March 24 [Tue], 2009, 22:42
I want a Fackin' Camera!!


February 16 [Mon], 2009, 12:50
is back BITCHES! ~
...and he is older


February 04 [Wed], 2009, 1:50
ムック - 流星

小さな花宿す枕木 平行に並ぶ錆びた線路
素足で歩いてく草原 ふと見上げれば月の無い星空
流星降り注ぐパノラマ 何万光年の瞬き
滲んだ爪先 空を見上げる君の手を
忘れないよ 君が愛した景色の本当の色
繋いだその手は 悲しいほど暖かく

忘れないで 君が夢見た未来の美しさを
流星の流れ 消えた星達 君の笑顔
君の空 塞いだ僕を責めてくれよ
見上げた空に 今何を思う?
繋いだその手は か細く 力無く
この空 埋めつくして今、流星に変われ

清空 彩る星々 夜露に濡れた線路の下
流星降りしきるパノラマ 歩いてく滲んだつま先で
繋いだ心 千切れぬように.

ムック - Meteor

A little flower raises between the rails, rusted rails on the ground
We reach the plain bar footed and above a starry sky without the moon
Falling stars dominating the panorama, a gloom of light arrives from somewhere light years away
Hellenistic gods in gleaming clothes color the sky marine blue
This sky you’re starring at, raising your hands with the blackened fingernails
While you’re running you’re massing this dirty fist

Never forget the true color of this landscape that you liked so much
Just now, where the dust of the stars is so omnipresent

My love wavers while I hold back your tears
The hand I’m holding is so terribly warm

Never forget the beauty of the future you’ve dreamed of
A rain of falling stars, disappearing stars, your laughter
Rise up against me, because I locked your sky
What do you want from this sky you’re looking at?

My love wavers while I hold back your tears
The hand I’m holding is so tender and weak
Your streaming tears become stars
And disappear again, hidden in the sky

Colored stars in the transparent sky, rosé colored, are on the way now
A tiny creature is hiding on the rusted nails, four petals,
Make sure that our twisted hands won’t loose
Make sure that our twisted fingers won’t loose

Falling stars over our heads like a shower in spring time or in the dusk
Bar footed on the pure ground, we’re following these rails that are our only markers
Your hand that is interconnecting us, is warm
And your fist is still dirty

Stars are falling in the panorama, we’re following your black fingernails
Make sure that our twisted hands won’t loose
Make sure that our twisted hearts won’t be torn apart.

I think I'm gonna cry again...


February 03 [Tue], 2009, 13:56
I cried...
fuck, I cried so much...
I can't even believe that I'm still crying.

But that's it. That's all.
Your family is your Family, I love my mom and I have to support her.
So, Let's pretend. After all, that's what good sons do.

Goodbye, best years.


February 01 [Sun], 2009, 11:18

ネガティブ? ポジティプ?
  • プロフィール画像
  • アイコン画像 ニックネーム:櫻井 パンダ ~
  • アイコン画像 性別:男性
  • アイコン画像 誕生日:1991年2月11日

My Name is Fabian, but everyone call me Panda [パンダ] or "Idiot" and errrw, That's it! xD
I Live in Chile [チリ ] maybe you're thinking "where is Chile?", Chile is in South America.
My Dream is, someday , Live in Japan , 'cuz I really like their Culture , their People , and Specially, I Japanese Music!

I Learned Japanese last year in an institute , and I speak English pretty well , So, I [Mostly] Know 3 Idioms, スペイン語, 英語 and
日本語, last one not too much xD [But I understand!]

I am 17 years old !
Well, My life is really special.
I think nobody will never understand that ~
Maybe, this year [2009] I'm going to EEUU! [アメリカ] I'm so f*chin' excited <3
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