Yang Guang and Zhao Yong true

October 29 [Mon], 2012, 11:23

> (Nobody) car thief stopped not think of a thief drove action. Yang Guang car,Northface Women's Bionic Sale, so remarkable ceremony in the the Yahe living two security guards smoothly driving into the drive directly to the parking lot downstairs. Prudent to get off before, Yang once again listening to the up to confirm they still coffee shop after you wear a mask out of the car, has used a master key to open the corridor door and the door of the room, and went directly to the. The door he was wearing white gloves, now who do not know this common sense! Several times to start, Yang Guang enter someone else's room, not very nervous. Zeidan, are out of practice. Yang Guang of course, not daring to turn on the lights to the point where, fortunately, he had come prepared with a small flashlight, the Mengmenglonglong azimuth basic can be seen. The house is not small, at least better than the king reached home small. Yang Guang directly on Ben innermost room - master bedroom is generally the innermost sunrise children. Sure enough, there is a big double bed, a nice dresser. Yang Guang Chong mirror shine a bit, you can see the glare of the light beam, and do not see their own expression, even a bit frightening face ...... Yang Guang heavy pressure in bed, good elasticity, good quality, spend money Certainly a lot. Then, the the Yang Guang body directly from the bed rolled inside side of the bed, and then a flashlight and found a small safe, and my heart can not help but delight, and quickly took off his right hand gloves and come up with a master key, began to operate . Yang Guang is the first to deal with the safety lock on the safe,Canada Goose Camp Down Hooded, and this lock type is he never touched the ground. Master key is inserted to operate for a few minutes, did not even hear the sound when the regular lock spring bouncing! Ever since learned to unlock, Yang Guang if not encountered such a big setback. His stubborn strength up, safe level push on the ground, the left-handed gloves off, his ear to the keyhole on careful carefully to try to open up. Just like that. Has been breath-hold your breath to get ten minutes, the Yang Guang before hear the sound Cui Xiang outgoing Spin a few around, lock, finally opened. Yang Guang wipe the sweat on his face, with a small flashlight inside a photo, frustrated, only Rengzhao a property, hand Canoeing about. Wang reached ground an identity card. Thought, re-locked the safe. Although the identity card of Wang Da Yang Guang is certainly useful, but if we take away will cause him to be alert,Canada Goose Aosta, so before you get that huge sum, he can not have any moves. Anyway, that is to familiarize yourself with the terrain, Yang Guang see nothing to take the wanted to remove lotus chandelier micro recorder to listen to. And then left. Before he could find the stool it, I heard clear footsteps coming out! Yang Guang suddenly flashed a big bedroom and hid in a small bedroom opposite. Hastily under a flashlight, found the house only stands a piano and a small bed, did not care too much, embarrassed to drill down to the bed. Fortunately, there are sheets child falls. It should be safe. Just lying to see eyes light up slightly, someone turned on the light, then heard the king up to the sound of a cell phone for slippers - Wang Da cell phone to tell the house the specific location. Yang Guang surprised a moment: this time Dabao over what are you doing? Determined listener the king security they feel there is no need, anyway, for a moment he was going to. They would not discuss the Sewerage thing, right? The thought of this, he was really nervous and excited. At this time. Wang Da hurry to walk toward the large bedroom. Playing the phone: I'll pick you up ... well, I'll buy you the biggest diamond ring in the city, okay? Okay, okay, sure sure ... a lot. At this time,UGG Ansley, listen to Wang Da Oh bang down on the bed, a long-winded 吐完 not, the phone rang: land problem has been solved tomorrow, the money paid to Chen and his friends ... Yang Guang to secretly Woliaoyixia fist, waiting for the play to be staged. Ah Wang Shu Yeah, this thing Well ... hey, I can be bad intervene you a plum now hate me hate incredible, if I speak for you, her non-anxious not to me ... ah, you do not acute and slowly slowly I anyway absolute support ... Oh? thing Well ...... This is my snow pure sent to the city school one of the reasons the man, after all, difficult to National Cheng Kung University Yeah ... Since Wang Shu involved in this, so I can only say, I have no objection, but I hope in the snow pure during the school day, the money before do not bother her, as they will happen, then see their fate ... ! Yang Guang anger on the heart. Of bed time never bed time flies joy too quickly. Yang Guang tummy really have struggled to live with the feeling under the bed, the back sweat out. After about ten minutes, Yang Guang hear intercom door bell rang a few times, followed by, heard the king reached hastily ran out. Then, after a little while, the door opened, and Yang Guang hear two people came in, the king up to say hello and they turned out to not only Wang Bao, Wang Miho. Yang Guang and Zhao Yong true electric car stores opened in the city, this guy very frustrating miles! a relative of the mother, this kid, where's so much money? Not in, I can not tolerate such a development. Scheduled to Li Qiang, told him to find a city trail inquire inquire, have the opportunity to pack out, I complain that he is an eyesore. them. Yang Guang the ears a flute breathing stopped - my birthday after six you always know my birthday? , Yang Guang heard loud and clear that their transaction is scheduled to 10:00 tomorrow. said Wang Da lightly. , we want to do according to the Insurance Department. Then open the safe, sound, turn off the voice of the safe. Under okay? second child. brother Ming accounts, you also do not be angry. thing's over, brother give you apologize. you take guarding the home, the youngest, we go back. , door slamming, then followed is the king of heavy sighs. Yang Guang heart, excited ah. Brother, two card full in safe, how can we get it? House temporarily quieted down. Yang Guang tension can hear your own heartbeat. At this point, the king reached the phone abruptly rang - (To be continued, such as information on how funeral, please visit WWW.QIDIAN sections of more support, and supporting genuine reading!) <

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