hand, and my heart has stabilized many. So he took the gun, they rushed out, Tang off, but a typical materialist, he is convinced that there is no gun not handle, raised his gun toward triangular eye is ,UGG Highkoo Outlet! ~! . . <

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