February 07 [Sun], 2010, 13:15


Today I went to the cinema with some friends and we saw AVATAR!

I really liked it, it's very long though.

It's interesting to see how different is the world of that weird civilization compared to ours.

I think that a clear message in the movie is that we must treasure nature.

I'd recommend it, it's a very nice movie, and the story is beautiful.

That's all, next Wednesday I'm going to watch Ninja Assasin! Yay~!



December 29 [Tue], 2009, 10:00
¡¡Feliz Navidad!!

A little late but it doesn't matter xD

How did you spend Christmas? Did you enjoy it? As for me, I had a great time with my family, this year we didn't even have a Christmas tree =O but I had fun and enjoyed it a lot.

We had dinner at 11 and at 12 o' clock we exchanged presents! This is what I got:

Nintendo DS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *O* My brother gave it to me =D it's so pink and cool xD I don't really like pink that much but there wasn't another color xD And that doesn't matter as long as I can play ^^!! In fact, I was so excited that I made a case for it!

It is supposed that the girl in the case is me xD =P

Fablehaven! A present from my dad ^^ since I saw the book on the library it cought my attention, so I asked for it as a present for Christmas =P

Sneakers! Present from my mom =D I already knew about this present because I was the one who chose and tried them on xD I really needed them! The ones I have are already dying u_u

So that's all about Christmas!!

On new year we're going to have a barbecue! I can't wait haha

I hope all of you enjoyed Christmas and that the year that's coming would be good for you! ^^

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!



December 18 [Fri], 2009, 12:51
I've finished the first year at University!!!! I'm happy xD because now I'll be able to do what I want to ^^ (there aren't too much things I want to do, but... anyway xD)

I passed 5 of 6 of my subjects, I still don't know about Sociology, because the teacher haven't given the grades yet, I hope everything goes well!!! I don't want to repeat that subject xD Hell no.

Mm... that's all it is for now... pretty boring actually...

Tomorrow is shopping day!! For Christmas, yeah, consumerism day! But it's a nice time of year.

Have a nice day!

Good bye!

We're Closer to them!

October 04 [Sun], 2009, 9:13

Oh my! Dir en Grey is coming to Chile!!! Finally! This is soooo exciting, I really feel that having Japanese groups coming here is not impossible anymore! I hope the GazettE would come someday too, It'd be awesome!

I'll go to this concert, I'm not a big fan of them but I like their songs and come on! this is THE concert! Everybody was waiting for this, I can't miss it... the thing is that... I think I'm going to buy the cheaptest ticket because I haven't got much money, and I hope that what happened with Kagrra,'s concert doesn't happen this time!

People is going crazy over this!!!! I'll have to hurry if I want to buy a ticket, I'm sure that there will be tons of people at that concert! Also we have Miyavi and MUCC coming! I'm not going to those, there's no money xD But it's really cool to think that in the future they'll be coming all the time to have concerts in Chile, anyway, it's Miyavi's second concert here!!

Bye bye~~!


September 13 [Sun], 2009, 6:36
Woo! I'm 20 since... like... a week ago but I'm still as childish as always

Anyway! I'm on vacation right now... again xD It's for the National Holidays (?) so I've got lots of free time! Yay~! But! I'll have like 3 tests when I go back to University so I have to study... no... I must xD

Nothing else to say... here are some random pictures that I wanted to share with whoever read this! xD

The sky on a cloudy day at University

This was in the Chinese Mall (?) to show that China love us! ... no, I don't think they do xD but we still have good relationships with them.

Classmates! Stefany and Camila, they're just love

Ok... not everybody is happy at the University... the janitors are very angry and they protest, throw paper through the whole place and don't clean the bathrooms (that's horrible)

A rainy day at University... it was so cold that day

The plum-tree that's outside the classroom 325

I made these with Camila... Oh yeah we were bored in the British Culture class xD Our stars have got personality!

My papercraft cats! They're lovely~

That's it! I think that maybe! it could be! who knows! xD I'm going to update more often, just maybe! It depends... if someone gives me a comment in this entry, just one comment... and I'll update more often xD

Bye bye~~~!!

P.D: A message for you... you know who you are... come to the dark side... Yamada is love~ xD
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