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July 12 [Fri], 2013, 12:32
> Devil one. WWw, QUANbEn, cOm flames lit up half the sky, above the Flaming Bull tight time only weapon, just waiting for the cattle devil say a word, if not favored, the next moment they approached the hub glass slide something! Princess Iron Fan Lengsu with red boy look, his eyes deep hatred, their grip of fear and helplessness. She linked Dan Daoxing no, clouds Shangqie very difficult time hanging in the air, the fire beneath the sky, how can we not born of fear? And The Silver Fox behind it Life's Princess Iron Fan hate her, because she was not far from the front of the abandoned Princess Iron Fan, now took her fiercely behind the Fuxin Han Zi Niu devil. The Rapture The Silver Fox in the air, but it is a look of bitter, full look between the past, drowsily thought: "This Rakshasa woman, should be counted twice abandoned it, she was so angry blame Road , dare to challenge the king with ...... "This fox female hearts melancholy, a time vagrancy, even several times almost fainting deep faint red glow, he stared in front of three people, all of a sudden Oh sneer, sounds cool penetrate the air temperature also seems suddenly reduced: "So, it's you three conspired to do a good thing! well, Rakshasa woman, do you intend to do?" The two sides held a long time, cattle devil eyes surprise color gradually faded, the end of the letter eye look, Xie Zhi front of the sword is also trembled, and she has a few bright eyes flashed, mouth murmured only repeat: "Rakshasa woman, Rakshasa woman ......" actually or speak a word is complete. Princess Iron Fan shuddered, looked cattle devil look revealed implausible shrink! Far away in dozens of miles away, here are the Commodore Qiaoxiang words, the pupil suddenly again, which shares the black gas is not obvious at first, but only a moment, then gradually more intense, more arrogant, a strong matchless kill Italy, from the cow devil who slowly scattered in all directions shrouded past. SPITFIRE with Princess Iron Fan originally hate is strong, suddenly touched by the black air, my heart could not help give birth to a sort of fear. The Silver Fox is not even support, being black gas lift up the look, nor even scream, regressing fainted. Voices in cattle devil, who do not know when, actually overflow faint black air this far, look down, they can not end! "Commodore words sank his face, slowly got up from the cloud, said:" made a good play to Moldova, worried and said: "When I first saw cattle devil, he was taken to live his murderous body, notice any resistance also No, the hearts of fear it was difficult to say. if it is kept a glimmer of hope, always felt Master will appear at the last moment, I sooner or later will have to bear, crashes in front of him! master, do battle with him, we will leave this place , regardless of their family how? "seductive woman is also aware of cattle devil changes Qiaolian faint white, looked Kang, I put my affairs in detail, did not envisage cattle devil even to mind to come, and even their own wives and children also to get involved, SPITFIRE help me even more, how can we let him because I killed? Besides, I vaguely feel that this matter is not so simple, cattle devil body breath, quite a bit familiar ...... "Commodore made indifferent smile, said:" This thing is not domestic violence among the general mana immediately Dangqi , a reminder from a billowing black, carrying their own mighty, over the rush toward the Flaming Mountains. Mei Niang also to be discouraged, Commodore made suddenly reached an embrace, her soul into Blackwater would see an avalanche rolling to pass, without any explanation put SPITFIRE trio with Princess Iron Fan enveloped them. Bull Demon Mouzhong carnage flash, coldly asked: "Where Taoist come, but to be nosy?!" Is brewing mana from cattle devil, suddenly body startled, turned to look into the distance, deadpan: "The I arrange the matter de novo, seductive woman also was I secretly away, and now the dust has settled, it is ending! you've got to have obsessions, even their own, ignoring his wife and children? "Commodore made Tazhu a wave, stature emerged, cattle devil's eyes gaze upon the original black air slowly overflow, then anger big Chi, orifices point between the nostrils suddenly bone blossoming emitting thick black smoke in the eyes of carnage is also fired more than two feet, severely Dengzhu Commodore words, harshly denounced: "You are where magician, dare steal my beauty? Dhammakaya my cattle devil success, can we allow you bully the door, needless to say, satisfied life Come on!" Bull Demon listen strike rage, I heard shouts, infuriating concussion Plus, he Taking a little black gas billowing moving, matchless pressure from all directions toward the persecution made Commodore. Gurgle black air slowly filled the sky Flaming, cattle devil mixed iron bars raising his hands pushed the foot of Blackwater, and build a base of the wall, leisurely go forward pressure. Introduction Commodore convergence foot water potential, the trio into the soul SPITFIRE, this roar of strangulation, a powerful wallop suddenly bite, Commodore made stature flash, actually almost falling down, with astonishment, and a strange feeling Chung got the idea: "worthy of the seven holy cow devil, indeed exceedingly fierce, so I Daoxing, and practicing water Qizhuan mysterious tactic, common body of law will be able to win easily, but now here he was almost at a disadvantage! but his body magic exceedingly strange, even to erode my mysterious snake evil spirits, came from nowhere. "muffled two shares hit an infuriating, the contact surface suddenly give birth to countless Xiongshou his infuriating is his body magic burst disorder. But the devil but also aggressive, suddenly roaring sound, Mouzhong carnage soaring again, actually extreme pressure body magic, once again pushed the gas without it looking through the curly black Commodore made toward strangling over. Bull Demon same was bite, the power surge Shining, continuously invade the wife and kids are desperate! I do not know what he was practicing magic, the power actually not small! "" And she was possessed by the devil, was actually hard unthinking attack, blame Dorian process, often the first shot temptation, then switch to spell restraint, attack each other. Commodore made infuriating experience cattle devil, what they consider the use of magic against them since, regardless of whether they can be cattle devil, just run mana to suppress angry, so saucy look in the eyes of Commodore words, glance is already deranged symptoms! Battle of wits between practitioners, not just fight magic, spells, magic is also a battle of wits all, give all the pressure on. Commodore has made on their own Daoxing twelfth confidence, overwhelmed shot, they dare to make every effort in order to suppress a strike cattle devil. At the same time, turning his palms, fingers continuous action, Niechu a Buddhist fingerprints, Om Mani Padme Hung fingertips fast mana is brewing, hidden and not! Commodore words heard Duan, mysterious snake evil spirits come clean, put the instant system **,Christian Louboutin Wedges, people ascetic, eliminating demons and various obsessions, and the devil from the heart, if nothing by seeking the hearts of all demons naturally excluded. Buddhist incantation degrees is treasure, both people may feel conversion of the heart, but also g, Dharmakaya, the magic is gone, even large Luo Jin Sin hit the bottom line. In contrast, although the Bull Demon repair is also impressive, a Mogong is extraordinary power, but in the words Commodore front, but in the end is the worse one chip. Commodore made full display, suddenly boundless black gas firmly suppressed,Oakley Holbrook Sale, but a few breathing, mysterious snake put cattle devil evil spirits circled tightly, forming a black circle radius of more than ten feet. Practicing seven mysterious turn water tactic, making Commodore made infuriating, soaring ten times this way, but the momentum is smaller, it is very awkward, this devil is not too aggressive, crazy instigated a supernatural power, made loud howling Road towards Commodore : "thief! dare calculated at me and look at my hands baby how?" cow devil had to close to the side black gas used to withstand the pressure on all sides, put the palm-leaf fan spit in her hand, he carefully pinch , wind flash, suddenly rose to cart ** small, then a flash, there more than a foot heights, five six feet wide, cattle devil still refused to meet, a flash and then shake, plantain twinkling of an eye from the several stories high! Mana Competition However, the use of magic is useless, cattle devil suddenly opened his mouth to, loudly shouted: "Bull Demon has been possessed by the devil, princess, please stop him a resistance, let me help him with Buddhist meditation!" Face a change made Commodore , hurriedly sleeves toss around the Princess Iron Fan call out swinging fan even bigger than the hill, his face could not help changed changed, wait for a second time to persuade Commodore words, hastens Nianqi a law formula, hand gently toward the palm-leaf fan strokes go. Cattle devil is struggling to shake the hands of a light rather abruptly, looking down, they see the plantain is less and less, blink left palm, while Shanbing give birth to no small power of resistance, even could not jump, I want to To get rid of his palm. Princess Iron Fan made Commodore also noted the intention of plantain she Qiaokan cattle devil will win, want you to look good! "" Seek death of gossips, even helping outsiders harm me! After I have these little white face, positive self-running mana Princess Iron Fan, suddenly heard Jiao, tossed away his head and rear Pianxiang! She only element Shinto OK, although there are formulas ** palm-leaf fan, but was cattle devil into the same law formula, and suddenly they were on the palm-leaf fan mana bite. Bull Demon growled, twist out of the hands is also a method tactic hit the plantain six sub Padme Hung thorough operation, pointing him up, there will be a brilliant golden light whistling shot, hit the Bull Demon supporter black gas after a minute the three were towards cattle devil eyebrows and eyes being shot go! But Princess Iron Fan will plantain only a delay of the air when Commodore has made a step, three Jianguang suddenly piercing his eyebrows and eyes among the Om Mani Padme Hung mana instant release. Cattle devil is in the hands of self-playing baby, to be too react, it was too late deranged devil has entered the edge of the Buddha Mantra stimulated by this road, suddenly awake a bit,Oakley Sports, which is already boiling mana, has gradually calmed down. This is the magic mantra Taoism and Buddhism is not strong, but just restrained various magic gas, Taurus devil! You practice demon magic, leading obsessions, even set the expense of his wife and children, then wake up, still pending when! ? "Seeing the confused look of exposed cattle devil, Commodore words shouted, and said:" Yes calm down, he thought for a long while, just to recall what happened Health, mind could not help secretly shocked ...... cattle devil shuddered, Mouzhong carnage gradually faded, grim countenance also] h] u]]].]] n]]]],] (all the novel network <
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