Self-reinforcing experience Share burst dog

February 23 [Sat], 2013, 11:16
The dead dog Wrath effect equal to a penetration of the fog. Note that at the foot of the halo.
It can be seen here, steal weapons can be exchanged for the near-2W panel damage.
This is what I've always said saber sake of the most cost-effective

Soul Harvest (after 60S Rune, basic is full 5BUFF).
Ghastly feast.
The most efficient output under difficult, explosive dog rushed into the monster group, the high IAS place in a central location Zhan Zhuang burst dog. The Zhan Zhuang basic full full buff

Large voodoo ceremony.
In difficult, I'm used to with harm Greater Voodoo. The 90S's CD is the basic guarantee for the outbreak of the first encounter elite can open big strokes.
I can temporarily 8 difficulty during the big Voodoo wave of elite away.
When the panel to the limit.

Groups chaos
Difficult, the last skill I recommend unharmed confusion. And the big voodoo with output, which greatly reduces the output of the elite mob.
Control skills before the effect of changes, so that the first confusion no diminishing.
The developer logs: crowd control skills changes