January 28 [Sat], 2006, 9:52
I went to the airport to see my friend off. I met her on the first day at VIC. She's a nice girl. I am very sad now.


November 27 [Sun], 2005, 13:58
I went to see the movie 'RENT' with my friends. It was difficult to understand lines because they were songs.But I liked it. I was quite impressed.The story and songs were good.

Japanese Festival 

August 21 [Sun], 2005, 14:18
I went to Japanese Summer Festival with my friend. Although I had expected big festival,it was small... But I enjoyed it. I ate cotton candy and Takoyaki. I really like cotton candy... And I bought foot-bath machine I have only shower in my room. I really want to take a bath.As soon as I got home,I tried it. It was good.


July 15 [Fri], 2005, 9:57
I went to PLAZA with my friends.
We went there around 9 o'clock. There are few people...
So we were drinking. After 1hour,it became crowded. So we went to dance space.
It was fun.

Long time no see? 

July 12 [Tue], 2005, 9:52
I haven't written this blog for a long time...
I went to the Dance school after school.I love dancing.
I've learned HIP HOP Dance since I came to Vancouver.
Before I came here,I used to learn Jazz Dance.I started to dance when I was 6 years old.But it doesn't mean I can dance well.My dance is terrible.But I love it.
That's all I did today.

stay home 

July 03 [Sun], 2005, 9:50
I've been staying home today.So i have nothing to write

Karaoke Girl? 

July 02 [Sat], 2005, 9:42
I went to Metro with my friend today.
I think we go to Metro every weekendWe really like shopping.
Then,we went to karaoke in DownTown.we sang and danced.We were singing from 7:30pm to 9:30pm.
It was really fun(>ω<*)
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