Everything in the world is in the world

October 29 [Mon], 2012, 10:13
vTraincollector HTML simple template model , relationresultTags: title , relationresultTags: , relationresultTags: , relationresultTags: time , relationresultA lightning discharge of 10 thousand lis of graph ,enveloped the sky ,then suddenly enlarged million times ,instead of the real world and the sun and the moon, to fall ,as if the world really ,all around strength was about away .
Everything in the world is in the world to be pillaged ,map world assimilation !Even Liu Zhiping felt itself have been 10 thousand lis of a lock ,the people are into the picture ,to be in the world of assimilation .
Liu Zhiping grunted coldly ,twilight of the gods notes sounded, shone all 10 thousand lis of figure ,the 10 thousand lis figure into the original thunder ,a tear ,in representing the natural turnover heaven Ragnarok notes before, no matter the immortal ,no matter is immortal .
Even if is taken out ,also not listed !Just as some miles of Ragnarok music faded ,not a time to breathe ,the sky descends down a state diagram ,instantly became a lightning thunder world ,shine ,casts a thousand beams.
,into a Brontosaurus ,violent fall, Liu Zhiping wrapped the body ,in a wink ,raging thunder fire ,straight the sky ,will students refining .Twilight of the gods note appears again ,the light flashes ,and put the figure burst one after another ,but the sky fall down more powerful world map .
Xuan Huang world map !Central world map !Nether world map !The light world map !One of the thunder came down ,and the secular world Xuan Huang ,central world ,nether world ,the world world will have contact ,sympathetic, Liu Zhiping round the parcel ,a god figure of mutual impact, it is equivalent to the era during the alternation of various mobile world ,extrusion .
Due to the strong force .The map of the world ,than the original thunder weapon ,thunder army to hard times ,every piece of thunder place world map ,has direct killing Jin Xian power .
Continuous fall, weak kings will fall to sin .Liu Zhiping around dusk of the gods notes into entity ,changed again in fourteen founding angel wings form ,twilight of the gods note blow ,a map of the world was torn into the original essence ,he absorbed not only no weakness to the Vietnam War ,but after the brave .
World map by a traction !The demon city ,many ground rupture ,a town treasure ,flying ,into Liu Zhiping .In the dusk of the gods of the notes taken power conversion at the gap ,Liu Zhiping must burn immortal level pulse of hope ,Liu Zhiping broke several large world map a bit of time in vivo seven or eight immortal spirit level pulse ,all combustion air .
The twilight of the gods notes taken power transformation point of the interval time ,will aura .There is a flaw .After all, taken power in an unbroken line ,with no rest at one fifteen .
Only the Liu Zhiping reserve spiritual pulse slue, the demon city ,one hundred and eight immortal level spiritual pulse large array ,fly flying out ,Liu Zhiping picked a catch, a fairy level spiritual pulse fell to palm ,direct combustion ,breath in, restore itself ,then the gods dusk notes sounded again ,and is a large world map is torn ,refining .
Without a pause ,a little flaw .But Liu Zhiping true also in slowly decreasing ,although he refining Swire Castlevania .Many treasures ,Ling Mai ,a powerful demon ,but after the Armageddon without stop ,you can have a little flaw ,twilight of the gods notes silent for a short time ,but also consumes a lot of .
This will not be enough ?Liu Zhiping secretly complain of suffering ,this visit world ,the world of array doom seems to be artifact king only doom ,not to others !The boat is not on my side ,what chop me! ?You are not reasonable ?But they are not reasonable ,Liu Zhiping is not ,finally studies are now selling ,also mimicking Tianjie avatar world service ! Devour the heavens !Of the world ! Liu Zhiping was simulated the world Xuan Huang world map !Central world map !Nether world map Timberland Earthkeepers Cupsole Chukka For Cheap!The light world map !There are also infinite ,suction ,the demon city ,facing the Liu Zhiping incarnation of the big world ,everywhere rupture .
Liu Zhiping virtual world ,rapid operation ,and he once appeared thousands of world ,with Liu Zhiping oneself as the center ,the demon city had started to central collapse .Fragmentation ! Do not ah ! I don ! ! I can do adult slaves ! .
.. . a dreadful clamor general screams ,and Rao cry sound, hears ,the demon city many hiding in the depths of the devil ,are being sucked out of the tonic ,Liu Zhiping ,who has become Liu Zhiping vitality ,and the demon city many materials were flying up into the incarnation of Liu Zhiping ,world .
The demon city ,ontology is a genius in Bao ,do not know how the devil is every offering refining ,day and night ,and the outside world is here the rules are not the same as before ,no promotion nature artifact .
Liu Zhiping is now the entire Castlevania all swallowed ,translated into their own true ,against the armageddon .One hundred and eight immortal level spiritual pulse large array ,are all entered the body of Liu Zhiping .
So powerful ethereal spirit veins, into the body ,Liu Zhiping immediately began to feel the body it also gradually picked up, up .Thunderlord is Liu Zhiping wrath ,grunted coldly ,exert stronger attack means !A million Juntu suddenly appears ,the thunder to condense into the million Juntu ,above for ten thousand honour gentleman ,is Lei Jie era was killed the god eagle Northface Men's Down Vest, as Yu Tianjun power ,including wind king ,Lei Jun Jun ,electricity ,water Timberland Womens 8 Inch Sale,gas ,prince .
.. A virtual image Nike Air Max 2011 Shoes,each of these kings of Liu Zhiping ,and played their own strength .Immediately ,Liu Zhiping was to be the Zhang Wanjun picture to immediately . dusk ,the protoss civilization !The dawn of the gods ! Liu Zhiping immediately promoted the twilight of the gods of the note ,then suddenly turning ,countercurrent ,again played a saint ,this Zhang Shengtu appeared in the civilized world ,the void has numerous god leave a seat vacant for sb.
To the fallen soldiers ,so the lure of spirit ,powerful ,and refining the era of array having different approaches but equally satisfactory results and wonderful god !The dawn of the gods of the Zhang Shengtu show ,the million road map immediately began to riot .
Many fallen soldiers really Ling is the dawn of the gods that a saint temptation ,collaborate from within with forces from outside ,light flashes ,000 road map inch tear ,fallen soldiers true spirit into the dawn of saint .
Finally, a million Juntu about collapse ,are dawn Saint absorption .The sky falls thunder god figure ,finally sweep away .All were broken dawn Santa figure .Until now ,Liu Zhiping had had a long breath ,but his long breath just out half the time, that the doom of the more violent, strands of ray burst start to smell out ,condensed into a statue of all eyes ,eyes like thunder ,the spirit of snakes Baizhang ,height ,body electric dragon winding ,wearing a yellow robe ,pedal thundercloud ,as emperor by .
It is the Thunderlord condenses into world law ! The terrible soldiers !Thunderlord condenses into world law !Destroy the demon king, Li Muhua Liu Zhiping for the crossing robbery ,look at it very carefully ,they think million road map were Liu Zhiping destroyed ,and terrorist taken will disappear ,but never thought ,taken over, there the terrible Tianjun true form ,is simply abnormal terror .
This visit ,has not generally unscathed ,but do not allow Liu Zhiping to survive ,in general sense canada goose jacket sale, no matter how terror ,between heaven and earth ,there is a slim chance of survival comes to life, otherwise it day out ,the scourge .
Not taken !But now ,the shadow of one love soldiers ,almost all life did not .In the Lei Jie era ,countless soldiers fall ,even a few King level are no exception ,a terrible soldiers
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