i just scribble down how i've been getting along every single day!! Hope you guys enjoy it (・∀・)

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Hi y'all !!!! welcome to my page★★

here, i just write down my daily life and the things what i like:)

NO MUSIC NO LIFE!!!! music is my life. im much into TVXQ and BUMP OF CHICKEN. i really love every kind of music(except rap), esp ROCK and classical.
and J'adore FRANCE!!!!! its the country of my dream;)
i loooove everything related to France, culture, history, people, food, music and.....MOVIE!! french films are my favorite=)
Les Choristes is the best movie ive ever seen!! and i luv Jean-Baptiste Maunierrrr!!!! he got most beautiful angelic voice ive ever heard!!
So, i started to learn French and try to improve it day by day. i wanna watch french films without subtitles oneday.
The best thing i love to do is traveling world!!! wanna visit all of EU countries someday!
Hope you enjoy my blog and thinks for coming<3333

ずーっとまともじゃないってわかーってーる♪ / 2014年10月15日(水)
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愛はパワーだよ / 2013年09月20日(金)
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お久しぶりです。 / 2013年06月03日(月)
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まだ生きています。 / 2011年09月30日(金)
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bonne annee! / 2011年01月10日(月)
2010 is overrrr and its already 2011! A HAPPY NEW YEAR WORLD!!! im doin okay, as usual. Haha. im just BIT into twitter, so kinda being lazy to write here, to b honest lol b/c all of my adorable boys started to tweet n there is no way missing this chance to tweet back them, rite? 120, or 140? whatever the limited letters are, its just too short to tell all of my thoughts,tho:p Anyways, let me hooked on it for a while, hehe. Hope rest of tvxq members start twitter like others! or it might bring some problems as JUNSU did few days ago? Since i cant understand korean at all, it takes some time to get what they say. Ill study it after i become fluent enough for both english n french:D
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(無題) / 2010年11月29日(月)
最近Hitのボディクリーム100%organicブランドのjohn masters
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(無題) / 2010年11月23日(火)
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