2006年12月22日(金) 17時23分
haii;....is dis site EVER read nemore? i guess not, not even me, myself read dis........suddenly just decided to write a post here...lol. o well. i bet everyone lost the url of dis site so im just talking to myself...byeee

CPL 15th Anniversary 

2006年10月12日(木) 20時50分
Cath aka PUILING:

HAPPY 15th BIRTHDAY!!!! present will b 補上-ed afta exp trip..haa 祝u愈來愈leng&省鏡..ex-dee

who else's at yr exp trip? i kno bianca is..HAV FUN


no fun for u. be a good boy and take time practicing piano :D

green is clean! 

2006年09月29日(金) 19時32分
nvm about the title -again-

- seems like my grades r on track n pretty stable now :D
- hmm very annoying of HER, bassy poor u..it's obvious dat she just wants to take it, i mean, anyone wif csi would kno that the glasses cnat b in use nemore?
- HAHA i dare u to get a new pair of NERDY classes..jkjk..get baby blu glasses la..or planning to wear contacts forever?
- cher's lip was bleeding, cuz it's bitten by bassy? *grins* very suspicious
- joo and joshua :D
- xxxholic is love, but tsubasa chronicle's not bad either!!!!!!!! (talking about manga. i dun like both animes)

WATANUKI!!!! YUUKO!!!! FAYE!!!!!! TOMOYO!!!!!!!!!!!! *runs around in circles*


bassy's hair curler 

2006年09月08日(金) 20時41分
highlight of da day is the chinese skit wif emily ^o^ (seriously, nth else is anywheere betta) "所以我們要做個守法的好市民. yeah~~" was a hilarious skit dat earned laghters :D:D:D

me not in such gd physical condition tho..due to the menstrual xxxx, which makes my hormones失調 = no energy, occasionally hav terrible m-pain, dizzy most of da time, hard to focus,...... this is especially true after lunch... -_-;; IT WAS NEVER LIKE THIS BEFORE!!!! what's wrong wif me........

other than dat...i want i want i want the 1 day acuvue define contacts!!!!!!! 250 bucks enuf for a month...hm..that's a bit too much for me to afford currently..not to mention that i still owe bassy hair curlers, n etc.....-_-;; i'll giv it to u monday some time..HAHA..



ok u kno wat, yaplog doesnt let the user comment for too many times. so my reply has to be here:
oo degrees didnt rly come up..'guess they will stay the same (around -150 for both) as it was da same last year..nahh those r contacts speciale (not contact lenses dat drop yr degrees) o well u'll kno

no or else. it's sth MEMORABLE haha..green hair curlers..forever remember that ur GREEN (a grinch) and u had curly hair on yr 14th bday...im celebrating dat pour toi :D dun EVER throw it away :@ bring it wif u will u grow up..u'll think it's fun/funny wen ur an adult..some bittersweet (actually very weird) memories to preserve-- curlies. i thot abou tit for quite a while n came wif a conclusion that THIS is da best lmao

anyway tired..gtg hope y'll hav a beauty sleep..especially curly princess lippy

bassy should join choir 

2006年09月07日(木) 18時52分
umhmhm according to mrs tsang's report, U LIPPY r not going anywhere? TRAITOR!!! bball freak!! hmph. but did u check da list about where ur supposed to go? ladiah, if u r rly not going (T_T) then make sure u get on msn all day n all nite long. :P

sth irrelevant to the topic: j'ai realized dat ur AUTOMATICLY in show band if u take music -_-;; nice to meet u again bassy

next week is a week of P.E. assessments. WOW THANK YOU IM HAVING THREE P.E> CLASSES IN TOTAL NXT WEEK. today was volleyball "Evaluation" thingy but i got serious cramps due to that thing, so just sat on the bench n talk to whoever's there (except chaim). chaim didnt hesitate at all and let me sat dere cuz i emphasized dat it's "the week of da month that i cant do sports" n he understood. he said dat's no prob cuz he evaluates us a bit in othe rclasses as well. thank god.

after class katherine n i were talking about asking gr9 guys to join choir. i talked about a PERSON (dedicated to YOU but didnt giv any hints) ..she thot it's JUN HOU!! i said no, den we came up an idea. ASK GLUE

maybe not.., n den started laughing hysterically while walking thru the hall. shum n jh were walking 2getha n asked wat r we giggling about. WELL if u ask, i'll say it k? "shum, jun hou, y doncha join choir?"

...u'll guess what happens next.


hmm..they can go pretty high. you can too, bassy. YR LAST CHANCE IS TMR. I'LL GO WIF U IF UR TOO SCARED. jkjkjkjk

after skool went to da bibliotheque for the entire hour n 15 mins

grandpa admitted i can find out who "purple" (my future grandma) is by flipping this hwk diary. .back at the lockers i grabbed his hwk diary rite wen he took his skoolbag out. flip flip..FIRST PAGE. OH JOY! JE VAIS HAV FUN TEASING N SHARE THE RESULT WIF BASSY!!! flip.....

"i [heart] purple"


"yeah, i said u'll find out, she's purple!"


KILL HIM. spontaneously (sry this is not the rite adj), impulsively n furiously,

i aimed at his back n threw his hwk diary on him. (my first n only time hitting him)

OK rite wen it was like "PAAAAAAKKK" MISTER JL WALKED PASS ALONG WIF MISTER WILFRED. "very helpful by coming RITE at this instant," i thot..

haha..very nice..very funny..not....HELP ME N DUN GET IT WRONG TO JL ET WILFRED..gahh C'EST MON GRANDPERE STUPIDE.

p.s. after paying this serious consequence (THIS IS NOT IRONIC, THIS IS NOT FUNNY) i found out dat my future grandma has a leaking pen (how helpful......)


bye chip&dale..forever 

2006年09月06日(水) 18時15分
WHERE IS THE CHIP N DALE PENCIL CASE DAT I BOUGHT TWO WEEKS AGO??????????? T__T i last saw it in the librar few days ago...now it's GONE. FOREVER. bye chip n dale pencil case...

french open book quiz tmr
science [organelles] quiz on fri
geo 1st draft due fri
chaim's torture tmr.

today's considered a gd day. SERIOUSLY. nth bad happened. i did only the first page for math n the teacher didnt notice. when i was called out to the board i was asked to do ONE OF THE ONLY FEW questions that i did :D:D

as for the choir audition, it's much simpler than i thot. dragged ruby along n she got in as well :P i fit into da soprano & alto range n was free to pick. but c'mon, why would i pick soprano (hitting the range doesnt mean im gd) when alto fits me wayyyyyy more? ladidah. that grade seven guy is SKILLED. his range is HIGHER than all of the girls there. o_o later ruby started talking about how some guys [xxx their *beep*] to keep the high voice. :S ruby, dun havta b so specific

according to katherine,[YOU KNOW WHO] PURPOSELY PLAYED WIF DA MICROWAVE. wow what an (un)intelliggent thing to do, so smart..A FIFTEEN-YEAR-OLD PLAYING WIF MICROWAVE N SETTING IT ON FIRE. how ridiculous' dat..haha..

sry mr. kwan if you happen to be reading this.
but well, the possibility is 0% unless someone gave this link to him.
and that someone shall be killed



2006年09月05日(火) 18時40分
"never look at one's title of entry and guess what's it about."

"no one would ever read yr entry when u update during weekdays."

hmm..rly true. that's partly y im updating now.

HOW CAN I BE SO TIRED EVERYDAY??? all lip's fault. I KNO THAT. in a way that i can only talk at lunch..and that i want to sleep so badly dat i hardly even listened to the teacher (maybe i still looked studious at that time, but nah)

by the way thanks for the co-operative me, yr wife knows who's LIPPY now :D:D:D

so, WHO WILL BE MY FUTURE GRANDMA (more accurately, my grandpa's crush. i kno itsounds rly wrong) ?????? i suspect grandpa likes a married person. clue is he gets so-called sensible (instead of crazy at lockers) in front of her n he memorized her schedule. tsktsk bad grandpa. how can u like a married maiden? wait.. or does he likes that woman in the departmant store who let him push trolleys around to gain volunteer hrs? TELL ME IF U KNO. of if u hav a chance, scratch off his name dats written on top of da white-out. the girl'/s name's under (wat an unintelligent thing to do, grandpa)

bleh..after staring at the screen for SUCH LIL TIME i already want to sleep. THANK YOU LIPPY.



2006年09月01日(金) 18時24分
Regardless it looks stupide to update when no one (except me) is actually reading the posts, je vais continuer writing these [posts that look stupid].

grade nine is so far soso (for day two)
n so far so bad (for day one)

(for those who do not and will not understand how i felt & think it's stupid to get upset about this, please don't comment it)

as for my terribly reluctant day (more reluctant than kyoya's)...i have to givespecial thanks for joo joo et lloyd [afterschool] who rescued the discouraged me from this very circumstance that made me rly wanna say "goodbye days!". Undoubtfully trumpet IS the key to make the time bomb in moi EXPLODE. seriously! I'm not going to blame my teacher, but the embourchore-change is driving me nuts! Ever since a month before summer it's impossible for me to play a good note. and Ever since the first band class i want to DIE. like what duhbe n calvin said in P.E. class: so "yu"!!! how can i face myself???

again, thnx joo for being patient listening to the bunch of nonsense after i missed the bus, which i don't even have a slight clue what i was actually talking about :D n merci lloyd for agreeing to help me monday at lunch!

life goes on..yeah we all know.

as for my "chinese english half bucket of water" (read it in cantonese), i HAVE to become a studious bookworm in order to achieve n get outta it. it might sound nerdy but i'd rather be called a nerd than stuck in this situation forever...so yyeah.

WHERE ON EARTH R YOU??????????????
cel: like i said, it's HORMONES so calm down a bit n u'd get over wif it..i kno it sounds like im just giving rnadom useless comments, but TRUST ME. you're not the only one who tried it.
joojoo: HIKARU!!I LOVE YOU!!


2006年08月28日(月) 18時27分
ignore the weird title..

you see, i haven't updated this blog for a long time already..no actually, any of u r actually READING the posts? lmfao ya'can count using five fingers.no three. no ONE. which is me.

for this school year..as gay as it sounds, 人際關係= none of my concerns. dat's my biggest goal? stay in a close relationship wif few friends, talk occasionally wif otehr ppl, argue daily wif mister I.P (dun take dis seriously)...sth like that?

there are few people that i've nvr talk wif since...halfway the holiday? u know who u are, and therefore questions pops up

how've u ppl been doing?

y'see, don't look down on me as for how terrible an observer i am.. at least i'd notice some slight differences. some expressions.

ok 點到即止.. it's just a question that im sure i wont get the answer. n therefore i will not careless.

but at least let me know that u're not dead yet.


sry if the speech above's gay. i kno it is..but there's no way i could say it other than the free speeches on blog? at least take that as [me talking to myself]. anyway..high school has so far been pretty cool. to say which's my fav subject so far...

geography ^o^

(if ur in my class) the first thing i said on the 2 truth 1 lie game is so not tru. [i hate geo the most outta all subjects] sure i hate human geo..but phys. geo's cool. include geology as well! [NOT GEOMETRY dat adrian's obsessed(?) wif]

kill the lunch anyone assignment. only double-checked till number 10. few more to go..arrrgghhhh.



2006年08月05日(土) 21時08分
after badminton, j'ai met joo at the sogo entrance^o^ the stuff we did r:

- ate lunch <--me
- rode minibus to the district where i live
- manga-hunting in the manga store nearby
- joo bought two of gakuen alice
- i bought the rest of ouran mangas missing
- went to my place
- spent the rest of the time watching the ouran anime

YAY JOOJOO LIKES THE HITACHIIN BROTHERS!!! HIKARU&KAORU'S [on purpose] BROTHERLY LOVE@@@ THE EVIL KYOYA!! CUTE HONEY!! IDIOTIC TAMAKI!! FINALLY someone can understand wat i talk about ^o^ gd that she likes it hehe,. one of the LEAST serious anime & manga hehe..

nth else for today
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