Professional Car Diagnostic Tool VAS5054a for VW/AUDI/Seat/Skoda

December 04 [Wed], 2013, 17:38
VAS 5054A is actually a Diagnostic VAG interface for the vehicles from the Volkswagen Group and all OBD automobile systems from other manufacturers. VAS5054A have wireless connection through bluetooth. The integrated Bluetooth interface connects the car having a notebook, desktop Computer or test system. The VAS5054 we can support VW, AUDI, Seat and Skoda, the vas5054 is the professional car diagnostic tool, and you can choose it with OKI Chip or without. The price will be different., with OKI Chip need add 10usd. And some times the customers usually choose with OKI Chip.

The VAS 5054A VW AUDI Diagnostic Tool can support three kinds of languages, English, Spanish and France. And the defaulted language is English. The point function of the VAS5054 is that can support Bluetooth wireless function connect. vas 5054a software is the latest version. The bellows are the VAS5054 description;

The vehicle protocols are handled directly in the VAS 5054A.This ensures fast response times and a reliable real-time behavior independently of the PC operating system. Each time a connection is established, the VAS 5054A software is identified with the version installed on the application PC. The VAS 5054A thus automatically adopts any new features provided after a new software version has been installed on the application PC. The diagnostic application and the associated Diagnostic Base System are installed on the application PC. The diagnostic base system can access the VAS 5054A via Bluetooth or USB.