It is Likely to Cause Eye Diseases by Wearing Contact Lenses When You Catch a Cold 

June 11 [Fri], 2010, 16:28
Women are born with love of beauty. and sometimes it is indeed unconvenient for nearsighted people to wear bifocals, Consequently, wearing contact lenses is not only a trend but also a convenient lifestyle. However, it's unfavorable for one to wear contact lenses too long and there are too many things to worry about. Therefore, one should avoid wearing contact lenses when he is having a cold.

When you are having colds, wearing contact lenses will make your eyes watery, red and swollen. The cold virus will cause eye diseases such as keratitic that causes by virus. Because when you are having cold and keeping sniffing and sneezing, you will use your hands to touch them. Thus there are tremendous virus on his hands, and the virus could easily get in his eyes and do harm to his corneas when he is taking off or putting on his contact lenses.
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It is also not suitable to wear contact lenses when you are in a fever, When we catch a fever, the immune system of some parts of our eyes are weaken, tear secretion reduced, and bacteria multiply in large numbers. Eyes metabolites deposited in between the cornea and the lens, and make its oxygen permeability decreased and the eyes vulnerable to diseases.

Oculists remind that people who wear contact lenses should wear frame progressive lenses instead of contact lenses when they have a cold or fever. In addition, even if you are wearing your contact lenses, you should be very careful when you choose your medicine. because many anti-cold, cough, and pain medicines contain the ingredients suppressing tears. The reduce of the tear secreting amount will make the lenses too dry, lower the transparency of the lenses and thus is bad for people’s sight. The cornea itself is easy to become dry, if you reduce cornea moist level purposely, then it may easily lead to keratitis, conjunctivitis and so on, so that your eyes will become red, itching and you'll also feel a foreign body in your eyes.
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