[22~] Hitt~ 

2009年09月07日(月) 3時34分
First sign: Follow me @ Ameba ^^: ameblo.jp/sayaku-sayaku/

So I will tell you some about my crazy weekend xD
It was very funny ^-^
Kyo, my friend, and I were in Belgien for the first time...
and we needed 7 hours with the train to Verviers

Slowly I hate the German trains uú
But the time with Kyo was good and I am
happy that she is come with me *-*
The train from Aachen to Verviers was very very
amusing. It was a old train and we think, that
we can do very good 'Train-Partys' in these trains
And in the train there were a funny sign, here a photo

Well, Verviers is a very small city...
and you can not shopping there >__>
The club 'The Spirt of 66' was small,
I really like this club *_____*

In front of the club, we have found a girl from
Belgien, she was really nice and we had luck, because
she had told us that we can slept at her ^^
Because our train back from Belgien to Germany was
at 8 o'clock on sunday x.X And the train station in
Verviers are closed over night. And the girl have told us
that the city is not really safe....

So 19:30h was the entrance and we have bought our tickets.
After an hour the concert starts. There was maybe 70
people and it was so good *-*
But I really do not like Belgien and France people,
there are so stupid and so >___>
And I hate the french language X__X
The concert was 2 hours long and HITT was so cute
and he have took a really great performanc *-*
He played 2 hours **
It was a beautiful concert ♥
After the concert we have met Katzensushi, ChoKai,
ChuRu, Daiyamondo *-* But it was to short >.<'
But it was for me good to saw German people.
Love you girl~ {ラブラブ}

And we all have gave a autograph and Kyo
and I have took a photo with HITT ^-^
Thanks Kyo~ *hug* {ハート}
Thanks Hitt ~
Thanks Girls~

Here some photos:


The weekend was really great.
Love ya~

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2009年08月26日(水) 5時38分

Well today was shit x.X
First I have sleep not enough
and wake up so early >__>

And then, one the way to school
I have seen that I forget my food for the day.
So I must drive home and came to late to school *drop*

But it was okay *lol*
It was very boring, but I have freshed up me timer for this year..
here a pic ^v^

Hello Kitty ♥

Yeah and after the school, I must work >.>
But before I drive to this, I was shopping and bought Sake
I need this for friday, there are ViCu-Time *__*

And I will drink a lot of alc xD~
And maybe...^.~
Here a pic form my outfit ^^

So now I will go to bed.
Good night~

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[20~] Kanpai! 

2009年08月17日(月) 2時47分

Greetz and love to Ayame ~♥

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2009年08月13日(木) 1時23分
How are you dears?
I'm not so fine. I'm ill x.X My neck hurts >.<'
I hope it will be better on weekend.
Maybe I'll go with Shiro, Uruha and
Tsu to the 'Lichterfest' in Dortmund. ^-^
I'm not so sure but it is besser than
be alone at home the whole weekend .__:


Friday I will change my hair a little bit *__*
My blond hair will be refreshed and
the downhair will be black ^-^
I'm so happy about it.

See you. ~♥

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2009年07月25日(土) 8時15分

I love you~

♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥


2009年07月10日(金) 5時16分
Today was so terrible

I must work and I had nothing to do , it was sooo boring x___X

But I will not think about it xD

Just tommorrow and than I have holidays for 3 weeks *___*

I am very happy about it and I am sooo ready for holidays xD


Saturday I see my girls again

Especially my Kai, Tsu, Hitsu, Kei and maybe Shiro ^___^


And I can go to the D'espairsRay concert, that makes me very very happy.

I can see Uruha-kun *smile*

I have miss her the last time .___.


Well, if you have freetime in the next 3 weeks, maybe you want to meet me? ^^

Opo xD [16~] 

2009年06月16日(火) 5時42分
Yeah, 3 days after the Japan-Day ^~^
It was so great and very hot x.x
I get some sunbrand on my shoulder >.< It hurts...

But I miss my Kai, it was not there >.<'
I hope to see her soon ;___;

But it was a really funny day with all the people ^-^
I love you girls ♥♥♥³

And I have seen a beautiful girl *-*
She was so pretty, i think I am in love...


Here a photo from me on J-Day ^-^



2009年06月06日(土) 2時14分
He everybody~

today was a really relex day ^~^
Ok school was boring and I was so tired,
that I have sleeped somethimes xD~

For a few minutes I have made a cake for my friend ^^
She has birthday on 07.06. :)
and I see her tomorrow *.*
I am happy ^~^

Now I will clean up my room xD

I love you.♥

Take care.

Weekends ^~^ 

2009年06月05日(金) 4時57分
Yes I wirte again xD

Last weekend was really great :)

I have so much fun with my friends

I hope we can do this soon again ♥

And i miss you all .___.

But on 13.06. we will seen us on Japan-Day ^~^



Well, this week was very stressfull.

I don't want to work again.

I am so tired at the moment.

I just want to sleep v.v'

And I am very happy, when it is Weekend again.

I will be on Mikaru Birthday Party *hug*

It will be a great Day. IT MUST xDD

And I see my kai after a long time *__*

I miss her so~

I want to cuddle her......immediately ;___;

Hm....Yeah tomorrow I must still buy some things for my birthday kids ^~^

So I must dome some homeworks xD

Take care.


2009年05月19日(火) 1時51分
My life fucked me again.....
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