I looked at her half of the white hair and wrinkles

November 07 [Thu], 2013, 18:43
Gently push the door gently pushed the door pond monthly child special round. perhaps like me, in anticipation of tomorrow's Mid-Autumn Festival. because it is a mood, so inevitably more glances month child. Pointer is a bit blah, already ten o'clock, the moon child is so clear, prop touching heartstrings. door was unlatched. faint light revealing a little tail, in the wind, the night the wind, shaking a little tired. I walked over softly, lest destroy everything that Ann silence. First blowing fragrant cake, you can smell the air crisp and memorable, enjoyable Qinren A mung bean cake mixed with the taste of childhood. Then carefully sniffed, moonlight, courtyard, I groped sniff the smell of this childhood mung bean cake, do not want to miss any of a cake filled with fragrant air. walked,moncler down coats women inadvertently gently pushed the door. ; Squeak an ominous voice disturb this dream. ; how sleep? Day cool it, come on. Sound is taken from a face and hands covered with flour, whole mouth of rural women. She said, while those who get busy cake. ; Oh, smell the aroma, so I can not sleep, followed by aromas come, cake, or the same as before you?

I looked at her half of the white hair and wrinkles, dim light shining bent half waist said. At this point, his face thrown waves of red. ; ah, no change, still the same, that you like to eat. finish this sentence, she is no longer open. I did not. In this way, in silence, listening to the outside; cry day howl of the wind, from time to time plus ignition pile; sounds of crackling rhythm sound. side plus the firewood, while yawning. Shenzhuolanyao. ; back to the house to sleep. ; Oh, is not marginal silence to silence. I got up, patted the earth, the air is also still rippling childhood mung bean cake flavor. Then, even move, ready to go out the door. ; promise, give your supper, is warming up. I hurried to pick up by hand, for fear of scorch her pair of hands, but still missed the opportunity to protect skilled, that hand has been very scratchy, and hurt my stash in my heart undercurrent. Suddenly, in front of a screen to unfold: one pair of rough hands, languishing eyes, touched my face, endured tingling, feeling she gave me love. Why use; tolerate this phrase? moncler down vests women Pair of rough hands are not exactly what I caused it? Completely out of my hand stuffed ah bit his lip, trying to be forever repressed tears overflow the eyes, holding a piece of moon cake stuffed with stuffing. Memories often Mid skilled pair will prepare delicious moon cake for me, so I do not feel; behind children alone. standing in the moonlight, moonlight still unlatched the door of the gate so clear, so care touching heartstrings. strode forward to gently close the door. Dawn dawn quietly stuck his head, squeeze out a weary month child.
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