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> Winter to spring, and soon another year. wWW, QUANben, cOM flames already eleven years old this year, and this year, the flames seemed to grow up a lot, but also a lot of silence, in addition to painting and playing outside, just sitting in the window on a day out daze, not know in mind, there is no time meals eaten. Sau Ning see flames losing weight, then right-flame, said: "Yan children, do not stay in the house all day, went to Villa Grove next play." Sau Ning previously afraid to let flames out half a step Hills But since that incident happened last time, Sau Ning flames to relax a lot. Classic Hill once a year to come, put their own flames go out to play, he would not know. Besides Villa next to a small grove is safe, only some small animals, no one would. Let this day stay in Villa in flames, flames have become a fool. This year, flames rarely talk show rather ask what, what did he answer, told him to do what he was doing, just like a zombie. This year, Sau Ning Flame care more careful, but did not restore the flames sinking young and broken heart. Flames painted every morning while painting or playing the piano for a while, after lunch, he would go to a small grove until dinner time back. Sau Ning secretly followed behind flames been a few times, she wanted to see where the flames do. Results so she was very disappointed, flames have not done anything, he just sat under a tree daze, stay for a few hours every day. ****** Putting sun shining on the earth, surrounded by fog Villa has been completely dispersed. Sau Ning gently pushed open the door and went inside. Room a boy wearing a white silk cloth, was sitting at the table to get help with a xylophone. Boy playing the song called 'magpie nest', this is a cheerful song, but in the hands of this young pop song in it reveals a sad. Qu ** Some bullets to when, suddenly stopped, because the boy felt someone coming. "Sau Ning sister, Something wrong?" "Master, eat." Sau Ning replied. "I do not want to eat." "But, sir, you have not eaten in the morning." "....... I want to put a bullet song a few times, you eat it!" Then, boy began to bounce. "Yan children have touched can be really getting superb, even my teacher taught him are strange enough ah! Not to mention he was just an eleven-year-old child. Alas! Unfortunately, but with a sad song in the sound . "Sau Ning heart laments song has played it several times, did not stop the flames mean, Sau Ning been standing next to him, listen, also did not leave the meaning. "Or eat it!" In the bomb to the fifth times when flames finally stopped, because he knows that he does not eat, Sau Ning will not go. After the flames got no Guxiu Ning, himself walked towards the canteen. Sau Ning hurried to catch up, and said: "Master, the food may have been cold, so I heat it up before eating." "No! Eat and not dead." Flame replied without looking back. "......" After lunch, go to a small grove flames as usual. Go before the show rather stopped him and said: "Master, it is the Ching Ming Festival, the lord these days might want to come up the hill, you do not go to the woods these days is a." "I went to the woods up the mountain with him what relationship!? "" If you do not find classic case of Hill Lane ...... "show was about to explain Ning. "Ha ha! Long as you do not say how he will find Villa in my absence, if he asked me, you say I'm in the room, anyway, he did not meet with me and you say is not it!?" Flame finished laughing , finished, I walked outside to the village. Sau Ning say anything bad, just asked and said: "Master, I remember back before dinner." Flames did not answer. ****** "I still do not have birds in the woods happy ah! At least they can be free to live while I'm just a burden to their parents. How I was born? When I was born, what What happened to let his father hate me so? more we do not know a thing, the more you want to know. "Flame sitting under a tree, looking at the mountains beyond. "Alas! I am an eleven year-old child, and now will be a little painting and playing the piano, I do not even own the ability to down are not,Outlet Oakley Radar, they do not tell me why, how can I know about it!? Do we really want to live in this mountain lifetime. if able to fly like birds, like the words, and that nice ah! so I can go down I want the answer. "" Well, well! shit you a big brother, one day know bully me, not that Well forget to master some tea! master did not punish me, but you punish me this mountain cutting wood. "delusional daze in flames when a priest dressed teenagers, limping from the side of the mountain The trail came over, the mouth is also walking curse. "The ghost of the mountain, is certainly never one comes, or the Hill how there are so many thorns, Well, well, poor road Oh Lord my leg!" Juvenile though priests dress, but it looks like only fourteen five. Machete in his hand and kept cutting roadside weeds and litter, as if for his calf injury on revenge. Walk in the woods when he sat down to find a tree view their wounds, the wound is very light, but met with little red only, may be his center of grievances, will feel very hurt, pain forget to pay attention four weeks Therefore,Oakley Pit Bull, even in front of him not far from the big tree sat a large living, nor had noticed. "Hey!? Who is he?" Flames but notice the little priest, the priests grew into the woods began to stare at the flames him. Flames so big, in addition to Sau Ning and Liu Yiqing couple outside in the public, but the first time I saw an outsider, but also a peer. Flame was curious. "He Is piedmont Taoist priests?" Shanqian Taoist, Flame is aware of, but he had never seen what kind of priests, so not sure. Flame stood up, approached look like something, do not want, stepping on the foot of a black sheep, issued a sound. "Who!?" Hear the sound of the small priest cried. Found himself standing in front of a boy, Zhang Feng heart surprised and said: "This is how will suddenly appear among the mountains a teenager???" "You!? Gods? Monster?" "Hello! My name is Flame." "Who asked you what? ask you something?" For the appearance of flames, a small alert priests stood up. "What!? Flames is not a thing." "...... What a mess." Little priest clasped hands of machete, "ask you people, or monsters, or something else." "Flame is human." Flame affirmed replied. Priests looked flames, asked: "Are you sure you're not monsters or something?" "Monster? What is that?" Flame very puzzling small Taoist mouth what is spoken. "Flames are people, who live in front of Villa people inside." "You ... you turn around Let me see." Flames though puzzled, but still did. Small priests saw flames behind, I thought and said: "no tail behind, should be the person. Startled me." Small Taoist way of understanding really simple, he believed that only the tail is behind the monster. "After reading it?" Flame asked. "Read, you turned to Come!" Little priest replied relief. "You ask over, that I asked you, you are not Taoist priests?" "Yes ah!" Little priest sat down again. "It seems I was right." "What is the guess right, do not you ever seen priests?" "No, just listen Sau Ning said Tuesday too." "Show rather sister?" "Show rather is to take care of my sister, and I lived together in the inside side of the Hill, why you say I'm a monster first what? "" This is the mountain, normally never seen someone here, and I had first come to this mountain. "Little priests secretly looked glances flames, flames are people know, the little priest becomes shy up," Oh! you say although I am not fully understand, but we feel very funny. "did not like the flames from today and talked to outsiders, flames can not tell a good mood. "What's your name? Still called priests?" Yan sat down beside the fire in a small Taoist priest. "Ahem!" Little priest after clearing cough twice, stood up, the eight children of the flames introduce yourself. "Pindao, common name Zhang Feng, Road No. Shu Ling son, is the third generation of disciples Road clear view." "Oh! Your channel number actually called the woods, strange channel numbers." Flame laughed, pointing woods . "What is a mess, is sub-Shu Ling, not woods. Shu Shu Shushan, the spirit is the spirit that clever, rather than what you say woods." "Oh! .... Because I do not illiterate, so I do not know what you say what those words. "" illiterate!? was oh! "Zhang Feng thought. "Well, let me teach you the words any different now!" Then, Zhang Feng began to draw on the ground with sticks up. "No, my father ......" Flame Here came to a halt. Heart and said: "He did for me, how I call him father! He will not let me read, I will want to know, see how he do, is it not an illiterate chance?" Flame want to finish, you serious look at Zhang Feng zoned together. Time passed quickly, flames growing interest in literacy. Zhang Feng also taught exhilaration, the Taoist Zhang wind only to be taught this little priest's sake, which thought, and today he can be taught Zhang Feng people. The studious flames completely satisfied Zhang Feng's vanity. Just let the learning speed of flames Zhang Feng consternation eclipsed flames learning speed is really amazing. Few hours later, Zhang wind has on the ground across a thousand words. "All the words you have to remember!?" "Remember." "What is the meaning of each word, you understand." "Well! Have understood." Flame nodded. "Then you say that half an hour ago, I taught you 'chivalrous' how to write words, four words they do why not?" Zhang Feng finished, flames on the ground to pick up the branches draw up, although Flame write the word crooked, but not bad for a quadword is written out flames, finished, flames and then said: "knight of the liver, gall righteous describe courageous and straight, the vigorous The heart and action. "" You .... you ..... my God, you really are human!? not a monster or something!? "" hate! you how again. "" You really are the first times literacy? did not lie to me? "" Really the first time, and I just used the words are not always taught me you just do? "" ...... Yes ah! all I teach. "Zhang Feng now face to be more ugly ugly, he also wanted to cry, just teach the word, Zhang Feng was learning, I learned a full three months, may Flame learned a few hours on the whole, real people dead than popular. "Child prodigy ah!" Watching Zhang Feng daze, flames do not know how, so he asked: "Zhang Feng brother, how do you?" "You just call me?" "I told you Zhang Feng brother ah! How there is anything wrong with it ? "" Oh! No, no, Oh! "Zhang Feng is an orphan, grew up in Taoist grew up, and where feelings of affection over the world, they were flames bang brother, scream elated. "Well, not earlier, and I'm going back Hills, the late, Sau Ning sister also called." And Zhang Feng together a few hour is flames from birth to now the happiest time, although Flame very sad, but it has about the setting sun, do not go back Sau Ning sister would come to find him, and if he was found to show Ning Zhang Feng together with the future, do not expect and then out the door of the villa. "Ouch! Both how late, I have to go back a Taoist." Zhang Feng finished and thought: "Oh! Unfortunately, there is no cut firewood, do not know can not go back there for dinner." "Zhang Feng brother and I every afternoon Here, you will come tomorrow, tomorrow ... Well!? I want to learn some of the words. "pleading eyes full of flames. "Come and, at worst they forget to master the tea,Oakley Daisy Chain Clearance, there is such a clever student, multi-point suffer curse, eat more rice worth it, huh, huh! Mention he also told me to Zhang Feng brother! Ha ha!" Zhang wind side to side laugh, "but it is impossible to teach the word, I ink that point where enough for her to learn, huh! tomorrow, or bring a few books on the road Come!" "I come tomorrow afternoon on the mountain, you're here waiting for me." Zhang Wind agreed flames. I do not know is familiar mountain, or foot well, Zhang Feng downhill speed was a lot of light. <
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