○● something's wrong ●○ 

2007年07月15日(日) 0時44分
Hey hey hey...

well, I dunno whatta tell ya today. But I have to say - write - something about a person in my life!

Like you read, something's wrong. I think!
Donno what, but feel it! Or maybe ... not!

Sometimes, people gonna do things, they event dont notice.
Cause of that... ....

Cause of that , maybe my Boss is time a strangely?!
Did I thing's ... wich I'll didn't notice?!

Often yes... often?! Of curse!!
But ... what am I gonna talk about?!
Nonsense. NONSENSE!

No one know's really whats wrong about that. About me?!
Or... anyway!.. Hmmm... hmmm...

kinky kinky. This day is so kinky!
Thinking about anything about sex can kill me now!
But no *laugh*

I'm gonna fix that!
Not Wix - but Fix!

See ya Dude's!
(Write you) *lol*

Kitty Cats On Action 

2007年06月27日(水) 9時18分
No, these are not normal leopards, you see!? Look at the red hair! The snowleopard on the right side is Reno, correct! Mhh.. he looks really great with his red hair coupled with that leopard skin, doesn't he? He does! From today on WE also on 'Imvu', too. Give me a 'Meow' to the end.. Thanks a lot again for my (Kitty Cat *smirk*?) Reno, for everything! || Rufus

|| like he said || 

2007年06月17日(日) 3時43分
Hey Guys, like Rufus already said, were having a blog now. Actually I don't know how much were gonna write, or if we write daily, but well.. we'll see *smile* Let me just say some things... At first, some time ago this was my homepage, but I decided to divide this side with my one and only original Rufus! Oh yes.. mine!! So Dude, don't think you could take him away from me *big smile* Thats all for the beginning. We'll read us Guys - till the next Entry yo... Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket || Reno

.::We are we - and therefore, it gives a Us::. 

2007年06月16日(土) 23時28分
.... A very special and different blog! With this second entry I will dedicate it! Thanks to my Reno for that wonderful idea! *smile* I'm happy and glad that WE now have a Blog for US! Forever together! -Rufus-
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