you continue to inquire about

August 22 [Thu], 2013, 12:59
; voice square falls, a black black flag soldiers to ghost in the front ranks, in front of Nangong if leaves went down on one knee. The master, genius in this set, hurry up will intelligence in future, this young master also with wife on it! If said Nangong hippies. The dark flag soldiers immediately starts to hug a boxing way: general, wild force four hour time, even broken basalt Empire three city, carry all before one, now break basaltic Empire portal, wild, the army has four Bingfen Road, divided into four direction toward the Xuanwu Empire launched a fierce attack! Nangong from nod and smile, just like they want to be a general, but wins in the wild forces by surprise, just so easily captured basaltic Empire portal. But once the Xuanwu Empire really guard up, wild forces want to like this easily breached the defensive basaltic Empire City, I am afraid not so easy. White tiger Empire and coalition forces have anything? Nangong if asked again. The black flag soldiers answered again: the white tiger Empire wind Marshal has come back in white tiger Empire, Lei Yuanshuai led the three million army support basaltic Empire, and ordered the coalition, led by Tao Song Qing Yuan Empire two million troops to support! Nangong if the Hybridge Lite Jacket eyes slightly narrowed, nodded slowly, as they had expected, the white tiger empire is not sent all the main, to help the Xuanwu empire. The coalition against teams are all gradually move closer, the message is we intercepted the coalition a messenger, resulting in the letter, in order not to act rashly and alert the enemy, our soldiers will letter to send me back! The dark warrior Tao flag. Good! Nangong if approvingly: the letter content can be recorded? The black flag soldiers shook his head: No, all signaling messages are brothers, verbal communication, and no record! If Nangong again nodded, verbal communication is a way of the most secretive, but need between generals and soldiers absolute trust. Believe that in addition to five flags, the rest of the team, and even the strong Nangong team, can not do this. Well, you continue to inquire about the news! On this trip I will travel to the east the battlefield, and father meet, then we will have to integrate three marshals, dragon Empire last battle, this just the arrival! If said Nangong. The dark warrior and soon disappeared down the flag. Because the force transfer, so if Nangong did not choose the road again, if so then the swagger down, I'm afraid it will become a live target each other. A road through the mountains, also found that the left gathered many dragon Empire guerrilla forces traces, however, did not see a single soldier. If Nangong can not help heart is secretly nod, it Canada Goose Accessories seems his dad had a ball, he must have also found the redeployment of troops, guess the coalition following North Face Windstopper Sale tactics, which made the decision. Or so, at least, a lot of things, and if the road gets delayed, estimated to waste a lot of time! Nangong from mind andao. The five line flag for out of nearly half a month of the road, finally entered the eastern battlefield. If looked at in front of the Nangong mountains, can not help but a smile, in the last RI, he has been with my father made Nangong strong!
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