Four check super eight pitses?Three card function monster-UMI X2 S

July 14 [Mon], 2014, 12:13
Four check super eight pitses?Three card function monster-UMI X2 S

The month comes to MTK true eight the pits bring about a function fever in the domestic, but connect down to recommend this style of four pits for everyone but have than true eight check stronger function.He is the K910 of theumi offical website
Z series

The style's cellular phone is the flagship model of the UMI X2 S series currently, adopt a healthy and peaceful big gorilla all of 3 IPSs stick and match a screen, greatly holding of 5.5 incheses own 1920* of the essential Class 1080 resolutions at the same time.Postpose to shoot heap type Exmor RS inUMI X2S
inn like the head 1300 w pixel adoption Suo Ni to spread the feeling machine IMX135, own f/1.8 super big diaphragm, and carry a pair of LED flash lights.And ex- place to shoot to be like a head to also come to an a 500 w of pixel and provide with 84 ° wide-angles 5 mp mirror slices.

Function because CPU, who carry, configurings a 2.2 Ghzs for the AKrait400 of four check, the MSM8674 of Gao Tong Xiao's dragon 800 serieses, run the NOTE3 of cent and SAMSUNG Gao Tong Ban is about equal.The movement memory with 2 Gs pluses saving space and main current with 16 gs to keep consistent.On the official parameter although show the card of its double card slot 1 support WCDMA(namely allied 3 Gs)+card 2 support GSM of, and actually as I know can crack card through a secret code 1 support CDMA2000(namely theumi mobile
telecommunication 3 Gs), is also get stripe to 3 for aring so called.Is a style of 5.5 inches to greatly hold its thickness of cellular phone the maintenance still keep also attaining a 3050 mAHs in the battery capacity at the 8 mms and unfortunately want to can not dismantle to unload memory card and battery as prices and still stay one silk regret.