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June 08 [Sat], 2013, 11:41
> Brethren, updates, and seeking support! ---------------- Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh! When Zhe Xu surfaced, a bar broke swordfish same water, seemingly javelin general, have toward Zhe Xu hit. WWw! QUAnBen! Com This is nothing, underwater, one of Lee's teeth swordfish Zhang Kaifeng, in Zhe Xu who frantically tearing, a plume of scarlet blood flowing out from the bite point. "I hate water war!" Zhe Xu shouting loudly, raising his hand shouted: "deep cut!" A deep cut body hovering in Zhe Xu Zhou, resist breaking of themselves as targets swordfish. Another did not cut deep into the water, hacking a bite Zhe Xu swordfish. Not afraid of dying underwater swordfish touches, even though they have been split into two parts, fangs still attached Zhe Xu inlaid body. Zhe Xu centered in clear lake, gradually became scarlet, one of the bodies of swordfish have surfaced, revealing shining white belly, there was a red and white meat intestine. There is a majority of the bodies of swordfish and fell from the air, crackling burst of swordfish from underground rain. Defense weak small swordfish how can I stand offerings chopped hacking, Zhe Xu instant will complete the one hundred swordfish task. "War by Zhe Xu, Gifted Students who complete primary battle, complete special training courses today, whether you choose to leave?" Gifted Students who in previous wars, the war who Zhe Xu just completed special training courses, will immediately leave Gifted space, even in this time asking Zhe Xu. After so easily kill swordfish, totally did not learn anything, Zhe Xu felt should be learned in the next Gifted Students in Gifted kill swordfish just a foreshadowing. If you choose to stay, then it should still Gifted Students should know what the next will face the bar. Although very curious mind, but Zhe Xu chose to leave. At the moment he and his companions are involved in Islamic Constantine mountain adventure race, if they still do not appear, their companions will definitely worried about him. Zhe Xu did not want to worry for their companions. Moreover, they now have such a large group of hunters Yinjian a trouble has not been completely resolved. When Zhe Xu left the Gifted space, but it only took three hours. Out of the forest, Zhe Xu Force abundant body, the whole body is full of energy. Sparkling silver went to the lake, the Zhe Xu looked at himself residual blood, said: "uh, simply wash it." Bang! Run two steps, Zhe Xu headlong into the lake. "Ah? Something?" When Xu Zhe Zha into the lake, hold to a soft,air jordan outlet, creamy stuff when my heart is full of confusion, fast moving water crossed out. Then, two heads emerge from the lake, the 大眼瞪小眼 ground looking at each other. PROGRESS AND. "Ah!" Somewhat taken aback, exclaimed Electric Household help directly from Zhe Xu struggled out of his hands, his face looking angry stare Zhe Xu, said: "You, how do you this!" "I'm sorry, I'm sorry" Zhe Xu mouth drawn, how he did not think turned out to be in the water holding Electric Household deft hands and feet quickly hurried plan to shore, "I do not know that there was, I just want to wash the body. really sorry, I do have did not see, really. "climbed, Xu Zhesa legs ran toward the woods. Zhe Xu looked at the figure, PROGRESS AND teeth cried: "Zhe Xu!" PROGRESS AND do not know how to express their inner feelings, but is too boring, see what other people have to rest, they think to lake bath, just give Zhao Xin said loudly, to see there are other people into the lake, it stopped it. Can not think of how, when she was not into the water, swim in the lake, when they find people consternation around her. Since darker sky, the lake is dark, PROGRESS AND could not see holding her heirs, subconsciously thought it was Zhao Xin in her slapstick. I did not expect, holding her, turned out to be missing Zhe Xu! The bastard, how he came? Zhao Xin did not see him do it? He should also hold its own, hug yourself naked! Gee, from small to large, his first being a man hug, and she obviously felt Zhe Xu underwater when touched his chest! PROGRESS AND which still continue to bathe swim mood, immediately climbed the shore wear clothes, she is looking Zhe Xu that point. If Zhe Xu This is intentional, she must maintain their innocence. His body, only by rubbing their future husband, their future husband, only for his family intermarried specified object! Zhe Xu did not immediately enter the wet camp, but quietly came to the camp next to the woods. Now look of the thing into the camp, others will guess his whereabouts. Plus PROGRESS AND appear in the lake, surely someone knows, when the time covered is Zuidou poorly explained. Moreover, because of this misunderstanding Zhe Xu do not want to cause everyone's misunderstanding, affecting PROGRESS AND innocence. However, the thought of his touch in the water Electric Household skin, even unknowingly touched another regiment soft place, Zhe Xu not by the thought: "I did not expect PROGRESS AND skin and Doris even par." Thought Here, the lower abdomen nor by raising a regiment desires. Zhe Xu face emerges out of touch full of tangled smile, silently running the Force, heal your body which shares primitive desires. "How do you appear in the lake?" When Zhe Xu opened his eyes, looking at his deadpan Electric Household. Zhe Xu face hanging surprised, did not answer asked: "how do you know I'm here?" Electric Household pointing to the ground to see water stains, Zhe Xu suddenly smile. "I came across the lake in the forest." Zhe Xu Electric Household front, said: "It was just misunderstood." Zhe Xu riveted eye, PROGRESS AND chose to believe. Only from there came, Zhao Xin was not noticed. Deep breath, PROGRESS AND said: "This thing, I hope you can forget it. Otherwise, do not blame me." Blame her? Zhe Xu Yi Leng,Oakley Sunglasses Sport Cheap, see PROGRESS AND hiding behind the sword, we will understand the meaning of the PROGRESS AND. Meanwhile, after Zhe Xu scared to know that if they tell a lie, I'm afraid PROGRESS AND will and their own hard. Women do not care about his innocence, must be people riding ** slut. PROGRESS AND Zhe Xu little strange mood for, it's just curious Zhe Xu suddenly cut, suddenly becomes stronger, Zhe Xu want to be the kind of strong and unyielding faith admiration only, this sentiment is not love. Since PROGRESS AND know their love can not help themselves call the shots, the PROGRESS AND they gave up the pursuit of love. Her love, devotion to family arrangement only to their own spouses. Zhe Xu is impossible because of the ambiguous tonight Electric Household contact with the collision of love sparks, everything that happened between them, it is just a misunderstanding. Dawn, Zhao Xin Zhe Xu saw the camps, and hurried around conspire Zhe Xu, said: "Zhe Xu,oakley eyeglasses sale, ran where were you last night? '" And you ...... "Zhe Xu wanted to say has nothing to do with you, but the thought of Zhao Xin had laid down his life saved him, he can not say this rather hurtful words, can only put it mildly: "The Secret." Wen Yan, Zhao Xin pout. Love, not a person decide. Even Zhao Xin laid down his life saved him, but he just let eliminated Zhe Xu Xin Zhao ill, has not yet reached truly accept her, let her take his heart. When Zhe Xu and PROGRESS AND gaze, the two face looks very calm. However, Electric Household see when Zhe Xu involuntarily reminded of the scene last night, think of smooth skin. Will quickly rid the mind of distracting thoughts, Zhe Xu are eight children and Electric Household greeted and turned to deal with other things go. "We've got so much loot, is not returned?" Follow PROGRESS AND them a group Dolan inventory of yesterday's harvest, eyes filled with joy. "Do not." Zhe Xu shook his head and said: "With yesterday's booty, can not get the first adventure race! Do, we must do our best! Even final defeat, at least we did the best, not to mention the battle to improve our strength. Do not you think that after yesterday's fierce fighting, his strength seems to be grow it? "Hear Zhe Xu say, everyone should have nodded yes. Immediately, people have agreed to continue the adventure in the mountains Islamic Constantine, has been informing them of adventure race until the end signal. When Zhe Xu them out of woodland, when fifteen who exudes intended to kill the bounty hunters surrounded them. A pale, middle-aged face studded ring, amused as he said: "that you do? Killed the head of hateful, hateful members, insult hateful silver sword hunters group." Silver Sword Hunter group. Zhe Xu and other people under the sink, it seems these people have been waiting for them outside in the forest. Two four-star raw disabilities, eight Samsung original disabilities, five star original with disabilities. "Do you think those of us just out of Blackrock College student, will be their opponents do?" Zhe Xu very simply shook his head and said: "They are led by a star of the original animal howl wolf killed." "Indeed ah , but also the strongest ye Samsung original disabilities, how likely is that nasty head of the rival it. hateful head is dead at the hands of hateful wolf howl you? really nasty ah. "This is a little bit middle-aged adults head, eyes swept him in the crowd and said: "You are hateful Blackrock College students do? since you met hateful us, then without a fight it." Heard, originally thought that everything is all right again face a change of trainees. Zhe Xu frowned: "Why?" "Why?" Blanket out of the middle-aged mouth contemptuous smile, his eyes suddenly opened, emitting a fanatical look, and said: "Hey, have three swords handle hateful little guy, do not you Silver Sword Hunter heard hateful group do? Hey, we have another nasty name, that is hateful slavers! "" slavers! "disguised as bounty hunters slavers! Everyone was shocked, have drawn weapons. Slavers fundamental matter what your identity, he just grabbed people and trafficking. In the minds of slave traders, no moral bottom line, he just can not make money. This war can not be avoided. <
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