Beijing 16 shopping&kanfu

August 16 [Mon], 2010, 23:18
i couldnt get up cuz i drank last night!! also my share mate vale. she came bk from 内蒙古 late night
we got up around 9, i went to class from 10
after class our uni mate went to 紅橋market for shopping
i had planned to buy bags or something with cheap price
so i talked was so funny. i was enjoying to do that.
forexample i bought ランチョウマットセット&アクセケース maybe its fake silk. they were 1set for 30
firstly shopstaff said to me 200 元or something
i said ofcourse no,30元. she said kidding me. i said ok finish, see you. she said wait wait
we repeated many times more than 10.
finally she said to me OK. YOU ARE CRAZY!

i bought. i want to say in chinese shopping mall its important to say no and dont give up. im sure!!!!!
some thing else, i bought cuo for 20 元 , 4iphone screen covers for 45 means 1 for11元
MACeye shadow for 30元

after shopping i went to see kanfu show, it was unforgettble, awesome!!!!!!
was surprise that if man does kanfu he can be strong like stone?
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