Zhao Yan room visit again

October 18 [Thu], 2012, 17:17

[We see [the sheepskin scrolls] the words, think of what? Yes, the transition will not be too long, wonderful coming, let us look forward to! 】 the Qing Dynasty sheepskin Fragmented Maozei to God mysteriously steal! Hey hey hey ... his mother happy, wow! to God, we have been out of the bar, the night to rush toward the direction of home Tangqi children. Less than an hour's drive, Zhao Yan bike off-road Land Rover parked in the downstairs of the home Tangqi children. After a parked car, and he swept a time, already at eleven o'clock in the evening. Zhao Yan does not have the slightest hesitation, hurried down from the car, looked up one upstairs, saw a lamp is lit on the floor on the sixth floor, is Tangqi children where that building. See that they are not sleeping,Air Max Ultra 365 Sale, Zhao Yan suddenly without the slightest hesitation, walked upstairs. Zhao Yan knock next door when the door will quickly open the door is the king aunt look tired. See the knock on the door of Zhao Yan, Tang Zhengdong, Wang aunt's face suddenly over the trace of lost, but still looked very surprised. Burst rush to open the door, greeted Zhao Yan and busy to sit down to Zhao Yan tea, take fruit desserts. Wang aunt, I heard that the exhibition out of the situation, find out what is going on? these days, alerted the upper sector, leading directly through a furious my home Laotang it, they just responsible for security work for the event, just hit the muzzle! the king aunt frowning slender Danfeng more like a wide open not open generally locked infinite sorrow. Wang aunt, you do not worry, the saying goes, the ship to cross the bridge, there is always the way. shook his head, seems afraid to disturb the just sleep Tangqi child, she looked at the door of the Tangqi children subconsciously, this Yadisangyin said: may be suspended from duty and you say he did the rest of my life police work diligently, and how now ... Well ...... The gaffe, Zhao Yan Wang aunt saw a sudden flurry, hastened to the delivery paper towels, towels, and net say relieved enjoyable. photos. Zhang materials published, recover sheepskin Fragmented reward that alone that reward amount is already three million high! Three million, in order to recover a Qing Dynasty relic? Zhao Yan shook his head, and can not help but sigh from this sheepskin the Fragmented of precious. Worry about it while faint Tang Zhengdong Since so precious scrolls, presumably Tang Zhengdong responsibility very significant, implicated by it will also have a very serious! pondered. Appease the king aunt a break, Zhao Yan nonstop rushed NewStar, find a resourceful Nanlin Underground World Luo Jiuye, not too much nonsense, they directly point to understand what he wanted. Luo Jiuye not winded, I heard that Zhao Yan to inquire about this matter, and quickly launched the network of relationships, and start collecting useful information to Zhao Yan. ............ Two days later, the Luo Jiuye side has been no movement, Tang Shushu did not once back home, Zhao Yan for taking the time to visit several, Wang aunt color is not how good, Tangqi children is also hard a Qiaolian say slouch, what to eat are not the appetite. Zhao Yan good words relieved a few hastily from the room out, and drove to the Peony Garden located near Cheng Lake Avenue. Last to buy a house, Mr. Chin promised within a week, they put the house vacated keys as early as two days ago, they already got his hands, but these days the body of Zhao Yan just some improvement, being carefully nursed back to health, Actually, I'm anxious to take a look. Now about nothing, they just went to a fancy look, the way to repairing some of the furniture and appliances like something in a few days will be able to direct placement. Two o'clock in the afternoon, Zhao Yan, Land Rover off-road into the upscale residential Rose Garden, in front of security after the verification of the identity of Zhao Yan,Nike Air Max 2009, will directly select the release, there is no trace of the obstruction. The house where the top floor of a small high-level, beautifully decorated six room, Liangshiliangting, a kitchen and a bathroom downstairs, two rooms upstairs and a bathroom, master bedroom upstairs, downstairs is a second bedroom, a bedroom study of dual-use room. Upstairs is a master bedroom, packed a baby room. Downstairs to the Northern and Southern, each with a balcony, second bedroom also has a bay window, upstairs a dozen square meters of terrace. Zhao Yan room visit again, and each bed, lying on again, I feel very satisfied. The surrounding environment is beautiful and elegant, pleasant climate, very liveable and life. Mr. Chin is also a determined person, before he did not forget to every corner of the room a thorough cleaning again, include linens are people for the new Province Zhao Yan many things. Study on the shelves, it is filled with all kinds of books, economic class, sales classes,Air Max Alpha 2011 Shoes Sale, philosophy classes, life like ... everything, range of heterogeneous subjects, presumably Mr. Chin is a full read poetry and literature of the intellectuals. Books on the shelves, a full half-walls so much. Zhao Yan out of a This reading has been read 7:30 pm, closed the book and Zhao Yan some something more to say this, a stretch, looking at the empty house, and can not help but slight smile, I thought the big house, the idea is too quiet, the lack of angry. Dial a phone, ordered a sushi and a bowl of eggs, lean meat surface, Zhao Yan, will once again sit down at the table to begin again at his desk studying up, but this time in his hand is no longer the most head of the Clock point eight ten. 7788, Zhao Yan has been digested by the newspapers of the day barely domestic form with a preliminary understanding of the broad framework has been initially formed, the details have yet to be understanding of. No way, coming back from the United States, there must be an understanding of the process of adaptation. Wait until the fast-food members sent food, Zhao Yan readily lost some tip, began to enjoy a delicious dinner. a living is somewhat larger. pinball fellow certainly stay not used to this house, say, I always not every night we tolerate that he and the girl next door crying day call your mother. the intention to pull the pinball into this house. ............

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