Four reasons for Nokia chose Android

July 04 [Wed], 2012, 18:56
Nokia to give up its own Symbian operating system, Microsoft WindowsPhone as its latest smart phone platform, Nokia Chairman Risto Tesla Charisma (RistoSiilasmaa,) recently said the company has developed a contingency plan to prevent WindowsPhone compatible hp ink cartridges performance is not satisfactory.

This is what kind of a backup plan? "Forbes" magazine, although Nokia may be its own operating system as WindowsPhone alternatives, but Nokia's options may still be with the Android platform is about, we also hold this view.

The following is the Android is the best choice of the Nokia backup plan:

Nokia has a killer hardware team
Nokia is currently straining out all the stops to maintain its position in the global smart mobile phone manufacturers lineup. Google may be able to help Nokia achieve this goal, Nokia also has to create an ability to the confrontation GalaxySIII HTCOneX technical strength.

Due to the cooperation agreement between Nokia and Microsoft, WindowsPhone Nokia's difficult to flex its muscles in the field of smart phones. Near Field Communications (NFC), HD display, HDMI-out, customized interface, quad-core processors - these features have been found on the Android platform. Nokia why do we have to wait for WindowsPhone8 listed in order to later implement these features?

Nokia has a killer hardware team. The Lumia series of mobile phones is to show the excellent example of Nokia's industrial design team of excellent technical level. In my opinion, of N9 or Nokia flagship smartphone launched in the past few years are also examples of this. These models with a slightly altered version of the Android, and may be able to easily pose a threat to the flagship model of Samsung and HTC.

The software is precisely the problem of Nokia. Saipan system may still considerable appeal in emerging markets certainly has a loyal user base, but the two platforms, Android and iOS are superior in almost all aspects of, especially in attracting Europe and the United States users. Nokia bets WindowsPhone while still preserving a variety of equipment reasons, and Belle systems such as carrying 808PureView.

WindowsPhone more powerful than the Symbian platform functionality WindowsPhone8 will further improve the functionality of the Symbian system, but much can not guarantee victory on the smart phone market, Nokia. If Nokia really believe WindowsPhone can help achieve this goal, Tesla Charisma does not publicly disclose the company there is a backup plan. Nevertheless, why Nokia back-up plan for the Android platform?

Momentum of rapid development

Android device activation speed than ever before. Perhaps it is because many Android device manufacturers, and make it activate much faster than WindowsPhone equipment. According to Google, Android device activation volume over 1 million units, that is, the second 12 Android device is activated. To date, over 400 million Android devices sold worldwide.

This is a very good data. Nokia can embrace the Android platform, and let the mobile phone products quickly establish contact with consumers around the world, whether it is in emerging markets or developed markets. But must first of all Nokia and Google partnership. Imagine Android phone Nokia made the Nexus brand, then what is the big scene? However, Microsoft may become barriers to Nokia to realize this dream.

In order to achieve the cooperation with Nokia, Microsoft has invested $ 1 billion. I think cctv dome camera Microsoft will not let Nokia backward Android camp. Nokia may be the secret to improve its the home Harmattan and Meltemi services, the reasons. It is reported that these services are living in a secondary position in Nokia internal.

Sony's new S Series notebook listing

July 04 [Wed], 2012, 18:55
Today, the notebook industry fashion smart mobile wind blowing more strength, perfect combination of what products can ultra-portable, high performance and stylish appearance, factors will be the winner. Recently, Sony introduced the S Series notebook embodies the "balance of performance and portability beauty of the business notebook.

Sony S Series notebook uses the latest Intel platform CPU, Intel Core i5-i7 chips; high-performance discrete graphics and dual graphics cards. Also has a slot-loading optical drive design, the IPS full high-definition wide viewing angle screen to display a rapid and robust third-generation solid-state drives. In addition, the new stealth-axis design, fast wake-up function, backlit keyboard and ambient light sensors applications.

Several new products, the most important S15 weighs only 2 kg, S13P and S13, the cheap epson ink cartridgesweight is 1.6 kg, and the thin outside the mainstream of business applications ranging. In addition to mainstream hardware configuration of a series of high-end business machines and other such standard voltage CPU to ensure the application of multi-tasking; standard battery and external battery with the guarantee of long life, etc., also added weight to its high-end business applications. To strengthen security in the process of moving, the latest S-series notebook more durable hexagonal shell edge design, roof and bottom are made of magnesium alloy material wrapped body.

Garmin is presented on the Russian market of GPS-tracker Garmin GTU 10

July 04 [Wed], 2012, 18:54
Garmin is presented on the Russian market of GPS-tracker Garmin GTU 10. It is a compact stand-alone complex, which tracks its own position through a network of GPS satellite positioning and sends its current position through the cellular network (GSM).

The complex consists of a compact receiver-transmitter and tracker software. Sam tracker Garmin GTU 10 small, lightweight and waterproof. The body is a GPS receiver, GSM-module and a lithium-ion battery. Determining the location of the device is on the GPS satellites Canon ink cartridges wholesale and using the nearest cellular antennas. Battery life on battery power tracker is highly dependent on the settings used, and can reach a month. Tracking the location of the device through a Web site Garmin, using any computer, as well as the free downloadable Garmin Tracker, which is available for the platform Android, and for iOS.

When buying a Garmin GTU device 10 is attached to it a service "Standard Tracking GPS" c zone covering the whole of Russia and Europe, for a term of one year. The user can start using the device immediately after registration and activation of your account Garmin.

CMOS-matrix with an effective resolution of 5 megapixels

July 04 [Wed], 2012, 18:53
The range of DVRs Digma expanded new model. Digma DVR-1000 combines video recorder, webcam and a digital camera in one case. According to the company, this is all that is needed to ensure the safety of motorists driving and collecting evidence of their innocence.

Among the features - color swivel 2.5-inch display, CMOS-matrix with an effective resolution of 5 megapixels, built-in battery, optics with a twist mechanism to record a conversation with the staff of DPS, the ability to use the DVR out of the car as a camcorder, and much more. The new recorder can operate on-board network 12V, and from its own battery - it will shoot the event, even with the engine (such as a supermarket parking lot), or use as a DVR surveillance system on the premises.

The new DVR is ready to shoot, as soon as the user presses the power button, recording starts automatically driving situation (at the signal of motion sensor or manually). The motion sensor is activated when a moving object enters the viewfinder field of view, cheap hp toner cartridges automatically stopping the recording, if there is no action. All recorded data is stored on a memory card in AVI format files as small a duration of 1, 3 or 5 minutes (user configurable).

Recording takes place in a cyclic mode. If the inserted memory card fills up the space for recording the new record will be made over the oldest data. Built-in display Digma DVR-1000 allows you to view the details of the video directly on the site of an accident or other event, without being attached to the car outlet. If you do not have enough detail, then using the video output AVI and HDMI can display an image on the TV screen or a tablet for a more detailed analysis of the situation. Through USB 2.0 ports, you can quickly save all the files record by connecting to a PC or laptop.

Tablet Starway Andromeda S720 is equipped with a built-frontal VGA-camera for video calls

July 04 [Wed], 2012, 18:53
The company has presented a budget tablet Starway Andromeda S720. The tablet features a 7-inch capacitive screen, performed by technology Glass + Glass, which provides the strength of the screen. The screen supports a new Multi-touch and resolution of 1024x600 pixels.

The tablet is running A10 processor with 1 GHz paired with a graphics accelerator Mali-400 MP and support for OpenGL. 1 GB of DDR3 RAM provides the performance of the device and operating system Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich offers great opportunities and access to services and applications to Google.

Information can be stored on the 8GB of internal flash memory, which expands the volume up to 40 GB with support for microSD / SDHC cards. The presence of mini-HDMI connector Canon laser toner cartridges allows you to display an image on the big screen - TV or monitor - and use the device as a mobile MediaStation. The novelty is connected to the Internet via Wi-Fi built-in module, and a USB-port USB-host function lets you connect an external modem for 3G-continuous access to the network.

Tablet Starway Andromeda S720 is equipped with a built-frontal VGA-camera for video calls, and communicate via VoIP-services. The battery capacity of 3000 mAh provides up to 5 hours of battery life without recharging. The device is available immediately at an estimated retail price of 4,500 rubles.

The bulk of the network sites that are dumped every day okologeograficheskogo tons of content

July 04 [Wed], 2012, 18:52
PlanetPics site itself is positioned as a "popular science news websites on the planet." The site is very similar to the classic PlanetPics transfer "Club kinoputeshestvennikov" posovremennee only and is not on TV Cases For iphone 4 4s and online. Who in his time looked at half of the world through the eyes of Sienkiewicz - you can safely enter PlanetPics to your bookmarks.

Personally, I PlanetPics site is very similar to our Ferry, but we are writing about the IT-industry, and they reveal the theme of travel and adventure. Across the Internet PlanetPics - a relatively modest project, but it is an impressive level of Runet. In my opinion PlanetPics corresponds, for example, with National Geographic about the same as relates to Engadget.

In general, the bulk of the network sites that are dumped every day okologeograficheskogo tons of content, but usually the content is generated by users, or unprofessional or haphazardly collected from other sources. The team carefully PlanetPics generates its professional content. May at a press tour to go to an unusual place, and to test the interesting phenomenon of nature, and interviews taken from the authoritative extreme sportsman, and even start a separate blog for the next expedition. In this case the emphasis is not on the coverage of topics and the variety and excitement.

In general, a conventional online media on the planet. Particularly pleased that the team clearly understands the site PlanetPics specific niche. The site is designed for those who love "the planet", and not five-star hotels. Practice shows that the domestic site for travelers it is difficult not to degenerate into an advertising platform for the holiday "all inclusive", but PlanetPics not distracted by such nonsense as enticing photos of the massive resorts plyazhnits. Frequenter of this site goes no travel agencies, shops and equipment.

Theoretically, one can consider PlanetPics, as a direct competitor for the photoblogs professional travelers, but in reality are two different levels. Regular traveler to enjoy the journey first, and only secondarily (at best) has a blog. With a team of professionals in the state PlanetPics can afford to focus on quality and entertainment reportage.

With the design of their reportage on PlanetPics as not only experimenting. Also accompanying text collages and striking "active zone" (as in Flickr) for prompting on which there are additional materials. This tool is clearly still driven around as accommodation zones and bound to him the contents are usually not connected:

I'm very comfortable the idea seemed to bind to the active zones of the video:

Generally, a coffee fotokollazhny style on PlanetPics slightly knocked out of the modern web standards. There's even a page "About" designed as a collection of images and text on which it is impossible to isolate and zaguglit. However, the project develops, and these distortions probably will settle with time, and reading for pleasure to the soul right now.

Historically, the most reputable online sites trying to say everything about everything. The Samsung laser toner cartridgessame Wikipedia - a good example. Those sites that try to throw all the noise and highlight the most important, what is most worthy of attention, quickly acquire custom platitudes. The site is kept until PlanetPics. I tried to find the principle of it stuff that I would have been interesting to see not, and found none. A trifle, like, but it says a lot.

LG Electronics is on the Russian market is another model of a series of L-Style

July 04 [Wed], 2012, 18:51
LG Electronics is on the Russian market is another model of a series of L-Style - LG Optimus L5 (E612). For the design of LG Optimus L5 is characterized by classic lines, right angles, the combination performed by the metal elements with a durable paint finish. In addition, LG Optimus L5 - one of the thinnest smart phone in its class (the thickness is 9.5 mm).

Feature of the new smartphone LG Optimus L5 is the large screen diagonal of 4 inches with a modest resolution of HVGA. LG Optimus L5 is running an operating system Android 4.0 (Ice Cream Sandwich ) and equipped with new user interface Optimus 3.0 UI , wholesale iPad 2 cases which allows you to easily manage the device.

As promised by the manufacturer, the battery capacity of 1500 mAh LG Optimus L5 operate without recharging for more than 2 days "during normal operation." Smartphone LG Optimus L5 can be purchased in stores "Euroset" at a price of 8990 rubles. Key Features LG Optimus L5:

Processor: MSM7225A (Cortex A5 800 MHz)
Memory: 2 GB of internal memory + 1GB of applications, support for cards microSD (up to 32 GB)
Display: 4-inch HVGA
Camera: 5 Mp with autofocus and LED flash
OS: Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich
Battery: 1500 mAh
Dimensions: 118,3 x 66,5 x 9,5 mm

Sound Sticks III provides a consistent sound quality regardless of the size of the room

July 04 [Wed], 2012, 18:50
Harman introduced a new addition to the line speaker Harman Kardon. Recall one of the most recognizable products of this brand was at one time Speaker Sound Sticks . The first model was released in 1999 and was recognized by audiophiles and fans of custom audio wholesale cheap toner cartridges solutions, Sound Sticks even got a permanent exhibit at the New York Museum of Modern Art. Now began actively selling third updated version of the product - Sound Sticks III.

Transparent acoustic design of each system component and a minimum of wires creates sensation of weightlessness and lightness. In the arsenal of sound system Sound Sticks III subwoofer with 20-watt speaker with a diameter of 152 mm, which directs the sound down, and two satellites with adjustable angle of orientation with four full-range speaker with a diameter 25.4 mm on each.

Ability to control the angle of inclination allows the system to be minimally sensitive to the conditions of the surrounding space. Sound Sticks III provides a consistent sound quality regardless of the size of the room, the furniture, and other characteristics of the room. The subwoofer is equipped with separate volume control and bass reflex port, which can reduce noise at high volume listening, in the end user gets a realistic surround sound, and without noticeable distortion. In the acoustic system uses cables with insulation made of transparent resin and braided shield, so the audio playback will not be disturbed by interference from external electronic fields.

Thanks to the stereo mini-jack 3.5 mm for this speaker system to easily connect MP3-players, TV, game consoles, CD, DVD or Blu-Ray players. It should be noted that the cable for connecting the signal source detachable and if necessary it can be easily replaced. Sound Sticks III has a fairly compact size, and therefore can accommodate even the desktop, but this and the ipad 2 cases with keyboard system does not weigh too much: subwoofer - 2.2 kg, and satellites - to 0.7 kg each. Neon lights and touch volume control in one touch make use of the Sound Sticks III simpler.