beauty killed him on the side

October 28 [Sun], 2012, 18:38
Traincollector HTML simple template model , relationresultTags: title , relationresultTags: , relationresultTags: , relationresultTags: time , relationresult Then you have to check how many guests ? Long Yufan asked * * * Read ! Is what steps to take ? I have found some ,but not take measures celebrates the US said : Yufan ,didn I say ,you let me go ?Your this smelly rogue ,you still hold me there, I kill you dragon Yufan doing his best to hold his apologetic smile: you are not clear ,how can I let you go ?These days you can come to my house ,so I Club fewer guests ,who was thinking of multiple holding my field ,you do like this, don pay me ? me something ,I also took over as you come here with you spend it but you did this to me ,Long Yufan ,I warn you ,if I go back to say ,you celebrates the us feel helpless said if she had all the evidence ,that she can make Long Yufan .
But now she had no evidence ,so people who like Long Yufan ,he is definitely not admit that he or she celebrates the us thinking he was Long Yufan around the top ,but he was also holding her soft ,she hates not dead how could this be ,celebrates the us regret, she regretted not should do it ,but Long Yufan was to take advantage of the private place ,she beat Long Yufan and escape ,she thought of her crisp peak was Long Yufan grabbed her gnash the teeth in anger , you say ?What makes you say that ? Long Yufan sneer ,you always here waiting for me, now I coming ,you pestering me ,you go out with someone say ,have a look how people think of you ?Also say I give you ,is it possible? How can I give you ? He beauty of anger, she has always been God ,but did not expect it was Ryo Ufan that fool her regardless of anything ,she heads towards Ryo Ufan hit ,even if she is dead ,and will not be Ryo Ufan to take advantage of it pop ,Ryo Ufan celebrates the US hit his chest ,dragon Yufan see celebrates the US hit him ,she continued to hit him by surprise ,he did not think he us life ,how can she do so ,Ryo Ufan hurried to unlock new beautiful crisp peak ,then he hurried back , he states ,what are you doing ,are you crazy ? Long Yufan asked dragon Yufan ,I tell you ,today you die even if I die ,celebrates the us toward the Long Yufan hard to hit ,now celebrates the us crazy, she seemed to be with Long Yufan was like Long Yufan saw celebrates the us like this ,he clutched celebrates the US attack .
Hand but ,when the Dragon Yufan caught he beautiful hand ,celebrates the us then head into the Long Yufan read - it _ ) Long Yufan secretly surprised ,he states this life style is not terrible ,unsystematic, either kill him or he beauty ,beauty killed him on the side of Long Yufan in the new the offensive ,while back now celebrates the US intelligence has not awake ,if still with her pestering words will be very troublesome ,the outer door opened ,somebody pushed open the door ,but also according to the light Gee ,why are there man, or a man a female ? There is a waiter spoke in loud ,he didn see anything but the waiter behind the guests also think that a couple here secretly playing field ,they want to have a look in a rushed desperately but when they saw Long Yufan and celebrates the us all wear good clothes ,they not by cut down ,there is nothing to see the guests but said he heard the men call beauty ,her sanity many, she saw so many people looking at her ,she immediately back plane ran out, she did not face here to see Long Yufan celebrates the us ran out ,he is secretly relieved that he he is no reason he wanted to take ,he is also a little difficult ,beauty beauty run out, her female bodyguards is a bodyguard to see him just as he and Long Yufan go out for so long ,she worried she also came to find new beauty ,but did not find now she saw that he asked: Beauty by ,where did you go just now ,I could not find you according to the plan ,female bodyguards to protect new beauty in darkness ,but when the female bodyguard to the past when Wang Liang has been sent to stop her Next ,but later she did not see the new beauty ,she does not know where he beauty we go , celebrates the us angry and said she didn stay here ,she does not want to come here again Miss, what happened Michael Kors Kingsbury Outlet Sale? Female bodyguards asked angrily she saw he the redness of the eyes ,her beauty is estimated ,by Long Yufan hurt ,she should pay for their own ,find justice ,she couldn let Long Yufan even if she killed by Long Yufan ,she is not care about we go , he said with beautiful gnash the teeth in anger bodyguard also want to say anything ,but she gave him a stern look after he dared to say no more ,female bodyguards closely followed ,beautiful woman bodyguard don ,but she knows he beauty must be Long Yufan bullied dragon Yufan ,I in the heart of female bodyguard hate hate to think of those who follow the new beauty .
The men do not know what happened ,they cried : he United States ,how are you ?How to go ? He was the United States men just to see Long Yufan give away ,they want to rush past Long Yufan but was female bodyguards to protect him ,they had no choice but to give up they know where he wanted to set the Dragon Yufan beauty ,but Long Yufan Wang Liang to bully at celebrates the us buy them off ,he is also happy ,later ,the United States has been stay here until twelve only ,the evening is most quickly .
When Wang Liang saw Long Yufan go out, he not by Pat Long Yufan and said: happy ,or you ah ,as long as you are here ,he was not . well, you don my ass ,I have asked the new beauty ,she is to think over our guest here to shoot down, and then slowly all our guests .
Long Yufan said Mom ,celebrates the us doing it that way, we will have the guests ? Wang Liang angrily said Long Yufan said : no matter what, now celebrates the us to go ,we be careful I found that celebrates the us become shrewd a lot, we had to prevent dragon ,we will carefully Wang Liang said solemnly good ,I go to rest ,what are you looking for I said, dragon Yufan to walk to Long Yufan just kept holding the new beautiful crisp peak ,make him very excited ,he returned to the room to digest it M ,today also do not know their own advantage or unlucky ,how to be a direct holding the new beautiful crisp peak ?In the Long Yufan thought about things, Long Yufan mobile phone ring ring ring rang ,Long Yufan took out his mobile phone to see ,is called madelas madelas president ,I will back to China ,you will want me ? Long Yufan smiled and said, Yeah ,I miss you everyday back to Africa ,but you don come back madelas also said with a smile dragon ,I have something to tell you .
what thing? Long Yufan asked is, according to US intelligence personnel check, M China and the wood country has sent an army to Africa ,heard that they had joined the Africa Union peacekeepers madelas said Long Yufan cried out in surprise , what ,there is such a thing ?M country and wood country think stem what ?They come in many people? Estimated hundreds of people madelas orthochromatic dragon ,if this make Africa peacekeeping forces and the hundreds of people ,that is a terrible madelas worry is not without reason ,Chinese country past the army of 500 men are all bad soldiers ,and the wood country and M in the past certainly not bad army Africa countries send soldiers ,many are some temporary combination of soldiers ,they have not received professional training ,can China country ,wood country and country M these soldiers are different when they deal with some of Africa country, those countries can madelas president ,you the news accurately ? Long Yufan asked do not wrong ,I have get accurate ,but they have already arrived in Africa UGG Jimmy Choo Mandah, so many people is not false.
the other furry madelas said with other allies to say ,say it is true Canada Goose Snow Mantra,it suddenly made in Africa dimension and forces the country confidence . what do they want ? Long Yufan said this is what I worried about North Face Men's Windstopper Sale.
dragon ,madelas you want to send your people staring at them, I will let my people pay attention to the M country and wood country has always been the hegemonism country in Africa ,if they send troops ,the consequences are very serious Long Yu who nodded and said : I will note, madelas president, seems increasingly restless Africa .
Oh ,I fear most of the mask are furry ,if true ,it would be a big problem . don madelas worry ,for Africa Canada Goose Chilliwack Bomber Parka Sale, we are also afraid of who? President Mandera ,everything will be fine. Long Yufan said sternly dragon ,have you this word ,I was very relieved Mandera and Long Yufan also exchanged a few words ,he hung up the phone immediately Long Yufan call Anna ,he took the man to pull said to tell An Naan .
Wood country and country M sent troops it didn ,after all Africa so much ,this is two days ,they never knew so soon, Anna shows that know how to resolve this matter ,they will follow this matter then Long Yufan to call Anna, director of fee ,I have one thing to report to you once , Long Yufan and the man had to pull said things to tell fee Yang ?M country and wood country also send troops past ?They are stationed in the place where is? Yang said the fees worry before China country is to see M and wood country did not send troops to peacekeeping troops in Africa ,so China country to send 500 people over the past now ,they sent someone over, M China and the wood country followed send the past ,what do they mean? They are stationed in the place far away from our troops , Long Yufan told fee where Yang I people over there.
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