Monster C (港孩「屍」)

June 30 [Mon], 2014, 10:20
Monster C, raised by Monster M, is an unexpected evil with an extremely destructive nature. Thanks to the overwhelming schedule organised by her mom, C became gradually dangerous and expressed her evil self according to a poor staff -
'She kicked my chair, with pure happiness, while I was sitting on it,' the poor staff P explained; 'Then she pointed at me, representing a gun, and smiled, "you're DEAD."'
P further described how unlikeable this little monster is. 'She enjoys disturbing me while I was typing on the computer. She tried to press the keyboard. When I told her not to do so, she just pretended innocent, which is disgusting.'
'Who wants to stay in the same room with such a little monster? Of course I wanna leave; I feel my life is threatened.' Poor P is sick of her, though this poor staff had no way to escape. 'Whenever I leave my seat however, C will occupy it, and show off her unpleasant winning posture.'
'So I walked to other rooms to continue my work, but C followed me, and continue displaying her destructive behaviour. So that I moved, and she occupied my seat agian. I can't take my seat back. Yes, I am not good at playing childish games.'
Obviously C was expressing aggressiveness (in a worse manner), not simply 'has a naughty character'.
'She is evil-minded, and selfish either. She boasted about what, she had a special drink from her mom, and she don't share with me; she is going to swimming, and she won't "pick me there". What the hell. Who wants to drink monster fluid and suffer the risk of being suffocated with the help a monster in the swimming pool? The point is, the creature loves boasting but don't want SHARING.
In such a small age this kid has already exhibited a list of uncomfortable characteristics. As a Chinese saying goes, 'what one did in the age of three determines the rest of her life'. And this foreseeable future, I dare say, is an upcoming disaster.
'I can't see any naivety from her. She hit the wall and attack objects, trying to catch your attention by these aggressive behaviour. If you don't look at her, she will blow you hair. She knows nothing about 'respect'. What is hilarious is that, her mother always claimed she teaches her daughter to "respect people". What did C learn actually? The problems are on the parents or the kid's learning ability?'
All in all, C is nothing but a dangerous disturbing horrible unlovable monster. Even if her destructive power strengthens as she grows, we have no ways to stop tragedy from happening.
'I can't concentrate with her presence. Such a terrible creature. She is just born for annoying and bothering people, I know, but I have to work!'
Perhaps this is the only way to stabilise naughty C - let her climb on the table.
'How I wanna see her fall over from the table... I can't kick her ass, you know; the only way to teach her a lesson is to let her understand what 'pain' is!'

Remark: Forgot to say, C is an arrogant robber (she's too violent to be called a thief). It's fine for her to flip through the magazine on the staff's desk, but she took it away and put it inside her bag with her loud voice blatantly. Just a greedy monster without intuitive knowledge. Whether she has gone to school or taught by family is a doubt. Anyway, this freaking C thinks super high of herself. 'I'm 3.5 year old,' she yelled, 'I have schooling BUT YOU DON'T.' Shame on her. The brat requires insulting others to gain smug satisfaction, though the monster was just born yesterday.
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