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April 13 [Sat], 2013, 11:23

, John and little barbarians was the doorways that the Quan shrinks in a house hospital to spend for a night. Waited until the time in the fourth day, two people had been hungry of can not walk anymore road, even if is so, John still takes a section many men turn everywhere, especially the cope of night beginning goes to and spreads the time of sorcery light in the house of both sides .Haven't got a hungry section many men just shouted one hungry, drive John's a words crest come back, henceforth again have never shouted 1. "Even this bitterness can not also eat to how to become a real warrior", John early thinks that good this sentence makes the little barbarian from now on shut up, keeps silence a facial expression to seriously follow him all the way and once turns one and other street. Among these several days, John often of at everywhere house up draw mark, especially those Nike NFL Jerseys mansions that didn't shine light at the mid-night, John will guard in the door to outside see on the second day in have a person to come out, if the along while has no action, John the face is last and then will peep

out a very shallow smile. The cope of night is another at the time that time came, John took a custom NFL Jerseys section many men arrived at outside in an elegant house hospital near the city center, this house hospital came to inside for these several days without once shining light, and observed according to John, also no one from in come out. Go toward again to outside still have also two houses no one live of evidence, but there is a place near the city outer circle, come in and go out over there may be expeled by the wholesale NFL Jerseys other people at any time, only this house hospital is safest, explain at least that the host of this house hospital Cheap NFL Jerseys are a to is a peak in this city of strong, otherwise can't have a such an elegant house hospital, either, and even if was a person to go out no one to also dare to take advantage of an opportunity to come in to occupy. Is only first settled down, thought of how exist in the city, then find out quickly own abode moves away, as long as arriving to before leave here in spring, John believes, can be NFL Jerseys Outlet definitely safe and sound. This is also helpless to raise, who let this mediocre guy didn't be like virtuous Lai virtuous family background and natural endowments like that, describe according to Audrey, same year of only 18-year-old in those early years the virtuous Lai was virtuous to go into the first matter of city be sought in the city a

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