update 22/12/10

December 22 [Wed], 2010, 10:13
ohay! long time no see again. i'm so so sorry for that! I've been so busy, that I totally forgot about my lolita blog.
A fast update on my lolita life:
Some months ago I went to a lolita fashion runaway at Japan Weekend in Lisbon. I wore classic lolita, so there is my outfit:

Dress and Bag: Innocent World
Shoes: SS
Socks: Meta
Hat: offbrand (vintage)
Blouse: Anna House
Others: Offbrand

As x-mas time, I organized a meet-up with the girls in town, we went to Castella do Paulo, a very nice place to drink some tea and eat some macaroons! :p I wore my baby mint dress:

Dress and coat: Baby
Tights: offbrand
Shoes: SS
Beret: offbrand
Parasol: offbrand
Others: offbrand

and last, but not least, my last outfit, I dress up today to go downtown. I decided to mix classic lolita with a touch of mori girl, using my faux fur collar, my oxford shoes and a straw hat! I loved the result!

Dress and bag: Innocent World
Socks: SS
Shoes: offbrand (Blanco)
Hat: offbrand
Blouse: vintage (a friends gift)
faux fur: offbrand (cortefield)
Others: offbrand

I really need new lolita clothes, like a nice bolero, more acessories, more shoes, socks... I really need to go shopping online for lolita ahaha maybe next year, cos I'm leaving to Morocco for vacations and I will stay there until new years!

Merry x-mas and happy new year

Long time no see!

August 25 [Wed], 2010, 9:20
hi darlings~ I'm sorry for the late post! but I didn't have been using lolita as much as I wanted .__.
some pictures of the last meeting I went:

What I wore:
Headbow: Baby the Stars Shine Bright
Blouse: offbrand (Anna House)
JSK: Baby the Stars Shine Bright
Socks: offbrand (gift from a friend <3)
Shoes: offbrand (SS)

enjoy it ^^

Coordinate n&ordm; 2

May 24 [Mon], 2010, 5:48
Mint picnic


Bonnet: Handmade
Dress: Baby The Stars Shine Bright
Blouse: Offbrand (Anna House)
Socks: Offbrand (A gift from a friend )
Parasol: Offbrand
Shoes: Offbrand (SS)
Bag: Offbrand

next post: some tutorials

Rococo and Tea photoshoot and EGL PT anniversary meetup *

May 06 [Thu], 2010, 0:21
hi girls! long time no see huh. I have a lot of updates to do. some weeks ago my bf took some photos in his studio, the idea was simple: Rococo and Tea, what a great mix. I've missed so much having something bordeaux to wear with my bonnet that I decided to mix brownxbordeaux. Its not a crime mixing this two colors, but it's not usual to see. I tried to balance the colors, with the roses on my shoes and with the chair, that it is awesome. hope you like it!

Bonnet, Metamorphose
Dress, Innocent World
Blouse, Offbrand (Stradivarius)
Bloomers, Metamorphose
Petticoat, Offbrand (Bodyline)
Socks, Offbrand (SS)
Shoes, Offbrand (SS)
Accessories, Offbrand (gifts, h&m)

So, last week we had a meetup to celebrate the 4h anniversary of Egl Portugal, I ended up not being able to come to the Kokusyoku Sumire gig. I'm saving money for a big and expensive tattoo, so, for the next few weeks I cant spend money. It's sad, but I have other things for spend my money on, not only in lolita. The meetup was so fast but the place was simple and quiet. I wore the Coordinate n1, without the bolero because was very hot that day. I decided to put a vintage glasses on, I think that gives the outfit so much style and originality... I used a simple makeup, peach gloss and a golden creamy eyeshadow.

Hat, Offbrand
Blouse, Offbrand (Anna House)
Dress, Innocent World
Bloomers, Metamorphose
Petticoat, Offbrand (Bodyline)
Socks, Offbrand (SS)
Shoes, Offbrand (SS)
Bag, Innocent World
Others, Offbrand

all for now! take care

Coordinate no. 1

April 08 [Thu], 2010, 1:29
finnaly I finished my dress form! isn't perfect but does his job! now I can put my dresses there and make coordinated looks ^^ this is my first coordinate to show you

Green and Brown Forest

Green hat, offbrand
White Blouse, offbrand (Anna House)
Dress, Innocent World
Offwhite Bolero, offbrand (MANGO)
Brown Socks, offbrand (SS)
Brown Bag, Innocent World
Brown Shoes, offbrand (SS)

Kokusyoku Sumire

April 06 [Tue], 2010, 21:43
Kokusyoku Sumire are coming to Portugal! I'm not a big fan of their music, but I will go to their gig just to see Yuka and Sachi. I love Sachi style as a lolita. Our lolita community is organizing a big meet to celebrate the 4th anniversary with a tea party and then we will watch Kokusyoku Sumire. I'm very exciting!

vacations = love!

April 06 [Tue], 2010, 7:50
vacations, how I needed them. It feels so good to getting up late, leave the house with no plans, feeling the sun burning in our faces... this is why I love vacations! university is killing me. I need some time only for me. these days in Tavira (Algarve - south of portugal) felt so good. me and my bf stroll a lot, and even went to the Bowling!

traditional cakes from Algarve, made with almond! yummi

the beautiful view from the city, you can see the Gilão river and the roman bridge where you can walk in.

Next week I will be at home finishing home works, and I want to do some craft things.
good vacations everyone

My top 10

March 27 [Sat], 2010, 8:06

tell me your top 10!

Marine Border photoshoot 20-03-10

March 24 [Wed], 2010, 4:09
hi people~ I bring you today a little photoshoot that my bf made in his new photo studio. I decided to wore my Marine Border dress, because Spring is coming! and it is a good dress for Spring and Summer, and casual-sailor are always on the top! I loved the hairstyle that I made, I made two wide ponytails that brought the sweetness in me, and I think that really works in the hole outfit! lets see the photos

Headbow: Baby the Stars Shine Bright
Dress: Metamorphose
Blouse: offbrand (Anna House)
Socks: offbrand
Shoes: offbrand (Montreal)
Bloomers: Metamorphose
Petticoat: offbrand (Bodyline)

I'm almost in vacations! I really need them because I'm very tired of exams and works for school. I will be camping in Geres, in the middle of nature and healthy enviroment
Plus I have some DIY projects to finished. some of them maybe are interesting to you, because its about lolita. I will post some tutorials soon, dont worry!

Alice in Wonderland by Tim Burton

March 15 [Mon], 2010, 6:01
I launched a meet up to go to cinema to see Alice In Wonderland, the newest movie of Tim Burton! Alice in Wonderland are a must see! Tim Burton did a great job in this movie. I loved the characters, the colors... everything! and I think the movie will be a great inspiration to all the lolitas. After we watch the movie we went to The Fifties, an american restaurant, inspired in 50's! They have the BEST milkshake EVAH! trust me!

I wore casual lolita, and is also the first time I used black with lolita! The first time I looked in the mirror I didn't liked seeing me in black, it's weird, because I wear black every day, but not in lolita.

Group shoot


Headbow: offbrand (h&M)
Cardigan: offbrand (Bodyline)
Blouse: offbrand (h&m)
Skirt: offbrand (handmade)
Socks: offbrand (Primark)
Shoes: offbrand (Montreal)
Bag: offbrand
Petticoat: offbrand (Bodyline)
Bloomers: Metamorphose
Other: handmade, offbrand

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