Fire Phone cellular phone in Amazon releases selling price to be up to USD 649

July 08 [Tue], 2014, 10:33
Fire Phone cellular phone in Amazon releases selling price to be up to USD 649

It is saied that already a long time of cellular phoneGoophone N3+
in Amazon finally release, and price the naked machine is USD 649, and iPhone together price, the contract price is USD 199, also with iPhone together price, high level position very, however the machine install even rather the Chinese brand is a 2000 dollars model.

Fire Phone adopts IPS of 4.7 inches LCD LCD screen, resolution pretty much common, only have 720 Ps, chip is four check Gao Tong Xiao's dragon with 2.2 Ghzs 800, 2 GB ARM, 32 GB ROM, behind 113,000,000 shoot to be like a head, positive 5 shoot toGoophone N3
be like a head, to, you didn't see wrong, is 5 to shoot to be like a head, there is also a key of exclusively taking photo, however designing isn't greatly reasonable, the middle position in on the side, the felling is to be easy to press, should with volume regulate position to make exchange for a while.

On the screen, Amazon played a huge trickery, is shooting of four front side side capeses to are like a head to come to the angle of view that the schools check a customer, then adjust to show the sense of vision angle of image inside the screen.However feel this function needs to apply manufacturer to match with a development, while only[one] business enterprise in Amazon releases this technique now, Fire the Phone selling price is still so high, the universality estimates a little bit slowly.Why moreover do goophone
positive four capeses all want to provide with to shoot to be like a head, for holding the time of holding the cellular phone by any angle all having already shot to be like a head can't be covered, so provided with 4 to shoot to be like a head, in shape look a felling have a little very strange.

This cellular phone is truely creative of the part come from FireFly, by hand the machine claps a product, or listens to music, or a movie, Fire Phone will automatically identify a , this product, introduction think according to the shell Zuo, 100,000,000 merchandises can identify on Amazon, it may be said the greed is huge.And stronger is FireFly will open to connect, provide third square software use, can make an a lot of functions of unexpected happenings, the authorities raised an example, can identify the writing on the picture.

Fire Phone will open to sell on July 25, the 32 GB edition is USD 649, the 64 GB edition is USD 749, temporarily can the American region purchase, the words price of the choice contract is USD 199, also present Mayday service.

However, Taiwanese cellular phone supply chain industry personage said, Fire phone in Amazon wasn't likely to make duplicate the success of Kindle Fire flat panel computer in Amazon, the latter starts to also sell just in American mainland in the beginning.The success of the Kindle Fire flat panel computer has relation with the low price strategy of its performance to fasten, but Fire phone cellular phone 64 GBs and 32 GB the naked machine price is up to USD 749 and USD 649 respectively, the price of contract machine distinguishes to USD 299 and USD 199, this price heel apple and the SAMSUNG flagship intelligence the cellular phone differ only a few.