suddenly became a target for all

November 08 [Thu], 2012, 12:27
Traincollector HTML simple template model , relationresultTags: title , relationresultTags: , relationresultTags: , relationresultTags: time , relationresultAs the saying goes, a blessing or a curse .
Common saying says to double, disasters pile up on one another .Do not know is sui Ge this several day luck too far, or what ,anyway, now his luck sharply down, the trouble coming .
Moreover, it is the disasters pile up on one another .First of all ,Wahson pharmaceutical company producing plaster ,suddenly became a target for all ,newspaper ,television ,network ,by countless famous TCM doctors ,medical experts to attack not to be worth a hair ,and also says Wahson pharmaceutical company before is a manufacture of counterfeit and inferior drugs company, now also become aggravated and so on ,and said that Wahson pharmaceutical the company dogskin plaster ,is likely to have many potential pitfalls .
Relative to the first pollution incident ,this time for Wahson pharmaceutical company attack ,come without warning ,but strength is more than ten times the strong !Suddenly, Wahson pharmaceutical company became a target for all ,beginning to be the Chinese medicine ,Chinese medicine experts have criticized .
This is how offensive ,how fierce ah !Moreover, this time against Wahson pharmaceutical company ,is not a common name ,but the traditional Chinese medicine ,Chinese medicine Chinese medicine experts ,well-known manufacturers !These people ,almost representative of Chinese whole Chinese medicine industry, let them together attacked a small pharmaceutical company .
One can imagine ,the results almost no suspense .In such a powerful offensive, although these were not to come up with what the actual evidence, prove Wahson pharmaceutical company production dogskin plaster has hidden trouble ,problem ,but the public clamor can melt metals.
,for defamation destroys a man. ,Wahson pharmaceutical company a in China is not very well-known company, combat is almost fatal .This is not the thing .You know, a Sui Ge with song for war time, all with Robey Dongfeng only to complete the momentum to suppressed .
After all ,no matter you Emperor Yu ointment and more magic ,at present earthnut pharmaceutical company ,with the hundreds of thousands of years old compared to traditional Chinese medicine ,or have very big difference .
Chinese traditional medicine the fame thing ,it is the older the more valuable ,as in Chinese medicine .Wahson pharmaceutical company ,although a new force suddenly rises. ,but it is foundation of shallow ,in the face of these come unexpectedly attack ,Wahson pharmaceutical company ,is like a big storm in the boat ,may at any time by wave overturn .
Indeed ,Sui Ge also did not think of, all of a sudden ,there will be something like this .Although ,prior to listen to Tang Yuxi ,some drug dealers for Wahson pharmaceutical company into the military procurement list is not satisfactory ,but the Sui Ge can ,the druggist has so much ability, able to launch the Chinese most famous TCM doctors ,experts to Wahson pharmaceutical companies so large scale attack .
Even the Sui Ge ,also have to be careful in dealing with this matter .Then ,Sui Ge immediately convened an emergency meeting ,participants have included Wahson pharmaceutical company and the Faerie cottage fund of the senior staff .
Who knows the situation is urgent, so all the staff are very soon . I will not say more . Sui Ge said , well, now ,how to deal with ? A lot of trouble ah ! First openings are Song Lihao , out of this sort of thing, and now the pharmaceutical company stocks have fallen into a piece of shit !Loss is very serious !The pharmaceutical company stocks listed ,no price limits ,so change is fast .
What are you worrying about .Sui Ge said , the pharmaceutical company but I ,my loss is the biggest .However ,just as well, as is Zhencang ,such shares really fell to a shit when, we may also took the opportunity to earn a lot of money .
Sui ,I am afraid you have not imagined that optimism ! Hua Xueyan is the second floor , at the moment, I really don Wahson pharmaceutical company has re-energized the may . Salted fish emancipated ? Sui Ge frowned , flower heads, I don you with this words .
Wahson pharmaceutical company current situation ,can even Longyou shallow .Right, Longyou shallow the word is good ,sooner or later, can fly ! Hey ,Sui brother was right !Our company will sooner or later a cupola ! Hill bears hey laughed, his manager doesn know, but after so much to the Sui Dynasty ,GE has blind faith .
Vulgar ! Flower snow geese , Wahson pharmaceutical company management layer so hanging son belt ,low quality ,it is no wonder that cannot become climate . Hey ,you this girl looks good, how to speak so not to listen to it ! Hill said bear grievances .
!A group of rogue up company ,it is no wonder that cannot become climate ! Your mother -- skin ! Sui Ge asked both sides to shut up , will you swear words ,I suggest that we wait to fight after .
Brother Bear ,take charge so in a threatening manner ,I should listen to her advice ,she but higher education woman . Flowers as they grunted ,said : Faerie cottage foundation and the Wahson pharmaceutical company facing the crisis ,are in fact a ,that is the brand and the crisis of confidence .
As far as I know ,Wahson pharmaceutical company was a problem ,and the Wahson pharmaceutical company ,but also a group of rogue bleaching ,can be said to be the issue management .Ask a question ,company plus some registry management ,do a business, in the public mind, how much credibility ? Although Sui Ge didn Hua Xueyan the woman tricky and strong pride ,like business queen ,but Sui Ge also have to admire her eyes he ,suddenly see the problem .
Indeed, now foundation and the root causes of the crisis are the same, is the so-called brand and trust crisis .In addition ,she says these are described in the original foundation ,Wahson pharmaceutical companies do not clean .
You have no objection ,I say in science . Hua Xueyan continued , the business is not a game ,not the most probably it did not actually happen .In this issue ,I think you still Sui some naive ,some give oneself over to blind emotions ,shopping malls such as the battlefield ,since we are on the battlefield ,no feelings .
Originally founded in the time ,you should do more work ,how to use a company in question ? A thing of the past ,not to mention . Sui Getan Road ,flower snow geese called naive now he also admitted only .
Because Hua Xueyan was telling the truth ,in the business field, Sui Ge did have some feelings ,loyal .For example ,in accordance with Hua Xueyan philosophy ,new greenhouse shed thing ,it should not be given to Liu Xiaotong stock ,just in the Sui point of view, if the business is completely without friendship ,that earn more money ,meaning where again ? Well ,don say that in the past ,it now .
Flower snow geese , and I have said ,is the brand and the crisis of confidence .This crisis is very terrible, as homebred milk powder incident ,once trust is lost ,regardless of whether the company any remedial measures ,are very difficult to change the public .
Our own ,one Once Wahson pharmaceutical company ,allow the patient and the public lost confidence ,then even if we make the efforts of hundreds of times ,may not be able to recover losses .
I agreed to spend supervisor . Glasses again . My view is correct ,there is no need for you to provide me chimed in UGGs Kids Boots. Hua Xueyan did not appreciate, so ,this time we must not be they hit ,otherwise ,we want to stand up ,it is not easy ! But ,at present we is a target for all Mayfaire UGG.
Television ,newspapers and the Internet ,everywhere is bright ,secretly to discredit us drug ,speech .It ,we Wahson pharmaceutical company had such big face ,can make so many people at the same time to attack ,this is going to be our down at one stroke .
Glasses again .Glasses said ,is sui Ge wanted, it comes too suddenly, it .Flower snow geese said: no matter who is initiated ,but the intention obviously Jimmy Choo Mandah UGG Boots,so even your mind ,will be able to see each other .
So ,do you have any idea ,can solve the problem ? Glasses knows this strong woman is admitted to teach him ,mind quickly, but also it has a better idea ,had to bite the bullet and said: roll with the punches .
They give us ,we will speak of evidence ,the facts ,will the emperor jade paste to cure the patients routinely publish some of them ... ... passive defense ,under the plan . Don be glasses with flowers snow geese ,added , truth ,reason, is really a fool to the third degree .
You know those TV called health ,experts in Chinese medicine ,what to eat? They do not rely on medicine, but by mouth .You and they debate ,how dead not to know !You also don convinced, you see ,two years before the advocacy of health experts ,Leng is two or three Jin mung bean preached to twenty a pound, you tell the reason, you an opponent? I mean facts and truth .
Glasses , in fact ,our drug cured many people ,not ? You Flower snow geese , the problem is ,through their mouth in a turn, good can be said to be bad ,you believe ? You overbearing ,I can believe it .
Glasses to a sound . I think big ... ... Cost supervisor has to say UGG Ultra Short Boots. Tang Yuxi said , with the gang can confuse truth and falsehood Jimmy Choo Sora Boots,black and white ,it is a piece of cake .But ,the more you reason with them ,the more they can for your language of vulnerability ,will you enter the doomed eternally .
You say all right . Sui Ge Hudao , only ,say, no one solution .Take in charge, I see that your IQ Guanjue all, you give a solution . What can I do .The people now dig Wahson pharmaceutical company ,that Wahson pharmaceutical company was originally a fake company .
Only this, can we put to death . Flower snow geese , but ,these so-called experts ,doctors ,it is before each array ,were hurling abuse at each other ,this time I will spearhead consistent alignment of us, that is a secret to manipulate ,agree on something .
We are a pharmaceutical company ,how could the whole Chinese medicine contend with China ? Yes ,how is it ? Sui Ge way as if thinking of sth. .He built a batch of greenhouse shed ,its purpose is to change the Chinese medicine pattern ,want the Chinese to get back into the mainstream position, let more people believe and accept the Chinese medicine ,traditional Chinese medicine .
Who knows ,this business has just started ,he suddenly became the Chinese community has become a target for all enemies ,,this is how to return a responsibility ?Fighting each other? Say ,Chinese people, is the best fight in the nest .
Loss of Sui Ge also thinking about how to carry forward the revitalization of traditional Chinese medicine ,Chinese medicine ,who knows now he became Chinese medicine industry sinners ,now they will destroy his career !It is true that word, within an 攘外 first .
Sui Ge finally completely aware of ,in hopes that the Chinese medicine ,Chinese doctors unite ,consistent external ,is simply not realistic .The only way is enhanced ,their right to speak, he said to calculate !Otherwise ,even if the Chinese medicine ,Chinese medicine industry is really a bit ,will also be the damn expert , doctor destroy .
Therefore ,must take these men discourse right away, let the people no longer believe in their preaching ! In fact ,approach is not without . At this time, Hudao flowers snow geese , I think Kung Fu ,Tai Chi Master always pay attention to four two dial jack .
I think ,this with our present situation somewhat similar to .But ,see where we came here four two fun . Four two Jin ,I can get ! Sui Ge ,already had an idea ,did not do more to
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