December 02 [Sat], 2017, 22:36
People are for us to love , not to get love from.

Don't judge other people, only God can read their heart.

Doing the Right Thing

May 25 [Thu], 2017, 22:05
"Times can be hard, people can be mean,
but as long as I don't sin/don't do anything wrong I am fine and good to go.
That's the MOST important thing.
Remember, most important."

"Don't focus too much on your own emotions,
be sensitive to others instead.
Dont care too much about how you feel.
Beautiful thoughts=Beautiful Person"


March 31 [Fri], 2017, 17:41
How are you?

It's nice to be on the blog again.

Today I have been at home cooking, cleaning , and listening to musicwhilst waiting to start work in April.

How about you How are you

Today, I realised that it is important to live life with several beliefs and mentality:

1. Don't focus too much on your own emotions , be sensitive to others instead. Don't care too much about how you feel.

2. Control your thoughts, don't focus too much on yourself and your emotions. Look outside.

3. Guard your eyes as it's life.

4. When we die everyone is on the same level, so don't look down on anyone.

5. Be confident, don't let Satan the accuser define you.

6. Don't get angry, try to not get angry at all. Just move on from an offence, forgive and forget.

7. In conversation daily and people relations, aim for peace, grace, politeness, no fear, total honesty. These are important. And don't seek popularity or attention.

8. Make sure you are right first, because at the end of the day we can't change other people's action and are not accountable for them. But we can change ourselves. And at the end of the day we are accountable for our own actions and not other people's wrong. We will have no excuse.

9. Though others wrong us, we must react well because it will reflect you not them. And God will hold me accountable for it. What I do will reflect myself and not them. So keep strong.

10. Self-Control, always.

11. Always choose to be happy as much as possible.

And I wish through this blog I will remember and uphold these beliefs so to live a better life for others and myself.

Thank You , Bye Bye
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