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May 26 [Thu], 2011, 17:37
  Most cattle clean car. (Asia Network whole media center Lee Yuen new photo)tied five tractor broomheart of Reuters Asia (all media Huda Min Lee Yuen new) car in the tractor to install a steel shaft in rotation bundles of 5-axis broom, tractor launch, the rotation axis starts to rotate, 5 broom began to sweep roads it! The second division by the Corps of agricultural farm workers Toutunhe developed sweeper, the environment, and save manpower, and has twelve divisions in the three groups of agricultural field use. This8 5 8 pm, a reporter second division in May of agricultural farm on a main road beside the bus terminal to see, online XA3533 rumors Zheliang clean car is road sweeping, broom sweeping the floor area of ??about one meter a clean car in front of a tractor front, tractor rear of the car did not, and only two wheels and an axle, the axle, there is a iron rotating disk, disk to bind the 5 iron shelf root broom, wheels turning, the broom to sweep the ground begins to rotate.drivers Hu Liu, 52, is May the farm workers, he says, he drive the two cars for years, sweeping up 7:00 every morning, eight hours a day's work, sweeping more than 20 kilometers Twelve teachers Toutunhe farm use, after the second division of 104 farmers have begun to use this group sweeper, from 104 in 2008, they purchased a sweeper group, after modification, it now becomes vehicles clean vehicles, up and away with the vehicle. Toutunhe Farm Road Office Director Ma Chunwei introduced the spring of 2005, farmers in the dell inspiron 9200 battery second division head of Department of Transportation inspection of their farms raised the hope that they use the machine sweeping, said in May that year, he saw in the newspaper in Henan in the use of the tricycle converted into a clean car, Yang Xinmin driver to design, let them farm workers Zhao Yulin triple assembled, in mid-May that year, modified by the tractor was put into use of clean vehicles.Machun Wei said, such a clean car is a car in the tractor to install a steel turntable, the turntable bound 5 broom, the car starts, the two rear wheels drive turntable, turntable, after turning , 5 broom began toMa Chunwei introduction, the use of 5 years, the effect is very good, car, as long as a cleaner and a clean car.reporter learned that clean cars are only cleaning the road, the Ministry for the mission field field, tunnels, roads and other district hospital, the mission field 6530B Battery by the cleaning staff responsible for the property sector sweep.May Lideng Qing, director of property, said the farm, they are responsible for the Department of Farms site, roadway, and other local environmental health family member courtyard, a total of more than 80 cleaning staff, they had to prepare the introduction of this environmentally friendly effort to clean cars, but roadway, family member courtyard was too small, clean driving extremely inconvenient, they eventually gave up.7 24 , Urumqi, Ray will be the people and friends to the farm near the outskirts of May to play, I discover such a clean car, then snapped the mine will not clean the car is sweeping the road pictures, and dispensing their own text and images published in the sub-network where the heart of the blog, click-through rate is to reach thousands of people and dozens of people a message that some dell inspiron 1526 battery users on-farm use of this environmentally friendly car embodies the spirit of plain living Corps people.It is understood that, in 2009, in Sichuan and Henan, have been bound in the tractor or tricycle on the road sweeping broom, then, that the situation in some rural areas in the Mainland or the suburbs are to follow. ?Chanmao blue eyes, wearing a Fan of children with quite capture a street beggar made a star.there are users to upload photos to the Mop, End of the World and other famous forum, have a great figure in the gas field captured the hearts of many users. The Reds are therefore known as the Around 7 pm yesterday evening,person, one red, a lot of things to follow. In the horizon, due to no truth, a question emerged: is the hype, right? Is it performance art or life experience?Yesterday, thelight comes on so shocked: how could such a type of GG feeling? he appeared 6730 Battery in my camera, I quickly press a bunch of the shutter. Looking back, 'sharp Brother' Pat the first but not the tail of the dragon see.the other day, But he never dreamed, would be passed by users who have street knowledge Lane Press.afraid that people do not believe is that my own,, Ningbo, famous friends,old Chan Mao said: then slowly cooked, the Columbiamany people,he said, they do not beg, do not beg, because of mental problems (Ningbo, then called them They do not have identity, they do not have families, or even what they forgot to call themselves, they are a group of people abandoned by society, and perhaps their final outcome is that no one cares about dead. explosion of the The excitement from the beginning, praise to the ever more bitter, with good friends hope that the relevant departments to help him, and even overseas users of Ningbo users please take along a pack of Dell 1100 battery cigarettes for him tonetwork is very powerful, can a person made a star overnight. Rapid information transfer in the Internet Age, Maybe one day you pass by his side, will see more of his glances, that's all right.reporter Shaoqiao Hong ? Fall to the rocks after the car thrown on the heap , was seriously injured. Western District of Panzhihua City police patrol unit to pay after receiving the alarm , first at the scene will be sent to the hospital where the injured Wang .All over the place crash scattered parts of vehicles were too rickety and large bushes dell latitude d630 battery.
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