restrictions on him today was good

September 23 [Mon], 2013, 13:19
Wu Lei in the Hong Kong team on (microblogging), Dewey, "said Wu Lei is a very good player and has proved himself in the League. We have him as a coach a defensive deployment, conducted research, restrictions on him today was good. A wave of two in a row before the off-season in early September, Shanghai Shen Xin moments out of the relegation mire, and then five consecutive home games (10.5 round "as a guest" 80,000 challenges in East Asia, "adequate out of Shanghai"), was added to the optimism by teams in relegation prospects. However, on Sunday the "five main" defeated aerbin, the team is not good momentum before the extended offseason, 1:2 on womens nike air max 1 Albin where, instead of sending the latter completely ashore. Shen Xin 25 points provisional 12th, however-behind this company, (Twitter data) is down by 1, but happens to have a complement match between the two teams. Shen Xin is on though the number of relegation the team one of the best, penultimate rotation of the final six rounds just downgrade certain Wuhan drow, but Shen Xin road record this season against superior home and require successive relegation rush in it takes two, Asia Thailand, Teda. Main Sprint first to Qingdao zhongneng (Twitter), can play well, "the opener" may determine the direction of Shen Xin possibility of relegation this season.

If defeated, more risk League first half way 10th round Shen Xin of Qingdao, because both teams had animosity in the 2012 air force 1 low uk season, Sino-Thai Stadium has staged mass into two camps, so both teams in the game are rather let it go, and handing each other after a boring war would end. But now to the main stage, two teams has been eagerly looking forward to landing, needed 3 points, his ranking rose sharply. For, it is absolutely can't afford to lose the game, defeat, 5-game losing streak of 12 rounds of very embarrassing record not only widening again, and it will be good in front of a green city (microblogging data), Shun Tin with a big gap behind Yatai can win, the teams will face extremely serious situation.

Shen Xin a person said: "after two consecutive victories, does make the team up and down emotions have diminished, the tension is clearly inadequate, and playing games with the Al bin, also thinks the second half to blast down the opponent. Gist lost 3 minutes, only to find herself back into relegation mire. Relegation is now so grim, and each round of League 3 one inlet and one outlet is 6 minutes, upper and lower ranks will be turned upside down, so if last aerbin the absent-minded, must never happen again the second time. Although poor, but they are overqualified than we are in deep, relegation experience is unique. Their losing streak and many rounds of herself, not only is positive, even more pressure for us, after all, who can who were reluctant to end recording. And our home than away from home is really a disease. ”
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